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2011-07-25 10:18 am
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Blessedly cool weather! Hooray!

Unrelated: I need to fix my LJ layout. I am not happy with this OotB version anymore. WOE.

Related: Puttering away on the next scene of Carnival. Next up: The owner and the Lady. And more carousels. And spoilers and stuff. ^_^

Once more to the dentist this afternoon. This time for a crown.
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2011-05-25 09:54 am
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short version is short!

1 - I broke 30k on Carnival last night! Woohoo! Only 620 new words added, but it got me over a roadblock, so yay!

2 - Ember has decided that she will 'beg' by offering tail-biting spins with a play growl. IDEK. It's cute, but it's still begging. >.>

3 - We had one day of summer! Now it is Fall again. *sigh* With lilacs. I hate lilacs. (I am quite allergic to them, so don't bother trying to convince me how great they look/smell.)

4 - Do I have to work today? I don'wanna. :p

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2011-05-20 07:58 am
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omg the sun!

Yesterday afternoon, the sun came out! Really for real! And we didn't need coats OR umbrellas.

Guys it has been so grey and damp -- not heavy rain so much as over-saturated air making it moist and drizzly all the time. Apparently, as of yesterday morning, we had had only 9 hours of sun in the week -- the average is 55. Boggle and weep, we did. But then! Sun!

And this morning it returns!

Unfortunately, this only makes the Friday before the long weekend harder to get through. I have to go be all agile and sprinting and shit (no scrums today at least), but damn. I just want to take the puppy for walks, and eat gelato, and enjoy the SUN!

ETA: Wrong Alan Frew. >.< ALSO! I discovered last night that Alan Frew apparently sneaked out an album in 2009 which I totally managed to miss! Finding a hard copy of this may prove difficult, but I still prefer to have tangible CDs, given DRM and failing hard drives and what not (no, I haven't had any recently, but one never knows).

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2011-03-10 08:35 pm
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Today, new and strange things! Puppy on leash went for a walk in the hallway. omgyouguys! :)

Also, grooming is becoming easier, although she still trembles. Tonight we even managed to trim up the fur on her feet. (We still have ice, although the rain is trying to wash it away, and ice means salt, and salt is no good for puppy feet.)

She has decided she needs to sleep beside our bed, but I found a corner to tuck her up in so she's not in danger of getting stepped on. She rearranged her blanket last night, after I arranged it for her. :)

Also also we forgot to tell you! Puppy is a multi-tasker. *solemn nod* It's true! She will carry loofah dog in her mouth while she attacks plays with the cat. She doesn't forget what she's doing either, nor get confused by 'playing' with two things at once. Girl is too darn clever.


In non-puppy news, Monday was the end of my six month probation period at work. Yay! I can no longer be fired without due cause. XD (not that that was really ever a concern)

Today, coworker and I told boss "we need more work!" :) And so we got some. Yay! (I hate being bored, and I was getting bored from lack of work, but unable to just use the time to write.)

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2011-02-01 12:43 pm


I keep looking in my inbox for comments for this fic I am working on and they are not there! Woe! And that would be because I haven't posted it yet! Double woe!

Of course, given that Fringe up to and including season 3x09 AND Darker Than Black season 1 are required viewing for this fic, even when I post it the comments aren't very likely! Woe!


Tomorrow, I shall likely have to work from home, because Toronto Does Not Do Snow Days. (That would be unCanadian - unless you're a Maritimer, in which case, by all means, schools close due to Wall of Snow falling. But not Toronto.)

Those of you in the Middle-Eastern-NorthAmerica-PathofSnowDoom -- stay warm and dry. ^_^

(This post really wants a Li not a Hei, but I can't do that on DW. Alas! Icon shuffle time!) Also also I want a DtB mood theme!

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2010-12-23 11:29 am

Alot of Snow Words

This tweet was making the rounds the other day, which I found ironic, given how Kiro and I had been discussing at least the first part of the statement very recently:

RT: The Inuit have seventeen different words for "snow". The British have seventeen different phrases for "Oh, for FUCK's sake."

My Brit friends can attest to the latter, or not, as they see fit. Also, glad to see the author used Inuit and not Eskimo. But you know, the average Canadian (and, I dare say, the average person who lives with snow for more than one month a year) has a lot of words for snow. We may even have an Alot of Snow. Yus. Here's my catalogue (alphebetized because I can):

Snow words that stand alone: )
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2010-01-03 11:36 am

well that explains it

Two of the boilers were out. They've allegedly managed to relight (?) one (and the hallway smells like it) but the other won't be back "online" until tomorrow.


Thanks, cold snap!

Good thing we kept our electric space heater.

PeeSssss: My Kiro has the Martian plague. In his head. (sinuses, that is) So I braved the walk up Sherbourne to get him supplies. It is NASTY out. *shivers*
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2010-01-02 12:08 pm
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cold, damnit

Have been trying to figure out why our usually very efficient furnace has been struggling to get the temperature up from 68 overnight to our usual daytime temp of 72. (Yes, our thermostat is in Fahrenheit. No, we don't know why. It's dumb.)

Then I finally remembered to check the weather.

Holy crap it's cold! -25C with the windchill! No wonder it's fighting the cold air seepage off the patio glass. >.> So much for getting groceries today. :p
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2009-05-30 08:23 pm
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guys guys look! TRIPLE RAINBOWZ!

Look, look, a rainbow ends on our street!

Third rainbow is small and faint (mostly just green and violet) under the bottom edge of the inner rainbow.

Click here for slideshow!

And here for video of the whole arc from side to side - because it didn't all fit in our camera as a still.

Pikturs totally unedited guyz i sware!

(All photos and vid taken by [ profile] kintail who has therefore dictated the contents of this post. ^_^ "hey!")
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2009-04-12 12:02 pm
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Tav & Kiro's Awesomely Accomplished Weekend - Part 1

After much schedule shuffling (unasked for, but necessitated by staff shortage), Kiro ended up with Friday and Saturday off. And Friday was a statutory holiday for me. Thus, weekend! Together! Two whole days! We haven't had one of those since he started working, as he's had Friday, Sunday, Monday as a quasi-regular schedule.

So Friday we slept in a whole hour! )
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2009-01-28 02:51 pm
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weather is a four-letter word

and we need groceries. fsocks.

In happier news: new pics of condo, and sun-basking cat, in my Flickr gallery. These are still pre-move-in pics, except for the basking cat ones. We haven't taken full pics of current chaos. *eyes it*

There are also mini-videos taken on my cell phone. That's all the disclaimer you get.

Tomorrow morning, management has requested we turn the heat up to 30C/86F and leave it there until Friday at 5pm. For 'heat-balancing purposes'. ... Good thing we didn't actually store those summer clothe elsewhere, eh?
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2008-12-24 10:30 am
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(no subject)

Am home. Office was only open til 1pm today, so not worth the drive when I go in for 10am anyway.

Bored. Can't run SketchUp and play with floorplans on Harou because of Win2K.

Kiro is sleepin' in. Had young-couple-with-child through to look at the place yesterday. Assuming no one in their right mind is going to be apartment hunting today or tomorrow.

Also, took 2 hours (2 hours~!!!) to drive to Finch & Dufferin (and back) to drop off lease application (to the surprise of receptionist. what. we don't have a fax, and you think i'm going near the post office? hahahahah). 2 hours was because of constructions + Yet More Snow.

Need to roast more coffee.

Also also, I wish Twilight Princess was less about the hand-eye-Wiimote coordination, and more about the puzzle solving like previous Zelda games are. This racing around, shooting arrows and throwing a boomerang to put out a moving fire is just FRUSTRATING NUTS!

Puppy wants to go out. It's raining (with accompanying soundtrack by David Usher == "Science").

Ho hum.
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2008-12-23 05:03 pm
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Fimbulwinter, i tells ya

never going outside again. never.

until the snow is gone gone gone.

maybe by may. maybe.

*curls up with Wii*
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2008-11-30 08:21 pm
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don't waste any time thar, eh?

Gave our notice on Friday (nov 28th).

Moving out on or before January 31, 2009.

Today? A notice arrives from supers that they want to do an apartment inspection. Tomorrow. December 1st.

*headdesk* Oh well. Get it over with.


At the opposite end of the time spectrum:

CANADA POST! KINDLY fork over the FOUR packages I am expecting!!!

2 from HK, 1 from the UK (sent surface in October. >.>), and 1 from the States.

I yam not impressed.


Just for the record? The weather sucks. Moving on.
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2008-11-28 01:50 pm
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s'very quiet in the office today. all our sales / maintenance / renewals reps who deal with customers in the US have today off. this leaves me with only the roughly musical sounds of various eastern european accents coming over the cube wall from the dev team. much easier to tune them out than the usual low level cacophony of english. :p

it's snaining. i still can't find my snow brush. argh.
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2008-11-24 02:26 pm

random things

I has one of these: Bamboo Sister interchangeable circular needle set (scroll down to the very last item). Bought used, with caveat of "wiggly join" on one cable. Wiggly join wiggled itself free the first time I tried to use it. So! I have emailed Plymouth, and within an hour received a reply saying they will quite happily replace the cord for me for free. Joy.

Now if only the set had end caps and cord-to-cord joiners, it would be a Thing of True Beauty. I adore the bamboo needles; they are silky smooth and warm.

I has finished a hat commission! Still need to take pics, though. Also, have finished two top Sekrit Gifts, bwahahaha. Did I mention I love knitting in the round? Yeah. I do. And 5" dpns are on my list of best. things. evah. ^_^


Apparently the "restrict" label on condos when it comes to pets is this: you must be able to carry your pet through the common areas. Let's see. Theoretically, you could carry a 40lb dog, yes? yes. The vet tech does it. Not, though, if you a) have a back problem or b) have a dog that squirms like a mad squirming thing. Which means, oh hay, you are discriminating against people with disabilities. Bet you don't wanna fight that one, do you, condo Corp?

So. There's this black hole of information where condo "laws" intersect with the Landlord and Tenant Act. The Act says any "no pets" clause in a lease is automatically void. But condos have things like boards of directors and make their own little enclave rules like... gee, have a sleeve dog or no dog at all.

And let's not get into the argument about small dogs = messier and more energetic than larger, sedate dogs, either. >.>


Weather. fsocking weather. I haets it.


Oh, Japan. Never change. "Bandai has created the tuttuki bako (poking box)"


It's taken more than a century, but Einstein's celebrated formula e=mc2 has finally been corroborated, thanks to a heroic computational effort by French, German and Hungarian physicists.


boss is on vacation. i don't wanna werk. woe.


ETA: OH OH! I forgot an important bit! from Very Short List: Beatles mystery sound solved with the user of a Fourier Transform!. Yes, yes, I am a geek. BUT! I HAVE DONE FOURIER TRANSFORMS! (years ago, now, in college) THEY ARE BRAIN BREAKY! but also cool. Digital signal processing was one of my favourite courses.
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2008-11-22 10:45 pm
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well that sucked

work holiday party = ... MEH

Kiro's back = cranky

Tav's stomach = iffy

weather = fucking cold

table service = low-grade fail

DJ = high fail


time for tea and trashy "tv" (streaming)
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2008-11-16 10:53 am
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(no subject)

It snowed last night. Great fat wet "flakes" of the sort that made the ground look like it had had a giant slushie spilled on it. Still cold today, but most of the snow is gone, and there is *sunshine*. This is not to be taken for granted. Looks like it should actually stay dry today, too.

Trying not to have existential living arrangement angst. Is a one-bedroom the right thing? Can we live that small? Debate it up one side and down the other; pros, cons; old worries and new hopes. In the end, just have to trust that we WILL find what's right for us. Time to pack a box.

Unrelatedly, I seem to totally suck at fighting as Link-okami. Srsly, this game. Herding cats and transforming into a wolf? This is not the Zelda I knew. Harumph.

Breakfast. Coffee. Maybe find pronouns and grammar again. I blame the meat.
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2008-10-29 11:51 am
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I am having one of those days where it's just like: "No. THIS is the way it's gonna be. And you're going to get my opinion on the subject whether you like it or not." :p

I blame this on having to call Telus after they sent me YET ANOTHER e-bill for the phone number I transferred to Virgin in AUGUST.

Apparently I missed their stupid billing cycle dates, so even though the e-bill says I owe them, the actual paper bill and in their system was a zero balance. I requested (firmly. not sure about the polite part. >.> ) that they send me a paper statement.

Then I ran around the intarnets offering unsolicited opinions. Which people are of course free to ignore.

Maybe I need coffee. Mmm... Coffee. or maybe I'm just gearing up for potential Stupid Human Tricks when I go out to buy dog food (PetSmart), bubble envelopes (Staples), and ... something, with a 40% Off coupon (Michaels).

Writing my year-end review probably has something to do with it, too. :p

Oh, btw? Snow. Last night. Still on the ground.
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2008-10-22 10:48 am
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I had somehow got it into my head that Philip K. Dick was a short-story writer, so every time I stumble across mention of one of his novels (other than "Bladerunner/Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?") I kind of ... boggle.

However! Having been enlightened by Making Light (mad, mad props to the Fluorosphere), I find that I may just need to read The Penultimate Truth, if only to play "spot the bits the Matrix 'borrowed'".


The Hedley concert at Massey Hall was hugely fun, but also boggling. The average age of the wanna-be groupies was about 13. No, rly.

Jacob has a hot bod, but he really needs to lose the facial hair. And get a lighter mic pack before it causes a real wardrobe malfunction (more than the two inches of butt crack he was already showing).

A~and, because the world is small now, have the YouTube clip of the moment I was about to rant about. The moment that pointed out the incomprehensible generation gap: Jacob, down on his knees, singing to a girl standing in front of the stage and she kept her camera stuck in his face until he batted it away and made her do that thing you're supposed to do at concerts: experience them. Seriously. This generation behind us is too busy recording everything to ENJOY it while it's happening. >.>


There was snow on the ground still up here in the Far North this morning (by which I mean, Richmond Hill). *shudder*