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Day 13:
* 0!

Day 14:
* 590 words - Sight (Hallowe'en ficlet on LJ)

5807 / 10000 words. 58% done!

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Day 8:
* 332 words - Saiyuki Gaiden ficlet (for Hallowe'en meme)

3792 / 10000 words. 38% done!
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It is not yet Kiro's birthday, therefore, the Winter Holiday season is not yet over. Therefore, this ficlet is not unduly late.

For [personal profile] flemmings, who requested something Saiyuki Gaiden-esque, perhaps with a Dragon King and the difficulties of HR management.
~1500 words

Of Feasts and Famine

The paperwork that crossed Goujun's desk ebbed and flowed like a stream through the seasons: at times barely a trickle, at others as fast and treacherous as the flood of Spring run-off. But Heaven didn't have seasons; its unchanging perfection stretched infinitely long, a single beautiful moment distorted by its longevity. The Dragon King was thus reduced to imposing seasons on such banalities as requisition forms and mission directives, mapping changes in the superficial Heavenly court to the natural patterns he could not see.

~~~ )

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...that I almost succumbed to yesterday. :p Today, I am not so emo. Today I am Pragmatic.

That said, I am still going to post a mini-version of the long-winded disclaimer that I composed while emo yesterday. Which is: with regards to fanfic - I have not done it in a long time. I feel my characterizations may be shaky. I am writing, however, for fun, and to amuse friends, so I shall ignore the inner editor that keeps insisting it's all crap. It's not.

So. Holiday ficlets in progress (in no particular order): )

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I am sure I could, if I had time (and Kiro wasn't sick, and the heat was working, and the weather wasn't so bloody cold, and my VPN connection was working), research this myself.

However! Due to constraints, I am going to appeal to AKICILJ:

Do we know the names of the commanders of the other armies of Heaven? In particular, the Eastern Commander would be of use for some fictions that are percolating in my brain.

AO3's Saiyuki Gaiden collection needs help. Half the fic isn't tagged properly (is just Saiyuki), and there was no Kenren/Tenpou tag. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT? ... Also, why I am more than 50% of the Goujun fic with a handful of drabbles? Huff.


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