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Sign-ups haven't even opened and I'm looking at the massive list of nominations and wibbling. IDEK GUYS!

I will not flail. It's doable. I've seen you guys doing it year after year. I'm just. WAAAH.

First timer freakout. ^_^;

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Oct. 5th, 2011 06:55 pm
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Sometimes, such as after watching this and also this (vid crack of the XMFC kind), I get random old country songs stuck in my head.

Clint Black - Back to Back
"Back to back / we face each other
still together / all alone
we'd be the last / to turn on one another
but I know we'll make it / together on our own"

Or this one that I can't remember title or artist of:
"So let's leave it alone
'cuz we can't see eye to eye
there ain't no good guy
there ain't no bad guy
there's only you and me and we just disagree"

AU Erik/Charles, amiright?

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Is this not the face that launched a thousand ships?

I think it is. *nod*

That is Ember, freshly post bath. And if you have not seen it, this (video) is how Ember dries off after a bath. (Video is of previous to this one bath, not most recent.)

And why did she need a bath? Because we went to the beach on Simcoe Day! )

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I present to you: A Thing That Scared My Puppy

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Apr. 18th, 2011 10:29 pm
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Scanning my twitter feed, I come across this:

"They would probably not be goggles made of literal gravy. Viscosity would be a problem, and also the optics." #TOpoli

And I know, without even clicking, that it is about our mayor, being insane again.

ETA: okay, so I was wrong, it wasn't our mayor directly. Also, you need to go read the context (the article linked in the tweet). It gets even better.

Three tweets later was this gem, from @catvalente:

I want to do a nude photo shoot on a gigantic pile of nickels. I will call it FIVE CENTS A WORD. #ohmygodtoday #everydayimhusslin



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The trouble with trying to write Darker Than Black fanfic -- not that I am, mind you. *cough* -- is in figuring out how to describe Hei's weaponry and equipment. There must be words for these things, but they are outside my vocabulary, damnit.

Researching at work not recommended. *sigh*
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This tweet was making the rounds the other day, which I found ironic, given how Kiro and I had been discussing at least the first part of the statement very recently:

RT: The Inuit have seventeen different words for "snow". The British have seventeen different phrases for "Oh, for FUCK's sake."

My Brit friends can attest to the latter, or not, as they see fit. Also, glad to see the author used Inuit and not Eskimo. But you know, the average Canadian (and, I dare say, the average person who lives with snow for more than one month a year) has a lot of words for snow. We may even have an Alot of Snow. Yus. Here's my catalogue (alphebetized because I can):

Snow words that stand alone: )
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"keep your powder dry and warm
through the coming darkest storm"

...sings Tom Cochrane, and suddenly I am envisioning AU steampunk SPN spinoff-ish thing in which Samuel Colt's daughters* were kickass gunslingers who totally test drove the demon-killing Colt for him.

*cough* Yeah, I don't know either. But it would be EPIC!

Instead, I am writing about far-future explorers from Earth landing on another planet and being beseiged by sentient plants! Yeah. >.>

All the fear that's sent your way
Through your eyes you might wash away
When you can
Still your lantern's strong and bright
Even through the darkest night

All those paper tigers
All their lies they might have sold you
Might be wasted on
One so young that you're old again
She walks out through the wind and the rain uh-huh

Paper Tigers

*Daughters which he never had, I know, Wiki sez so. :p Wife would also work!
**Also, yes, (gun) powder, and the keeping thereof, are anachronistic to Colt revolvers. Hence the steampunkishness.

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My beloved Kiro has been winding, and detangling, and rewinding, and moebius trouble-shooting a hank of yarn FOR A WEEK. For me. ^_^; I bought a 1400m hank of lace weight, and did not get it wound at the store. NEVER AGAIN I SWARE GUYS.

Meanwhile, we have beaten the Fishy Tawashi pattern into shape, so if you ran afoul of my hasty - contains errors! do not knit! - warning, please feel free to try again. It should be trouble-free now.

I am waiting on a set of 15 bamboo circs to arrive: one in every size from 0 (zero) on up to 15. Bought for the smaller sizes, mostly, as trying to get them individually was pricy, and $30 for the whole lot on Etsy was a too good to resist deal.

T-5 days and counting at old job!

ETA: And Loud Twitter seems to have stopped shipping my tweets again. Hrmmm...


Nov. 10th, 2009 07:35 pm
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it's the release that never ends
it just goes on and on my friends
some people started coding it not knowing what it was
and we'll be writing docs for it forever just because
it's the release that never ends
it just goes on and on my friends....
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The scene:

Mail arrives at 9:45am. I am home (running a little late, but eating tasty breakfast with coffee). Kiro picks up mail. Tosses package on couch: "baby pony army?" ... "Yup."

3 envelopes in hand, he waves one around, declares: "they're DEAD" (referring to mail addressed to previous tenants. "Who sent this anyway?! ... oh. the Conservatives."

Me: "bleh"

Kiro: "and two pay statements. You want?"

Me: "eh? two?" (the 30th is pay day. pay stub usually arrives two days before.) "Yeah."

I open the first envelope. Standard pay. Ho hum. Yup.

I open the second envelope. Stare at the numbers. Kiro (sitting beside me), stares at numbers.

"Um. Bonus! OMG. Bonus." with much blinking and silent "that can't be right"


HUGE freakin' bonus. Like almost three times the best bonus I ever got at Staples. Unexpected. Did not know it was coming.

*runs around in circles* OMG AWESOME TIMING!!!

(And my coworkers are taking me out for lunch today to celebrate my "nuptials" ^_^ )

ETA: Got the official letter at work. :)
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Voice in Hallway: *mumbles* paper
Kiro (in apartment): ... paper?
Tav (also in apartment): ...baker?
ViH (coming closer): paper!
Kiro: Paper?
ViH (suddenly sounding three decades younger): Paper. Paper. ... Paper.
Tav: ... scissors!
ViH (right outside our door): Rock! rock. rock. ... rock.
(sound of door to outside, very near our apartment door, opening)
ViH: paper!
(exit voice)
Tav & Kiro: *mad giggles*
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Hear ye, hear ye!

Gentle beings!

For one time and one time only! This Fall Equinox (September 20th-21st)! We shall Celebrate the International Day of Tavam!

This Special Event, sometimes known as a birthday is being relocated due to the Proximity of certain Other Events to my Usual Birthday (October 2nd).

Thank you for your attention.

We know return you to your regularly scheduled LJ postings.

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14 stitches on 3 dpns. ok.
knit 3 rounds. ok.
decrease until 10 stitches left. ack! stop coming up! *scramblescramble*
ok. decreases done.
*stuff knitting in bag*

9 stitches. not ok.
ribbit. *sigh* ok.
14 stitches. redo decreases. 10 stitches. yay!
*stuff knitting in bag at stop*

knit 3 rounds. ok. 1. 2. 3-- hay wait a minute!

... tiny knitted tube is now INSIDE OUT, and has been for the last... two and a half rounds.


At which point I gave up, since I'd have to have ripped it back for the third or fourth time. I had at least two false starts getting the 14 stitches onto 3 dpns going. Not to mention dropping my 4th dpn in the subway car umpteen times. Feh.
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once upon a time, probably after reading Yet Another Myth-ing Link type novel, I wondered, what would happen if the world ran out of titles? The result was crack, which I archived, apparently, and found today while cleaning out old notebooks.

When the World Runs Out of Titles: Stuff Happened )
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2 gallons Eco-friendly paint: CHECK!
Drop cloth, rollers, paint tray: CHECK!
Brushes, bucket, painter's tape: CHECK!
TSP in spray bottle, sponges: CHECK!

Dining room (hah!) table: DONATED!
Crazy swing doors/shutters on kitchen: REMOVED!

Nervous pets: CHECK! (poor pets ~_~ they're afraid we're moving again. but no!)



yes, yes, we are insane. But we are also going to paint the entryway at least, since I have the next week off and hopefully the eco-friendly paint (low odor, low VOX) won't kill us because it's still fecking cold out there even if most of the snow is gone because of the rain yesterday... And Kiro unexpectedly had his contract end a week early, so! We are free! to indulge our HGTV inspired whims! (okay, not a whim, been planning half-heartedly since we moved in.)
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So in a fit of boredom and *cough* insanity >.> last night, after my internet had finally been restored but while LJ was having power difficulties, I... created an insane journal account. Same name. So if LJ ever goes down again like we so know it won't you might find me over there, with the 100 free icons and maybe even the permanent account for $40. ($30 before friday.)


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