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So hey. Haven't done a pupdate in a while, eh?

Ember is still growing, in fits and starts. Usually her body gets longer first and we tease her about being a weiner-pom. :) then we sing the grow your head and legs song to the tune of kiro's alarm. She's up to 7 and a quarter pounds.

As mentioned previously (not digging up link while on phone) we've put Ember on a raw food diet. So far, it has all the benefits advertised and is considerably cheaper than the kibbles she would turn her nose up at after a couple days. She gets bored with food that isn't interactive. Only downside is that our balcony is now greasy and all the dogs think Ember smells RLY interesting so she has to keep warning them to lay off the face sniffing.

I forget what else i was going to say.

Anyone who claims they've written a 60k novel on a bberry while commuting is either a liar or a masochist. Or both. :0

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