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Am home. Office was only open til 1pm today, so not worth the drive when I go in for 10am anyway.

Bored. Can't run SketchUp and play with floorplans on Harou because of Win2K.

Kiro is sleepin' in. Had young-couple-with-child through to look at the place yesterday. Assuming no one in their right mind is going to be apartment hunting today or tomorrow.

Also, took 2 hours (2 hours~!!!) to drive to Finch & Dufferin (and back) to drop off lease application (to the surprise of receptionist. what. we don't have a fax, and you think i'm going near the post office? hahahahah). 2 hours was because of constructions + Yet More Snow.

Need to roast more coffee.

Also also, I wish Twilight Princess was less about the hand-eye-Wiimote coordination, and more about the puzzle solving like previous Zelda games are. This racing around, shooting arrows and throwing a boomerang to put out a moving fire is just FRUSTRATING NUTS!

Puppy wants to go out. It's raining (with accompanying soundtrack by David Usher == "Science").

Ho hum.


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