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Day 4:
* 886 words on Carnival ~ Scene 29 (about half the words in that post were already written, so they don't count towards mini-wrimo total)

2334 / 10000 words. 23% done!
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Several of you have spontaneously declared love for the Owner and the Bearded Lady. If I may be so bold, can you articulate what it is that inspires your love of them?

Curious author is curious. I'm always surprised by which of my characters end up being more reader favourites. ^_^
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*clears throat*

So. Way back in... uh... 2005... *wince* I was working on a Saiyuki AU Reinc and Redux thing called Broken World ([ profile] brokenworld01) that stemmed from the consequences of the four-part fic How Far Do You Bend? (if you have not read it, it is about the darkest thing you will find in this journal, in all ways possible. NSFW. Not even a little.).

Broken World is what happened after the Sanzo-ikkou's mission failed, Gyumaoh was resurrected, and things (for the humans at least) went to hell in a handbasket.

I think I also posted a disclaimer recently about how it was unfinished and likely to stay that way. That... has not changed. This is just a word dump that happens to fall in the story, and promises absolutely nothing more than what it is.

That said. If you want to read it, here's a quick refresher:

The Timeline - because things were written out of order.

The relevant bits:
Rajesh and Yaone
Yosh (Ch.7)
Yaone --> this is the new bit (Ch.8)

(As always, my inner feedback whore welcomes comments anywhere, anytime.)
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Blessedly cool weather! Hooray!

Unrelated: I need to fix my LJ layout. I am not happy with this OotB version anymore. WOE.

Related: Puttering away on the next scene of Carnival. Next up: The owner and the Lady. And more carousels. And spoilers and stuff. ^_^

Once more to the dentist this afternoon. This time for a crown.
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1 - I broke 30k on Carnival last night! Woohoo! Only 620 new words added, but it got me over a roadblock, so yay!

2 - Ember has decided that she will 'beg' by offering tail-biting spins with a play growl. IDEK. It's cute, but it's still begging. >.>

3 - We had one day of summer! Now it is Fall again. *sigh* With lilacs. I hate lilacs. (I am quite allergic to them, so don't bother trying to convince me how great they look/smell.)

4 - Do I have to work today? I don'wanna. :p

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Since I've friended some new folks lately, it occurred to me that fair warning on what you might stumble into in my fic archives could be useful.

I have a bad habit of unfinished epics. I know. I'm sorry. I have every intention of finishing them when I start, but they tend to overwhelm me.

*clears throat* So. Fair warning, these fics are unfinished, and 95% likely to stay that way:

- Existential Difficulties
- [ profile] brokenworld01 (sequel to How Far Do You Bend?, which is actually finished, but please heed the angst warning. I'm not kidding.)

Meine Liebe
- Engaged

Final Fantasy VII
- Daylight & Darkness - most of which is archived elsewhere, but there are a couple chapters here, just to confuse you.

I think that's the main ones. ^_^; Anything else should be one-shots or no more than 3 or 4 parts.
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Darker Than Fringe

The inevitable Darker Than Black/Fringe crossover.


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...that I almost succumbed to yesterday. :p Today, I am not so emo. Today I am Pragmatic.

That said, I am still going to post a mini-version of the long-winded disclaimer that I composed while emo yesterday. Which is: with regards to fanfic - I have not done it in a long time. I feel my characterizations may be shaky. I am writing, however, for fun, and to amuse friends, so I shall ignore the inner editor that keeps insisting it's all crap. It's not.

So. Holiday ficlets in progress (in no particular order): )

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Nov. 2nd, 2010 10:27 am
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I typed 1600 words yesterday, on my flash drive, in NoteTab, at work, like I do.

File was corrupt when I tried to open it at home.

It's all gone.

I don't even.... ~_~
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In search of a beta reader for a short story with the following criteria:

1 - you can't have read any of The Node (novel or side-fic)

2 - you need to be able to return a beta within the next week (before the 29th)

Story is about 6000 words long.

Any takers? Compensation negotiable. ^_~
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I need inspirations. Either plot or characters - I lack both, although I have fun techie stuff I could throw into it. The Cool Bits Generator hasn't been helping either.

Suggestions welcome.


*this is the sound of a writer gnawing on a dead plot bunny bone.*


Feb. 9th, 2010 08:26 pm
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Character X - I do not want your name to be Lester!

Character X's Accent - I do not want you to be so stereotypical Southern American.

Character Y - You cannot be Chester. You might be a Chaz.

*throws hands in air*

ETA: remember archetypes, Kiro reminds me, not stereotypes.

I wrote!

Jan. 25th, 2010 09:43 pm
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~500 words of Carnival fic! Nate meets the ghost hunter!


Unfortunately, the plot has run into a wall (or tripped over a guy-line) again. ARGH.

The logistics of multi-dimensional carnivals are kind of brain breaky.


Jan. 22nd, 2010 09:59 pm
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So... if I set this story in that time period... I have to rely on Newtonian physics.

Newton, people! Wow. o.O;

Also, beavers are cool, and baby beavers? are tiny and adorable!


Jan. 14th, 2010 05:51 pm
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I am (attempting) to write steampunk! with telescopes! and set in 1835-40ish North America. AND! my steampunk "voice" is wobbling all over the damn place and I cringe at some of my modern phrasing.

So! Halp? Recommend something I can read fairly quickly to get the right "period" tone and language? ^_^;
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Have seen other people on the f-list doing this, and thought I might as well. It probably needs a fibre arts post to match, since I did as much (or more) knitting as writing this past year.

So. Breakdown by month, here we go: )
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Was very excited when I poked at Yuletide Madness and discovered unfulfilled prompt for Desperate Romantics. Desperate Romantics, people!

Even if it fails the Bechdel Test, it is still brilliant. How can it not be brilliant, with lines such as "Impotence is our only hope!" (said at volume, while running down a London street).

In the mid-nineteenth century,
a group of young men
challenged the art establishment
of the day.

The "Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood"
were inspired by
the real world about them,
yet took imaginative
licence in their art.

This story, based on
their lives and loves,
follows in that inventive spirit.

It's canon AU RPF! ^__^

Alas, for the request was not fulfilled, and, even more tragic, there are NO Desperate Romantics stories AT ALL in the archive. Alas.

And thus I was forced to write my own.

I don't know that it's very good, and it's not a pairing I would have written (Rossetti/Hunt), if not for seeing the prompt, and damn it if I'm not falling short at just 700 words. But! If some brave soul and fellow fan would care to beta, I should be happy to let you read it.

And if not, it shall languish in google docs, ad infinitum.

(Summary of episodes, start here.)
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Gerundives ftw!

Playing: )

Watching: )

Reading: )

Following: )

Plotting: )

Toronto peeps! (Or those inclined to be in the area) Next Monday (21st), is the 20th Annual Festival of Lights in Kensington Market! Bring noise makers and light and drive back the dark!
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(I told you it was all self-indulgent!)

Yeah, due to the overwhelming demand interest of a couple readers, I have posted my RPF. ... To my dreamwidth account, which you can find here.

Yes, it's tessercat, not nekonexus. And yes, they are still locked to my access list, so if you're not on and want to read, please drop a comment with your OpenID or DW account on the unlocked post, and I will add you.

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Okay, so I fell behind on my mini-wrimo. Which, I will not beat myself up about. 'Cuz it's an experiment, and last week was hellishly busy at work, and then I couldn't type on the weekend, what with the squished finger and all.

But today. Oh glee. *dance* I wrote 1176 NEW words. And so what if it's AU bandfic RPF? So what if I still squirm at the thought of anybody reading it but still perversely want to post it locked anyway? It was FUN to write. And I wasn't all constrained by OH NOES MUST KEEP PEOPLE IN CHARACTER, because hey, AU, and I don't actually know these people! HAR!

So. Updated word count. Not quite caught up, but I still have another scene in mind. Oh, and I'm not counting song lyrics.

*tumbles off to bed*

2732 / 5000 words. 55% done!

ETA: after double checking word count, I AM all caught up! *double dance*


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