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How Google Dominates Us - long, but worth the read, especially for the summary of just how they revolutionized the search industry.

Lesbian Couple Saved ~40 from Norwegian Shooter

The Toronto Dreams Project Historical Ephemera Blog - I really enjoy Adam's writing style for his history of TO articles. Take, for example, this bit from this post:
The Governor General in charge of Lower Canada freaked the fuck out. He just up and quit.

And given how much writing he's done about the history of the city, I especially like this post of his about the most recent doings at city hall:
All the way back in the late-1700s, Toronto was founded by corrupt, incompetent conservatives who didn't believe in democracy. People like Ford are hardly new here; they've always had a particularly strong voice in our city. But one of the overarching stories of Toronto's 200 years is the story of how everyone else has built a great, caring, welcoming, liberal city anyway.

Finally: An intelligent articulation of the digital identity divide with regards to Google+ and the "pseudonym" policy.

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First, we went walking down along the lakeshore, and Ember trailblazed for us. No fear of dandelions twice her height!

Cut to spare your bandwidth - although these are all short (less than 2min) vids )

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Yesterday afternoon, the sun came out! Really for real! And we didn't need coats OR umbrellas.

Guys it has been so grey and damp -- not heavy rain so much as over-saturated air making it moist and drizzly all the time. Apparently, as of yesterday morning, we had had only 9 hours of sun in the week -- the average is 55. Boggle and weep, we did. But then! Sun!

And this morning it returns!

Unfortunately, this only makes the Friday before the long weekend harder to get through. I have to go be all agile and sprinting and shit (no scrums today at least), but damn. I just want to take the puppy for walks, and eat gelato, and enjoy the SUN!

ETA: Wrong Alan Frew. >.< ALSO! I discovered last night that Alan Frew apparently sneaked out an album in 2009 which I totally managed to miss! Finding a hard copy of this may prove difficult, but I still prefer to have tangible CDs, given DRM and failing hard drives and what not (no, I haven't had any recently, but one never knows).

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Apr. 18th, 2011 10:29 pm
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Scanning my twitter feed, I come across this:

"They would probably not be goggles made of literal gravy. Viscosity would be a problem, and also the optics." #TOpoli

And I know, without even clicking, that it is about our mayor, being insane again.

ETA: okay, so I was wrong, it wasn't our mayor directly. Also, you need to go read the context (the article linked in the tweet). It gets even better.

Three tweets later was this gem, from @catvalente:

I want to do a nude photo shoot on a gigantic pile of nickels. I will call it FIVE CENTS A WORD. #ohmygodtoday #everydayimhusslin



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We're walking to the bus on the way home from puppy class, and I hear this "eeee!" sound. I look around, cuz Kiro's behind me with puppy on leash, but no, it's not puppy.

"eeee!" gets louder, and I realize it's coming from a car, coming toward us.

"eeeee!" goes the young woman in the passenger's seat, window down, pointing at Ember. "eeee!"

The car doesn't even slow down.

Ah yup. Just another day with the CUTEST DOG EVER!

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World Fantasy Con is in Toronto Richmond Hill next year.

They say Toronto. They lie. That hotel is north of Steeles, on Hwy 7 in Richmond Hill. Which makes transit a pita -- double fare, and the infrequent YRT 90. >.> In November. Eessh.

Humf. Still. Rate of $135 for weekend guaranteed until June 30th. Must plot.

ETA: oh, that makes November con-heavy, since SFContario is usually in November as well. Hrm.
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There's a new *proposed* fare hike & service changes list for the TTC. The service changes are primarily (at this point) discontinuing service after 10pm and on Sundays and holidays for a chunk of bus routes (including the 94 Wellesley west of Wellesley station (i.e. between Wellesley and Ossington).

Proposed fare hike is another 10c per ride - cash fare to remain unchanged while all the rest of us (token and pass holders) pick up the slack. That means an adult metropass (if you're not already locked in on MDP) will soon cost $126.00/month (or $115.50 if you join MDP).

...That's another $60/year (or, you know, the amount car drivers were whining about), on top of the $120/year from the last fare hike. Yeah. Don't get me started.

Proposed start date is Feb 1st.

If you're curious about the city budget that's driving these (and other) changes: you can find it here.


Nov. 10th, 2010 12:08 pm
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Is anyone on the flist going to SFContario?

It's the weekend of Nov 19-21, and is being held at the Ramada Plaza at 300 Jarvis St. (between Carlton and Dundas).

I think there was mention of a Saturday only at-the-door option for $40 (full rate is $75, as of Nov 1st) - check the Facebook page.
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A Found Object, of unknown age and providence, placed in the incongruous location of an empty cardboard tray with plastic wrapping, in company of a Distressed and Non-functional Lamp of Equal Mystery.

Upon first glance, the Item in question appeared thusly: a spherical frame of some neglected and tarnished metal, bearing a strip of equally neglected and yellowed paper. Inside said frame, there appeared to be a ball, covered in such paper as to be a match for the band on the frame.


As this discovery followed promptly on the heels of a conversation in which we were lamenting "the difficulties of being a scavenger in Toronto" (due to the widespread pestilence of bedbugs) one can imagine our delight at being thus Corrected by the Universe.

Further investigation of the Ignoble Cardboard Box produced the remaining pieces of what was, most likely (Your Author does remain in Doubt on this matter), an Astrological Globe.

Evidence for your examination: )

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1 - We saw a praying mantis outside the door to our condo building last night. Apparently there is one native to Canada -- they're just not common. Very cool!

2 - The Mac is officially more fubared than I thought. Having bought a mini-DVI to VGA adapter from Hong Kong (as you do), and waited 15+ days for it to arrive (as you do), I plugged it in to find that either a) Macbook video card is no longer outputting red or b) the adapter is faulty.

I'm inclined to think a over b, but have no other Mac to test it with. So. New laptop or netbook it is to be.

3 - I am one lace repeat short of starting the heel on my second pair of socks! Woo!

and I have rewritten Fishy Tawashi pattern to use increases/decreases instead of drawstring to make tail and mouth. (The thick parts where the drawstring bunched it up were taking longer to dry than the rest of it. Not good for washcloths.)

and 4 - I am on vacation for the next two days. Woot. And I need to work on my story for CG's Characters of Colour year-end double-size issue. ^_^

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Knitters what are in Toronto (and reasonable environs)!

Save the date: Saturday July 10th, 2010, is TTC Knitalong Day!

Signups begin May 29th. Get the info on the blog or the Ravelry group.

I shall be aiming to get Kiro and myself on Team East this year.

ETA: wow, I fail at reading comprehension. Date changed, after I correctly parsed it this morning. July, not June. :p

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A while ago (er, a couple months now?) Kiro and I were browsing the antique market at St. Lawrence Market (it was only semi-intentionally). Anyway. A lot (a... half dozen maybe?) of vendors were selling antique watches, in various states of repair, and we were intrigued but cautious. I do not entirely approve of stripping down watches that are either working or repairable simply to feed an aesthetic, so although the steampunk fascination with watches appeals to me, I tend to shy away from the doing of it.

That said, we eventually came upon a table where a guy had three shallow wooden boxes of odds and ends - $1 per piece. So we hunted through and started finding already broken watches that were missing most of their parts but still looked kind of interesting. So we dug out 10 bits, and gave him $10, and went happily home... where the watch bits have sat in a paper bag for ... however long it's been.

Today, I finally got around to making an icon, at least. *points*, and behind the cut is the source photo. Read more... )
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1 - Last night's tweets were actually mostly a continuation of Friday night's live tweeting the Opening Ceremonies. But since my tweets ship at 11pm, the last hour got held over to the next day, including the cauldron fail and CTV cutting off promptly at midnight, which meant those watching the live stream online got shafted. Yey.

Moving on.

2 - I have hand-to-mouth disease today. om nom nom. It's not even that I'm hungry, or munchy, just the motion.

3 - It is currently raining on Lake Ontario. We have no snow. Ahahaha. I love it.

4 - Happy Lunar New Year! Rufus is a Tiger. (Of course I am, he sez.)

5 - Happy celebrating your partner of choice day! We went for crepes, and got flower petal-bombed. ^_^

eta: and happy birthday to Rob Thomas.


Nov. 8th, 2009 10:19 am
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A military marching band and entourage just went up Jarvis and turned onto Wellesley. Their ... unit? was about the length of a small city block (0.2km/656'). They were accompanied in front and rear by a pair of police cars, but it was the bicycle cops who were stopping traffic.

Band comes up to intersection. Cops walk their bikes into intersection, park them (on kickstands) across traffic heading east-west, and proceed to manually stop traffic southbound.

...They stopped traffic with their unattended bicycles. XD Oh Toronto.

anyway. Band and unit went along Welly to Church and then turned up Church. No clue what they were on about, although it might have something to do with a) Remembrance Day or b) the fact that "the Royals" (Charles and Camilla) are kicking around Ontario somewhere.

And when the tail end had passed, the bike cops had to hop back on their bikes and pump it up the block to catch up to the front so they could stop traffic again. Hee.
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The sun came out around 1pm, so we decided to brave the (strangely typical for once) September weather and check out Word on the Street. Now, since they'd closed Queen's Park Crescent for this, there were necessarily detours on the 94 Wellesley bus route. We knew about them, from the handy posters stuck up all over Wellesley station.

Detour was not as advertised. We thought we were going south to College, but in fact turned north on Bay, and then west along (the insanely congested) Bloor. Fortunately, we had decided it was an Adventure, and therefore not worth getting irritated over. Plus, we found a Coat Check coupon taped to the bus, and so decided it was all some sort of grand scheme to ... lead us on a wild goose chase. Or something.

Eventually, we made it to Bloor and Avenue Road, where we made a stop request for the nearest random place the bus driver wanted to make a stop (and it was random, not at a marked stop). Fortunately, it's a relatively short walk down past the ROM to Queen's Park, and the road was closed to vehicular traffic starting at Bloor anyway.

There were tent-booths from all the big name publishers along that stretch, which we largely ignored, until we came to the Merril Collection booth and discovered they were selling bags (each containing approximately 10 books) for $5/bag. Dangerous, yes.

We restricted ourselves to 2 bags, one chosen for a copy of Mort by Terry Pratchett, and the other for Cyteen (part 1), by C.J. Cherryh. Along with those two, we ended up with... )


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