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1 - I broke 30k on Carnival last night! Woohoo! Only 620 new words added, but it got me over a roadblock, so yay!

2 - Ember has decided that she will 'beg' by offering tail-biting spins with a play growl. IDEK. It's cute, but it's still begging. >.>

3 - We had one day of summer! Now it is Fall again. *sigh* With lilacs. I hate lilacs. (I am quite allergic to them, so don't bother trying to convince me how great they look/smell.)

4 - Do I have to work today? I don'wanna. :p

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Thanks to everyone who offered their sympathies on our loss of Bébé. I didn't have the ... thing and stuff ... to go through and thank you individually, but all your messages of support were appreciated.

It's been a week. I can mostly think about it without getting all teary-eyed again. (Mostly. Although typing this is trying to prove me wrong. :p ) We're resisting the urge to go buy a puppy, but maybe some day...


Jul. 28th, 2010 10:36 am
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Tired. Cranky. May bite if poked. Would rather be in bed, seriously.
Weather also sucks. Impending thunderstorms of doom.

Also? Night before last, Kiro told me "Definitely do not buy the elephant." ... He was asleep at the time. At least this amuses us.

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1 - Last night's tweets were actually mostly a continuation of Friday night's live tweeting the Opening Ceremonies. But since my tweets ship at 11pm, the last hour got held over to the next day, including the cauldron fail and CTV cutting off promptly at midnight, which meant those watching the live stream online got shafted. Yey.

Moving on.

2 - I have hand-to-mouth disease today. om nom nom. It's not even that I'm hungry, or munchy, just the motion.

3 - It is currently raining on Lake Ontario. We have no snow. Ahahaha. I love it.

4 - Happy Lunar New Year! Rufus is a Tiger. (Of course I am, he sez.)

5 - Happy celebrating your partner of choice day! We went for crepes, and got flower petal-bombed. ^_^

eta: and happy birthday to Rob Thomas.
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I used [ profile] rushthatspeaks' Quiche Algorithm tonight to make my first ever quiche.

I used less than suggested amounts for body and crunch, and still ended up wailing "my cream runneth over!" by the time I got it all in the (deep-dish) crust. Also 2 cups of feta was a bit overpowering.

Still! A successful endeavour, but one I shall save for special occasions, due to prep time.

Om nom tasty quiche. ^_^

What? photos? Oh, all right. click this way )

In unrelated news, I dropped my glasses today, on a tiled floor, and now have one crescent shaped crack on each lens for my trouble. *sigh* Fortunately, they are along the edges, and so do not impair vision, but still. Argh.
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Today (thus far (tis only 11am)) in brief:

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1 - my tweets are not shipping. Can't figure out what the problem is. Hrm.

2 - The Lambda Literary Foundation (LLF) are looking for a web producer/editor. If I was more up on the lit aspect...

3 - Catching up on wordcount with super-seekrit AU bandfic drawerfic. ^_^; It's only RPF, not RPS. ... for now?

4 - PC Loads of Pecan Butter Tart Ice Cream now owns my soul. And we ran out last night. woe.
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There were a lot of things I was going to write about, now that the release is over (or at least, we've signed off all docs to QA and declared them final), but then the front door (heavy, solid, firesafe, weighted to close automatically but without a slow down arm thing) squashed my ring finger on my left hand, and now I am crippled! It is incredibly slowing to have to type without that finger!

It's all turning purple and blue up around the side and under my fingernail, too, despite the immediate application of ice. Bad bruise is bad. ~_~ And extremely pressure sensitive. :p

I used to have a dragon that would take dictation, but I never trained it particularly well, and hated the sound of my own voice talking to it. And that was ... ten years ago? guh >.<

Meantime, I am trying to plot, and may resort to pen and paper, and watching Yuletide progress with interest. Some year, maybe... ^^;

Also, I got a haircut, and eyebrows waxed, and today Kiro is going to dye my hair. I am civilized like again! Heh.

what a day

Nov. 14th, 2009 05:41 pm
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It is easier to type without my index finger than without my ring finger. Just sayin'.

Door + fingers == OW

we shopped! we saw 'Stare At Goats' (as the movie theatre advertised it).

my finner still hurts. woe.
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So. opera. Was a series of short pieces by Igor Stravinsky. If you've seen Fantasia, Stravinsky's piece The Rite of Spring is the dinosaurs plodding around and other such paleolithic stuff.

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Many thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. ^_^ It was indeed a good one, and the weekend overall has been pretty awesome.

It began with all-you-can-eat-meat at Korean BBQ (our once a month or less ritual). Then we went home for gifts!

First gift!

^___^ Yes, a pumpkin. And look! We found our granite island countertop again! (It had been buried beneath accumulated Stuff for a while.)

moar )
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But the brain is fuzzy and early day is early. (Tomorrow will be earlier. Why the fsk does this four-day training session have to start at 8am EVERY day!?! Do they not understand some people don't have cars?? (No, they just don't care. They're providing food, of the white bread and doughy sort. With coffee. What more could I expect, rly?))


Right. Plans.

- gotta finish a story, which has (predictably), failed to show any sign of having a conclusion. AGH. *headdesk*

- update Aidan's backstory to include the past 3 years of DE

- WRITE app for new chara (it's in my head, it's all in my head)

- ERRANDS (x3?)

- post about Knitty Yarn Roundtable (WP)

- SUCCESSFULLY cast-on and CONTINUE K's subway mittens. (Have cast on, unsuccessfully, FIVE times now. I kid you not.)

- groom dog. >.>

- dye hair, so I am no longer grandpa-grey ~_~

ARGH. argh arg. *wanders off*

o rly?

Aug. 21st, 2009 04:00 pm
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Prize winning documentation for today:

Display Blink as Blinking—Causes all blinking attributes to blink. By default, this check box [is] selected.

... really? I mean. Rly? *headdesk*

no I did not write this, I am copy-editing archaic docs that have not been updated in so long that it shows.
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This building has issues. And every time its issues trip the fire alarm, the massive 40-storey venting system kicks in and blows out all the elevators. Literally. The air pressure is such that the elevators can NOT operate, even after the alarm has been shut off and everything is otherwise cleared.

... so why haven't they fixed the blower control by now, you ask? So do we.

Meanwhile, the poor puppy is patiently waiting to go to the grass, and Rufus is all like "this totally wouldn't have happened if you'd fed us at 5 o'clock (or 4, or even 3:30) like I asked!"


Building Superintendent is the only one who can use the moving elevator on service mode, and he's currently in the basement with the techs trying to switch the blowers off. So no. You can't even escape by calling the concierge to ask him to send the elevator up.

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I leave you with Found Art (FF7 on a subway platform, I Kid You Not), bus doodles (not mine), as close as I get to car porn, and ... I ran out. Hmf.

Tuesday to San Diego!
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Images create reality, aka Picspam!

Click for the Flickr pages with notes, etc.


Apr. 22nd, 2009 10:31 pm
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A long, long time ago, when Tav and Kiro were but wee kits at university, living in a faraway place called Kingston, they took a road trip to the nation's capital to go to this magical place called IKEA.

And at this IKEA, they fell in love with a couch, and the couch's name was Varnamo.

In those days, Varnamo came in a choice of colours, including a rich dark brown with cream piping. Someday, the fox and cat said, someday, this couch will be ours!

Years passed, and the fox and the cat did not have the money or the space (but mostly the money) for their beloved couch, but they would drive up to IKEA and sit upon it and imagine it in their own space.

Then, just when the cat finally got a job with a salary in Toronto, so they could afford the couch, then! Tragedy struck! Varnamo was discontinued! Woe and woe and alas! The fox and the cat were very sad, for that which IKEA replaced it with (the Ektorp) was never comfortable, and was too big for a small fox and a small cat (and a chow chow and a Rufi).

They settled on a substitute by necessity, but it was a small loveseat, called Klippan. Klippan managed to move with them to four apartments in Toronto, but! and But! Varnamo came back! Now in all brown, and still as comfortable as the first time they had sat upon it. It returned only to the store, never to the catalogue or website, as if IKEA had brought it back only for those who had waited and longed for it.

Aha! they said. ... If only it would fit. Conundrums of Richard's Couch1 proportions!

And so they plotted and waited and decided, 'lo! when we move unto a new space (for the fifth time), we shall acquire Varnamo, and it shall be good.

Much furniture was sold (but not yet the Klippan). A move happened. Much furniture was purchased. And finally, finally! on a day with free delivery, Varnamo came home.

And it was good. ^_^


1 See Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency.


ETA: PicS!!
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Here's a traffic conundrum which no one in the Toronto area (including those who have driven this road for years) seems to understand: the Wynford Drive slowdown on the DVP.

So you're driving along the DVP southbound. Let's assume you're coming from either the 404 or 401, so you've managed to traverse the stupid narrow section where the 404/DVP/401 interchange is and there are only two lanes of DVP while the 404 ends and the 401 east/west merge in. Traffic starts to spread out a little. And then you see the digital signboard, and even though you KNOW (if you've driven this route more than once, near rush hours) what it's going to say, you still sigh:


Looking ahead... )
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After much schedule shuffling (unasked for, but necessitated by staff shortage), Kiro ended up with Friday and Saturday off. And Friday was a statutory holiday for me. Thus, weekend! Together! Two whole days! We haven't had one of those since he started working, as he's had Friday, Sunday, Monday as a quasi-regular schedule.

So Friday we slept in a whole hour! )


Mar. 21st, 2009 08:32 am
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"It's mornin' / I wake up
the taste of summer sweetness on my mind...

I'd settle for Spring. I really really would. But! there are green bits sticking out of the grassy areas around here. They haven't taken over from the dried out last year grass, but they are poking through. ... that sounds indecent. Morning! hah.

So. Today, Kiro is a'werkin (also tomorrow), and I am left to entertain myself. Too many options! I mean, there's the house-cleaning I skipped last weekend, in favour of hanging out with [ profile] viewpoints, or there's the Japanese storytelling (which I didn't RSVP for doh), or there's this MTAC thing, or there's the Purple Purl and my first sock now that H's hat is done. And dog walking, and couch lump being, and maybe crepes for dinner. Writing. Writing could happen. Maybe.


too much choices.

First, tea.


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