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Before I go through the effort of Craigslisting this:

I have a white 13" Macbook (Intel processor), that suffered screen damage (I knocked it off the arm of the couch >.< ). The brains still work fine - I have run programs on it, formatted the disk and reinstalled Tiger (OS X 10.4 (I think)) since the drop.

I have a mini-DVI to VGA adapter which I used to do the reformatting with an external monitor, but it's not outputting color correctly -- it's usable, but seems to be missing red. I do not know if this is a hardware issue (from the screen damage) or an adapter issue (cheap part from HK).

Obviously, the screen needs to be replaced, which would cost about $300 (+HST) according to a local shop. Or you could eBay a screen and replace it yourself. (I decided to get a cheap netbook instead.)

Included are all the original bits, including the remote, the power adapter with both the long cord and the short plug, the original OS X disks, etc. Battery still holds a reasonable charge (at least 2-3h, I think). It was purchased in March '08 (Staples shelf model), so I think the MB061LL/B specs are the right ones (don't have the serial # handy).

Interested? Know someone who might be? Please spread the word. Price negotiable - I really just want to get it off my desk.

Note: In person pick-up only as it is way too heavy to ship for any reasonable price. I can go anywhere the TTC goes. ;)

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1 - We saw a praying mantis outside the door to our condo building last night. Apparently there is one native to Canada -- they're just not common. Very cool!

2 - The Mac is officially more fubared than I thought. Having bought a mini-DVI to VGA adapter from Hong Kong (as you do), and waited 15+ days for it to arrive (as you do), I plugged it in to find that either a) Macbook video card is no longer outputting red or b) the adapter is faulty.

I'm inclined to think a over b, but have no other Mac to test it with. So. New laptop or netbook it is to be.

3 - I am one lace repeat short of starting the heel on my second pair of socks! Woo!

and I have rewritten Fishy Tawashi pattern to use increases/decreases instead of drawstring to make tail and mouth. (The thick parts where the drawstring bunched it up were taking longer to dry than the rest of it. Not good for washcloths.)

and 4 - I am on vacation for the next two days. Woot. And I need to work on my story for CG's Characters of Colour year-end double-size issue. ^_^

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Through a chain of stupid events culminating in me stupidly balancing it on, and then nudging it off, the arm of the couch, the screen on my MacBook is now decimated. And that was with the protective hard shell on the top half.


And of course I don't even have a VGA-to-mini-DVI adapter to plug it in to a monitor with. If such a thing even exists.


Can has reset button pls?

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This morning my carpooling coworker had locked his keys in his car. In the glovebox, of all places (he had good reason - it wasn't just carelessness). This necessitated him calling OnStar, that funky in-car phone thinger.

... They remotely unlocked his car so he could get his keys.

I mean, seriously. Okay, this isn't novel technology or anything. I'd just never seen it demonstrated. I was expecting the "call CAA, wait half an hour for the tow truck guy with the shim to arrive" routine.

I'm still kinda weirded out. Hrm.

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May. 3rd, 2010 09:38 pm
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I has acquired an iPod Touch! Yay for Craigslist!

First to charge, then to play.

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So you know, I write help docs, as I keep tagging things. Would people be interested in reading the good bits I learned at con? This has to do with user assistance (UA), user experience (UX), help, search vs find, and geeky things like Adobe AIR.

I'm just curious, cuz I think it's cool, but I don't want to post notes if it would just be flist spam. (Also I'm curious because I always want to know if other people USE help at all, and if so, how.)

...I hope you all know that the F1 key invokes help, yes? But don't use it in XP until Microsoft fixes the exploit bug they tripped across recently. HAR.
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... actually, it hardly counts as a saga, but as there is a tradition of these things, one must adhere. This is my install process log from last Saturday (the 16th), as my Win7 upgrade discs (which I had ordered on December 30th) arrived on Friday the 15th.

This was a Vista Home Premium 64bit to Win7 Home Premium 64bit upgrade.

Upgrading laptop in 3, 2, 1... )
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...why I, for one, welcome our Google Overlords:

Chromium Issue - Huge Amount of Goats Teleported

The comment thread is hilarious, but may be funnier if you have some programming background.

Meanwhile: it's Google vs. China.
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So if I leave my external WD hard drive FAT32 formatted, I can swap between Mac and PC no problem. ... I just can't transfer files over 4GB.

If I switch to NTFS, it gets around the file size limit, but no longer talks to the Mac.

Fuckit. I'll just have to buy some DL DVDs.
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Many thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. ^_^ It was indeed a good one, and the weekend overall has been pretty awesome.

It began with all-you-can-eat-meat at Korean BBQ (our once a month or less ritual). Then we went home for gifts!

First gift!

^___^ Yes, a pumpkin. And look! We found our granite island countertop again! (It had been buried beneath accumulated Stuff for a while.)

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In case you hadn't heard and were using it, LoudTwitter is officially dead. Hardware failure.

Option for replacement: Twittinesis

If you host your own blog and want to do some tweaking, there's also TweetRemote.
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A German researcher is about to resurrect the first fully electronic general-purpose stored-program computer, the Manchester Mark 1 (1948). The functional replica will run the source code of an original program from 1952 by Christopher Strachey, whose sole purpose was generating love letters; it is historically interesting as one of the first examples of a text-generating program. The installation will be shown at an art exhibition in Germany at the end of April.

An online emulator of the loveletter program is available here.

Not all that much different from early attempts at Cool Bits Story Generator.

And, randomly, how much memory DID the Apollo 11 computer have? The answer.


Apr. 6th, 2009 08:23 pm
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Fun Twitter apps you may not know about:

Say you're following someone who's gotten a bit too chatty (his name might be Tav :p), and you don't want to unfollow them, you just want to not see their updates for a while.
Solution: Twitter Snooze!

Or suppose you want to follow the tweets from a con you really wanted to attend but couldn't. Say this con is organized enough to be using a hashtag, like, oh, #worldcon, frex.
Solution: TwitChatter - enter the hashtag or topic, and you get all the related posts on one page.

Alternate solution: Twitter Search - it will even tell you when there are new entries, so you can stay up to date on tweets. You can also RSS this, but I found it didn't update properly on Google Reader (but that may be my inexperience with setting up RSS to read).

Say you want to share photos on Twitter, from your phone, or whatever: try Twitpic.

Want Twitter right from your Firefox status bar? Try TwitterFox.

Prefer a stand-alone desktop app? Try TweetDeck (Mac/Win/Linux).

Also, Twitter will auto-create tiny urls if you have a really long one.
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I has one of these: Bamboo Sister interchangeable circular needle set (scroll down to the very last item). Bought used, with caveat of "wiggly join" on one cable. Wiggly join wiggled itself free the first time I tried to use it. So! I have emailed Plymouth, and within an hour received a reply saying they will quite happily replace the cord for me for free. Joy.

Now if only the set had end caps and cord-to-cord joiners, it would be a Thing of True Beauty. I adore the bamboo needles; they are silky smooth and warm.

I has finished a hat commission! Still need to take pics, though. Also, have finished two top Sekrit Gifts, bwahahaha. Did I mention I love knitting in the round? Yeah. I do. And 5" dpns are on my list of best. things. evah. ^_^


Apparently the "restrict" label on condos when it comes to pets is this: you must be able to carry your pet through the common areas. Let's see. Theoretically, you could carry a 40lb dog, yes? yes. The vet tech does it. Not, though, if you a) have a back problem or b) have a dog that squirms like a mad squirming thing. Which means, oh hay, you are discriminating against people with disabilities. Bet you don't wanna fight that one, do you, condo Corp?

So. There's this black hole of information where condo "laws" intersect with the Landlord and Tenant Act. The Act says any "no pets" clause in a lease is automatically void. But condos have things like boards of directors and make their own little enclave rules like... gee, have a sleeve dog or no dog at all.

And let's not get into the argument about small dogs = messier and more energetic than larger, sedate dogs, either. >.>


Weather. fsocking weather. I haets it.


Oh, Japan. Never change. "Bandai has created the tuttuki bako (poking box)"


It's taken more than a century, but Einstein's celebrated formula e=mc2 has finally been corroborated, thanks to a heroic computational effort by French, German and Hungarian physicists.


boss is on vacation. i don't wanna werk. woe.


ETA: OH OH! I forgot an important bit! from Very Short List: Beatles mystery sound solved with the user of a Fourier Transform!. Yes, yes, I am a geek. BUT! I HAVE DONE FOURIER TRANSFORMS! (years ago, now, in college) THEY ARE BRAIN BREAKY! but also cool. Digital signal processing was one of my favourite courses.
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localized outage! took out our net and our phone! woe!

Was out for about 3 hours. *hugs intarnets*

now we are playing with bluetoothing files between my Mac and Kiro's new phone.


Jul. 23rd, 2008 04:05 pm
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Did you know?

Google has a social networking site to compete with Facebook and MySpace. It's called

And unlike its competitors, it has this nice bit in its Policies:

Policy: Content ownership
We encourage users to post information freely to, such as personal images and text. When you submit content to, we simply display it on the site. does not claim any ownership right to the information that you post on profiles and communities.

Still in beta mode, but you can sign up with your existing Google account.
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For all those who have fought with Dell's "customer service" and warranty centres (and I know there are at least a couple on my flist):

Court Finds Dell Guilty of Fraud

Excerpt: The Albany County Supreme Court found that Dell deprived customers of technical support that they bought or were eligible for under warranty in several ways, including by requiring people to wait for very long times on the phone, repeatedly transferring their calls and frequently disconnecting their calls.
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I have conquered home networking, and can now see and share files AND the printer! between Kiro's puter and mine. Go me. ^_^

Also spent nearly $500 getting Teak's brakes tuned today. Aheh. Well. First time in four years, so I figure they were due it. I got a free LED flashlight at least? ^_^;
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One of the cool things about Tor?

It randomizes your surfing so much that when Google tries to geolocate you and offer you a page in your language, it's likely not to be in English! hee.
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not enough time.

met cory doctorow. his brain is shiny. sat at the front of the room - he read ch.12. dude. wow. (sidebar: now i know what aidan's brain is like in action. just different topics.)

the world needs more free wifi.

there is no Google in the Node. use of capitals is arbitrary.

"Gin" needs a fic. kaleb and jeb need keyboard time. so does the carnival owner. why does my brain make with the shiny when i have no time at work?

cory doctorow was dumpster diving in markham last night. he drove past my office building (a couple times, it's on the side of the highway), but didn't stop there.

scars dishes are piling high, like fashion magazines. read between the lines - no time for housework. still need to decorate pixie wings for the GMM on saturday. there may be go-go boots.

i should be in bed. O.o


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