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Day 11:
* 225 words on the next Carnival scene

Day 12:
* ~1200 words (hand-written) on Ride, which is Rob/Ed on a motorcycle, and which may never get posted because it devolved into SRS talk about open relationships and stuff and is not at all my silly fun !boyband. (Except it is, very, because they are both married, and I refuse to just get rid of wives, but I also very much want them *together* and that requires negotiation to not fail, and OMGWTFBBQ you'd think this was an origi-verse or something.) *facepalm*

ETA: Forgot the counter!

5217 / 10000 words. 52% done!


I think I might do Yuletide this year. >.> Am definitely nomm'ing Darker Than Black. Other than that, I've seen others nom several fandoms I could probably do, so I'm debating filling in something a) crazy (like Takeshi Kovacs trilogy) or b) for someone else (someone wanted "Barrett's Privateers" but ran out of nom slots).

Thirdly! As soon as the importer is functional again, I am backing up my LJ to nekonexus@DW, and I am going to stop allowing comments on LJ because I am sick and tired of this bullshit and the DDoS attacks (which are only likely to continue/get worse until/during/after the election), and my paid time expires in March 2012 anyway. But first I need to get Carnival and stuff over here.

That is all. Carry on with your Sunday. :P

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Holiday ficlet FIC OMG for [ profile] wordkink, who requested some New!BNL.

And yes, I said a max self-imposed limit of 500 for these ficlets, but OMG I had too much fun writing this (and rewriting it, after my brutal beta shredded it for me and made me make it better). So it tips in at 2550. YES OVER TWO THOUSAND WORDS ARGH! heh.

It's posted over at DW, with the rest of the RPF.

Home for the Holidays


For the uninitiated or those late to the party, New!BNL is RPF bandfic wherein Rob Thomas (of Matchbox Twenty) decides to become one of the Barenaked Ladies. It is my imaginary band of love. ^_^
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(I told you it was all self-indulgent!)

Yeah, due to the overwhelming demand interest of a couple readers, I have posted my RPF. ... To my dreamwidth account, which you can find here.

Yes, it's tessercat, not nekonexus. And yes, they are still locked to my access list, so if you're not on and want to read, please drop a comment with your OpenID or DW account on the unlocked post, and I will add you.



Nov. 17th, 2009 07:32 pm
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Finished my self-indulgent RPF today. ^_^ My guinea pigs those who have read it have enjoyed it, and so my inner feedback whore is quite happy (not content, though. never content. XD). For those who might be curious about said fic (I'm going to further indulge myself in the belief that someone is), it's Rob Thomas (points at icon) and the Barenaked Ladies. YAY!

1099 new words today. Yay for lazy work from home day. ^_~

And suddenly I am like way ahead on my mini-wrimo! w00t!

3831 / 5000 words. 77% done!
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Okay, so I fell behind on my mini-wrimo. Which, I will not beat myself up about. 'Cuz it's an experiment, and last week was hellishly busy at work, and then I couldn't type on the weekend, what with the squished finger and all.

But today. Oh glee. *dance* I wrote 1176 NEW words. And so what if it's AU bandfic RPF? So what if I still squirm at the thought of anybody reading it but still perversely want to post it locked anyway? It was FUN to write. And I wasn't all constrained by OH NOES MUST KEEP PEOPLE IN CHARACTER, because hey, AU, and I don't actually know these people! HAR!

So. Updated word count. Not quite caught up, but I still have another scene in mind. Oh, and I'm not counting song lyrics.

*tumbles off to bed*

2732 / 5000 words. 55% done!

ETA: after double checking word count, I AM all caught up! *double dance*
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Rob Thomas at Massey Hall

Rob Thomas at Massey Hall, November 4th, 2009
with Carolina Liar and One Republic

Concert photos - in all their weird, blurry, dark and strange glory.
(They do get better further in...)

Set List: )
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Rob Thomas + "What A Good Boy" (Barenaked Ladies cover) = ♥

you don't even know how good it was.

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Plans for yesterday included a roundup of random thoughts (not a randup, as I almost typed, but maybe that's appropriate) but got sidetracked by OW and 'hit by a bus' feeling. I'm fine, don't worry, it was just a reaction to bad food (of the 'should have known better than to eat those leftovers' kind).

In no particular order, some things I meant to say: )

And that, I think, is all. Expect not to see much of us for the next week. Pride, and then Canada Day! Tavacation! *runs away!*
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Anyone on Twitter who happens to also be a Rob Thomas (matchbox twenty) fan should really be following @ThisIsRobThomas.

Cuz if you are? You can get a sneak peek clip of the first single "Her Diamonds" off his new album "Cradle Song" which is due out on June 30th.

*waves hand* Go. Enjoy. Share. ^_^
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First: Medical marijuana user files human rights complaint over smoking laws.

Second -- from Rob's website:

Rob [Thomas] is featured in Pot Culture

Rob is featured in the new book Pot Culture, The A-Z Guide to Stoner Language & Life, written by former High Times editors Shirley Halperin and Steve Bloom (out 4/20 ETA: ahahah. nice.). Rob contributed an essay called "The Art of Scoring," detailing how to casually bring up -and score- weed when you're in dire need. He's also quoted on the back cover. Pick up a copy at your local bookstore or at Amazon.

ETA: Third -- there's a point in the Toronto concert, which I've only just been able to pick out what Rob's saying and it goes like this:

"Oh Toronto. We love you Toronto. And it's not just your health care. It's not just your governing bodies. We just love you.
Not your... it's not your decriminalization laws -- well, maybe a little."
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1 - The Matchbox Twenty concert was awesome. Yus. ^_^ And today, I will listen to it again. Legally. Bwahahaha.

2 - Plato is the only source you need for just about everything. My offhand comment to a coworker yesterday ("it's only illegal if you get caught") reminded him of this in his "Ethics and Privacy" class notes.

3 - ... it's snowing again. *sob*
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Rob Thomas makes me incoherent with glee. Also he is witty and has a smexy voice. La.

Have a listen, courtesy of Mix 99.9.

"Wake up, have some coffee, make history, go to bed..."

*flails around* ^_^
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The Good -- while I wasn't looking, matchbox twenty were working on a new album. First single was on the radio tonight. Apparently the band is now sans Adam, but hey, four is better than none.

The Bad -- Sheppard subway is safe for now, but the TTC is "preparing to shut down the subway" and it will be presented to the board in September. >.< Fuck.

The Ugly -- CP24 reporting. So bad I don't even want to link them. *kicks them on the principle of the thing*

...I ... don't actually like this single. It sounds too much like U2's "Vertigo."

ETA: So apparently Adam left in 2005, and I just missed it. The new album -- Exile on Mainstream -- is actually a "hits retrospective" with maybe six new tracks. Rob's going to do a second solo album, and new mb20 in '09. He says.

But seriously, Rob. Oct 2nd? That's our birthday your wedding anniversary. >.>


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