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As noted elsewhere on the flist:

For you Echo Bazaar people, Failbetter has a new game out, in support of a forthcoming book, called The Night Circus (#thenightcircus). You can sign up (Twitter or Facebook) if you want to play, but if you use an invite from me, I gain rank. :)

So if I'm on your Twitter list and you want an invite, holler. Or drop a note here, or email me. Or just have at, because it seems you do also gain ranks (levels) by just playing enough cards.

Do note, however, that it is a marketing campaign (a clever and enjoyable one, in my books). If that, and the proposition of needing to invite friends of your own to access certain content, offends you, then this is likely not the best "game" for you.

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Otter. Baaaaaby otter. And kittens.

Otter + kittens OTP!

No, rly!

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My beloved Kiro has been winding, and detangling, and rewinding, and moebius trouble-shooting a hank of yarn FOR A WEEK. For me. ^_^; I bought a 1400m hank of lace weight, and did not get it wound at the store. NEVER AGAIN I SWARE GUYS.

Meanwhile, we have beaten the Fishy Tawashi pattern into shape, so if you ran afoul of my hasty - contains errors! do not knit! - warning, please feel free to try again. It should be trouble-free now.

I am waiting on a set of 15 bamboo circs to arrive: one in every size from 0 (zero) on up to 15. Bought for the smaller sizes, mostly, as trying to get them individually was pricy, and $30 for the whole lot on Etsy was a too good to resist deal.

T-5 days and counting at old job!

ETA: And Loud Twitter seems to have stopped shipping my tweets again. Hrmmm...


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