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Another foot found, in a sneaker, this time in a Vancouver inlet.

That makes 12 in total, and I think they've ID'd 2 pairs and a single now.

Seriously, though. WTF feet.
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Two feet that washed ashore on two separate B.C. islands in 2008 belonged to a 21-year-old Surrey resident who went missing four years earlier....

Seven feet belonging to five individuals were discovered between August 2007 and October 2009 along the South Coast of B.C., leading to speculation of foul play. So far, authorities have positively identified four as belonging to three individuals.

(See wtf-foot?? tag for previous findings.)
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This one, sadly, had no shoe! Human foot found on West Coast beach.

Found via Twitter: Rachel Maddow's commentary. Apparently, a footless body has also been found, but whether or not it matches any feet has not been confirmed.

Here's the interactive map of findings.
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Severed foot (#7) belongs to missing man.

Relatedly: Salish Sea
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Eighth severed foot washes up on Canada's Pacific coast.

No word on if it's a match to the remaining oddball yet.
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It was just a bear paw that probably didn't even come from Canada anyway. :p
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As the clean up efforts continue after our month long garbage strike, an interesting thing (in the morbid sense) came to light.

The current guess is that it is "medical waste" and that... seems almost worse than a mystery.
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7th foot washes up on West Coast.

Not many details as yet... err... not that there ever are. But the interactive map has been updated!
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Severed foot found in Sweden, 'too early' to say about links to B.C. finds

A man's shoe containing a human foot was found Tuesday on the seashore in southern Sweden but local authorities say it's too soon to say if there's any link to the five severed feet found along the southern B.C. coast since August 2007.

ETA: Police won't release identity of man linked to foot found in B.C.
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2 of 5 feet found on B.C. coast belong to same man: RCMP

'It appears that these feet have naturally disarticulated from the bodies through natural process.' — RCMP Const. Annie Linteau

Naturally. ^_^;
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It was bound to happen...

6th foot not human -- but even so!
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6th foot! (right, size 10, in shoe)

5th foot (left)

4th foot (right)

3rd foot (right)

1st and 2nd feet (both right, size 12)

Interactive Map: Found Feet (oh CBC. never change.)
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Fifth Foot Found on BC Coast!!

Not a hoax. Very creepy.

Who's in favour of sending Sam & Dean -- show of hands?

ETA: Also! it is Firefox 3 Download Day! Join the fun!


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