Nov. 16th, 2008

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It snowed last night. Great fat wet "flakes" of the sort that made the ground look like it had had a giant slushie spilled on it. Still cold today, but most of the snow is gone, and there is *sunshine*. This is not to be taken for granted. Looks like it should actually stay dry today, too.

Trying not to have existential living arrangement angst. Is a one-bedroom the right thing? Can we live that small? Debate it up one side and down the other; pros, cons; old worries and new hopes. In the end, just have to trust that we WILL find what's right for us. Time to pack a box.

Unrelatedly, I seem to totally suck at fighting as Link-okami. Srsly, this game. Herding cats and transforming into a wolf? This is not the Zelda I knew. Harumph.

Breakfast. Coffee. Maybe find pronouns and grammar again. I blame the meat.
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