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"keep your powder dry and warm
through the coming darkest storm"

...sings Tom Cochrane, and suddenly I am envisioning AU steampunk SPN spinoff-ish thing in which Samuel Colt's daughters* were kickass gunslingers who totally test drove the demon-killing Colt for him.

*cough* Yeah, I don't know either. But it would be EPIC!

Instead, I am writing about far-future explorers from Earth landing on another planet and being beseiged by sentient plants! Yeah. >.>

All the fear that's sent your way
Through your eyes you might wash away
When you can
Still your lantern's strong and bright
Even through the darkest night

All those paper tigers
All their lies they might have sold you
Might be wasted on
One so young that you're old again
She walks out through the wind and the rain uh-huh

Paper Tigers

*Daughters which he never had, I know, Wiki sez so. :p Wife would also work!
**Also, yes, (gun) powder, and the keeping thereof, are anachronistic to Colt revolvers. Hence the steampunkishness.

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1 - Went out for supper with [ profile] intothedream last night. ^_^ It was cool to finally meet her. Hope you're enjoying the city today, Janette!

2 - I think one of the things I liked about Supernatural was the way it used music, not just as background but as part of the dialogue, as part of the story. It was almost like the good kind of songfic. ^_^ I get reminded of this every time I hear Carry on, my wayward son... on the radio. And I think of that scene in the car with Ellen in the front seat with Dean, and Dean turning the tape deck on without thinking about it -- you're as cold, as cold as ice.... I miss these things from SPN, but I can't deal with the rest of the crap in it. ~_~

Also also - reading Smoke and Shadows totally makes me think of that ep where Dean becomes a PA on the movie set and he just loves it. His first real job! hehe

3 - We need a new pizza tray to sacrifice to the coffee gods before we can roast coffee again. Woe!

4 - There are two decapitated plastic ponies on my desk, and a third in the bathroom. >.> Make of that what you will.

5 - There is no spoon. :p
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So, lady_ganesh requested Dean and Sanzo meeting in a bar. It ended up as Dean and Steve in a bar, and Steve is still Sanzo, AU and reinc. So. ^_~ If you want to read about Steve and Val and the rest, check out [ profile] if_i_trace.


So there's this kid.... )
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Holiday ficlet for [ profile] vom_marlowe. ^_^; It... got a little dark, but it is about Dean, and the Impala, and... well. Enjoy? Spoilers for up to and including In My Time of Dying and Everybody Loves a Clown (beginning of S2).

The first blow didn't even register... )
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First week of new job = ^__^

SPN = ~_~ or maybe x.x

Avatar = *^___^*

Neil Gaiman on the subject of Dumbledore = ...

Petsmart Grand Opening with freebies = (insert ASCII dog here) *^_^*!

Clothes shopping = _-_

Donating coats for kids and getting free movie passes = ^_^


Super-secret decoder ring says: each of these things has thinky thoughts attached to them, however, we still have to do groceries, and lunch, and maybe attempt to find trendy-jeans (as opposed to good old billy-blues) and ... uh. Oh right. Batteries at the Crappy Tire.

Note to Aidan: tags.
Note to Romy: upload the rest of the Node OST.
Note to Tav: deal with the Hallowe'en and Giant Broccoli of D00M! photos.

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...everytime I hear something like Dean on collision course with Mexico, I think: "man, why hasn't Sam stopped him yet?"

>.> Yeah. I know.
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Right. >.> So I have Dean-voice in my head now. Likes to ramble while we're walking the dog. Captive audience or something. *sigh* End result? have random stream-of-consciousness type ficbit.

Spoilers for 1x11 - Scarecrow and 1x12 - Faith, in case anyone is as far behind as we are. ^_^;

Warnings for ramblings and implications. 777 words. *eyes it* Comments more than welcome. please

The real problem with this 'roadtrip with your kid brother' gig? )
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I think I was writing Wincest fic in my sleep last night. *scratches head* or maybe it was only as I was falling asleep. I blame the Wicker Man Scarecrow and the faith "healer." (Reaper-dude totally looked like a recycled BtVS chara.)

Mneh. Second attempt at a new TV over the weekend also failed. The picture was on slunt. Like so: / / Analog cable signal is deteriorating. Digital is overrated and expensive. PVR, though... that would solve the problem of SPN only being on at like 10pm on Tuesdays. >.< It's hard enough to pry Aidan away from the computer; I don't need another reason to stay up later. (Cuz you know he's totally watching it, too.)

...maybe it's time to retire some Meine Liebe icons.

This is better than a long post of job angst, isn't it? Yeah, thought so. *shuffles off*

dun fer.

Jul. 7th, 2007 11:29 am
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You know that thing where I fall into a fandom about two years behind everybody else? Yeah, that would be Supernatural now. >.> Watched the first three eps last night, and damn but it's more entertaining than I expected.

And Sam is such an OTC, but mmnf. Dean.

Of course Nero is being a bitch, and Roxio doesn't auto-detect format right, so we were watching letterbox burnt at 4:3, and wow that makes Sam look aneorexic. >.< has season 1 for $30, but it would take a month to get here. So we'll keep finding eps by other means. And throw my DVD burner into Kiro's computer until we sort ours out. Again. Reinstalling Windows from scratch is probably what it needs. ohghodno. >.<


Jul. 2nd, 2007 07:40 pm
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I have Sam and Dean ghosting my head. *glares* The last thing I need is new walk-ins, especially walk-ins from somebody else's fanfic. Yeah. Cuz I've watched all of one and a bit episodes of Supernatural.

I blame it on this fic and its sequel, because they're good -- that pushing the id vortex kind of good.

Which makes me realize that my writing hasn't been doing that lately, which... explains a few things. Having realized it, that id vortexian tendancy will now probably creep into the Carnival fic, as it's the only thing I'm actively working on. And hey, I've never actually written a trans character before. Too close to home or something.

...the House icon is apropos of nothing. Yay.

ETA: fner. Oh alright. If you know of any really good Supernatural fic, rec me. It's probably easier than going looking for torrents. :p


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