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*clears throat*

So. Way back in... uh... 2005... *wince* I was working on a Saiyuki AU Reinc and Redux thing called Broken World ([ profile] brokenworld01) that stemmed from the consequences of the four-part fic How Far Do You Bend? (if you have not read it, it is about the darkest thing you will find in this journal, in all ways possible. NSFW. Not even a little.).

Broken World is what happened after the Sanzo-ikkou's mission failed, Gyumaoh was resurrected, and things (for the humans at least) went to hell in a handbasket.

I think I also posted a disclaimer recently about how it was unfinished and likely to stay that way. That... has not changed. This is just a word dump that happens to fall in the story, and promises absolutely nothing more than what it is.

That said. If you want to read it, here's a quick refresher:

The Timeline - because things were written out of order.

The relevant bits:
Rajesh and Yaone
Yosh (Ch.7)
Yaone --> this is the new bit (Ch.8)

(As always, my inner feedback whore welcomes comments anywhere, anytime.)
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Since I've friended some new folks lately, it occurred to me that fair warning on what you might stumble into in my fic archives could be useful.

I have a bad habit of unfinished epics. I know. I'm sorry. I have every intention of finishing them when I start, but they tend to overwhelm me.

*clears throat* So. Fair warning, these fics are unfinished, and 95% likely to stay that way:

- Existential Difficulties
- [ profile] brokenworld01 (sequel to How Far Do You Bend?, which is actually finished, but please heed the angst warning. I'm not kidding.)

Meine Liebe
- Engaged

Final Fantasy VII
- Daylight & Darkness - most of which is archived elsewhere, but there are a couple chapters here, just to confuse you.

I think that's the main ones. ^_^; Anything else should be one-shots or no more than 3 or 4 parts.
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I am hosting a Saiyuki Reload Reread in my DW journal as part of 3W4DW (Three Weeks for Dreamwidth). That means they won't be getting mirrored over here.

As always, you are welcome to comment using OpenID, or anonymousely.

Intro post is here.
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Once upon a time [ profile] tadity requested a fic. I'm afraid all that ever came of it was a 'bit' rather than a fic, but here it is nonetheless.

Brain-breaky fun with Iisou was the request.

When he drives his hand through Iisou's chest... )
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So, lady_ganesh requested Dean and Sanzo meeting in a bar. It ended up as Dean and Steve in a bar, and Steve is still Sanzo, AU and reinc. So. ^_~ If you want to read about Steve and Val and the rest, check out [ profile] if_i_trace.


So there's this kid.... )
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So... technically this wasn't requested this year ('07). And technically, it's not even meeting last year's ('06) request. But it is set-up for the scene that is, and hopefully it will be enjoyed in the meantime.

Goes with this one.

Waves and stars )
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Holiday ficlet for [ profile] therhoda: some random Saiyuki. I hope it doesn't totally suck. I am very rusty. woez. Set somewhere in that nebulous post-Burial through pre-Gensoumaden time.

Neither of them was ever able to figure out where it had come from... )
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Inspired by [ profile] harukami's "Not There," among other things...

Untitled, unfinished, but I'm tired of having it lurking on my hard drive. Comments welcome, if you feel so inclined.


In Some Other World... )
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Hakkai -- Reload 7 cover. And make sure you scroll down. You might want to have a pillow handy for the death-by-sex. *g*

too damn pretty for his own good. *purrs*
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At the end of the journey, there's a choice, but Mercy is still a bitch.
~1300 words


Dividing the world in two was one way to stop the minus wave... )
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!drabble #7 -- for [ profile] miyukis4, who requested: Konzen and Goku: foreshadowing.
It's Gen! It might even qualify as fluff! *cough* ^_^*

There were creases in the paper... )
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!drabble #6, for [ profile] trensaddiction, who requested: Goujun is awoken by the sounds of Tenpou bringing his very drunken General home from some sort of spring revelry.

I... uh... didn't manage to work in mention of spring revelry, but imagine what you like. Also, I seem to have an addiction to KenTen with a nautical theme. *cough* But you know what they say about the navy. ^_~

Way, hey, and up she rises... )
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!drabble #5, for [ profile] therhoda, who requested: Tenpou's filing system.

So where's your seal? )
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!drabble #4 -- for [ profile] tad_coast (and [ profile] tj_dragonblade, and [ profile] therhoda ^_^;;) who requested: Nii/Kou. Anything twisted.

Breaking and creating )
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!drabble #3 (technically) -- for [ profile] cephy, who requested: Gaiden. "Smoke and clouds."

What are clouds made of? )
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!drabble #2, for [ profile] tj_dragonblade and International Saiyuki Week.

Soooo not a drabble. Because Kou and Skander? Couldn't get through "hi, how are you?" in a hundred words, let alone omake innuendo. :p

500 words.
King Skander and Prince Kougaiji speak of ... many things ... without saying much at all. ^_^

Kougaiji sighed... )

Want more? Go read [ profile] brokenworld01 ^_^
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Or thereabouts. It is tuesday, yes? ergo, mine shall run until at least next tuesday.

Am feeling adventurous. Give me Saiyuki (Gensoumaden or Gaiden) character/situation prompts and I shall attempt drabbles. ... Reinc-verses are fair game, too, if you're so inclined.

[ profile] if_i_trace or [ profile] brokenworld01 <-- my reinc-verses.

fun fun

Mar. 15th, 2006 08:12 pm
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So, today I got to sit in on a... requirement gathering session for an LoE (level of effort) assessment for a project at work, at which it was determined that, despite the business's best attempts to explain, the developers were comparing apples to oranges to potatoes. Except the potatoes were "off the table."


[shameless self-promo]

In unrelated news, go check out Gunstock, or just vote for me! -- "Roads" by Sa Gojyo and Cho Hakkai. ^_^

[/shameless self-promo]

um. I'm sure there was something else I was going to post, but I can't for the life of me remember.

*wanders off*

ETA: Anime North goers! Deadline for early-bird registration price ($35/weekend) is this Friday. Don't forget to register and save money! ^_^
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I was looking for a quote from Kenren for ED 16, and happened to browse through a couple chapters of Gaiden, and given my recent comparison of manga/sub/dub Yisou arc, something twigged.

image intensive comparison of scenes... )
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I threatened this like a year ago. ^_^; And as I have nothing better to do while distracting myself from impending Tooth Doom, I finally did it.

Selected moments from the Chin Yisou arc: manga vs sub vs dub versions.

Things in [square brackets] are my notes or insertions. Proper commentary after a shower. Maybe.

it makes me weep how much was sacrificed to spare the kiddies the gore... ~_~

Your claws weren't sharp enough, Hakkai...

ouch. just. ouch. ~_~

Manga script transcribed from the TokyoPop English print version of Saiyuki Vol.4.
Anime scripts transcribed from the ADV release of Gensoumaden Saiyuki, disk 3.
For educational/entertainment use only. No profit was made and no bishounen were harmed in the making of this comparison. ^_^;


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