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Holiday thus far:

Last night there was Tikka Masala, and pumpkin pie, and the opening of stockings (don't question our timing ^_~ ), and some Kaze no Stigma on Netflix.

Kiro and I have had an excellent morning, involving a sleep-in (sans the fire alarms that interrupted Friday's attempted sleep-in), coffee, prezzies, and home-made waffles with maple syrup. Rufus was treated to wet cat food, and is now sleeping off his food coma. I'm not kidding - there will be photos! (oh the indignity!)

Gifts this year have been generally awesome and just what we wanted, while still not being totally predictable and boring! Not bad, considering we've both spent the last two weeks being sick. :p We're getting bettah!

I have been Crimbo-ing at Kingdom of Loathing, and we've both been addicted to raising petpetpets in the Habitarium - Neopets' answer to Farmville. :p

Happy thing and stuff!

Oh, yes: holiday ficlets are in progress, however, given two weeks of illness, nothing is finished yet, alas.

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1 - We saw a praying mantis outside the door to our condo building last night. Apparently there is one native to Canada -- they're just not common. Very cool!

2 - The Mac is officially more fubared than I thought. Having bought a mini-DVI to VGA adapter from Hong Kong (as you do), and waited 15+ days for it to arrive (as you do), I plugged it in to find that either a) Macbook video card is no longer outputting red or b) the adapter is faulty.

I'm inclined to think a over b, but have no other Mac to test it with. So. New laptop or netbook it is to be.

3 - I am one lace repeat short of starting the heel on my second pair of socks! Woo!

and I have rewritten Fishy Tawashi pattern to use increases/decreases instead of drawstring to make tail and mouth. (The thick parts where the drawstring bunched it up were taking longer to dry than the rest of it. Not good for washcloths.)

and 4 - I am on vacation for the next two days. Woot. And I need to work on my story for CG's Characters of Colour year-end double-size issue. ^_^

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1 - Pride photos are up -- here

1b - subset of Banting House (where we stayed for Pride weekend) and
1c - random Toronto photos (yards, gardens, stuff -- start here and go forward (aka right arrow)) and of course
1d - sparse photos of Cannabis Day at 420 Yonge St. Err. We left before the party really got started. :p

2 - Links for me:
Dj. Knows Dick
FTM Prosthetics

why aren't I in bed!?! argh!
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Yeah, I know. Lagged. >.>

Sunday and Monday are here.

Tuesday! the day of Tai-chi and snorkels! )

home again

Mar. 21st, 2008 12:14 pm
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we are home. pets are home. yay for long weekend. ^_^
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We're going to reclaim our island. (Or at least part of it.)

We're going to rewrite memories and impressions and celebrate what's worth remembering about it.

Beaches. oh my dog the beaches... Pirates. (Arr...) The Straw Market. Bay Street. The water. The blues and greens and so fucking clear...

Conch fritters. Snapper. Grouper. Peas 'n Rice.

...I may not want to come back.

Well, except for the disgustingly rampant homophobia. >.> Apparently there have been placard-waving pickets of gay cruises, and last year there was a police raid on a gay party at the Hard Rock Cafe. Nobody was arrested, because no crime had been committed (homosexuality is legal, at least), but still.

We can play the siblings card if we have to. And of course tourists singly or in small groups have more immunity. Small blessings of a tourism-based economy.

We've never done this "all-inclusive" thing before, let alone the last-minute run-away-run-away package.

It's going to be awesome. Why do things linearly? We'll honeymoon first. ^_~

T-3 days and counting.
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2 gallons Eco-friendly paint: CHECK!
Drop cloth, rollers, paint tray: CHECK!
Brushes, bucket, painter's tape: CHECK!
TSP in spray bottle, sponges: CHECK!

Dining room (hah!) table: DONATED!
Crazy swing doors/shutters on kitchen: REMOVED!

Nervous pets: CHECK! (poor pets ~_~ they're afraid we're moving again. but no!)



yes, yes, we are insane. But we are also going to paint the entryway at least, since I have the next week off and hopefully the eco-friendly paint (low odor, low VOX) won't kill us because it's still fecking cold out there even if most of the snow is gone because of the rain yesterday... And Kiro unexpectedly had his contract end a week early, so! We are free! to indulge our HGTV inspired whims! (okay, not a whim, been planning half-heartedly since we moved in.)


Jul. 1st, 2007 01:40 pm
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So. Am trying to finish FFXII this weekend, so I can attempt to get my ass kicked start Dirge of Cerberus. I keep getting distracted by side quests (not the hunts, mind). ^_^ Since friday night I've acquired four more Espers, and offed Ba'Gamnan. Woot!

Totally glad we got add-on ninja'd for the guide book, though, or some of the side quests would be friggin' impossible. Not to mention stupid.

But yes. Level 55/56. Have gotten the Esper in Pharos (and then left to restock, because towers that go up forever give me flashbacks to other FF games >.> ) and should head back there soon. If you don't see me much this weekend, that'll be why. That and CANADA DAY! Woo! of course! ^__^

Food. Food would also be good. *wanders off*
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Con happened, but not today. (Today is rain, and also sleep.)

Lessee... also, we have (in no particular order): been to Kingston, watched a lot of Avatar (out of order. >.> hehe), um... ate sushi twice, shown [ profile] nightengale The Princess Bride, walked the dog, bummed around, dyed hair, did haircuts, wandered Kensington Market, and decided against seeing Pirates III in favour of sleep, sanity, and con. Oh, and been distracted by roughly three hours of shiny, shiny brain. *g*

How was your week, flist? ^_^

ETA: Cat grows wings and it's happened before.


May. 18th, 2007 05:16 pm
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Finally. After 3 long months without a minion, I have one. And she's had two solid weeks training. And...


Happy 2-4 to the (Ontario) Canuks out there. Happy (early) Victoria Day to those of you who are Commonwealth folks and get the 24th (or nearest monday) off.

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I R ON VACATION!!!!1!1!1

I have coffee. And eggs with onions in.

Life is good.
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Yes, I am spammy on weekends. It's the only time I have to catch up with LJ, after all.

Finally finished uploading all of our vacation pics. The trip report never got finished, but oh well. Ask if you're curious about something.

Sneak peek: this one? is just hilarious, if you know what a tanuki is. ^_~ And TJ? this one is for you.
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We left ridiculously early (well, for us, anyway) saturday morning having stayed up too late Friday night packing the car. (Sucks not having a driveway of our own -- slogging back and forth to the parking garage was a PITA.) It was overcast, but not actually raining -- a pleasant change from last year's trip begun in a downpour of epic proportions. We stopped at the first "service centre" outside the GTA (about an hour out, on the 401). These service centres in ontario are directly off the highway, with their own on/off ramps, gas station, and food; usually some combination of Tim Horton's (coffee), Wendy's, KFC, MacDonald's, etc. They're spaced out about every 75km (on average) along the 401 corridor between Toronto and the Quebec border.

Onwards! with coffee ^_^ )


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