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80 pages in, I am puzzled by two things:

1 - If this book was originally mass market paperback published in 1989, how did I miss it the first time around, since it seems the very sort of thing I was inhaling reading at the time? I blame school libraries for not having it (and having far too much Xanth instead).

2 - How is it that after 80 pages, I still can't decide if I like it or not? It's an engaging enough read, although I could do without Lord Michael and his conceits. But I'm not sure I'm actually enjoying it. ... Maybe it's the slippery pov - sliding from character to character within a scene. I don't know.
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Gerundives ftw!

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Toronto peeps! (Or those inclined to be in the area) Next Monday (21st), is the 20th Annual Festival of Lights in Kensington Market! Bring noise makers and light and drive back the dark!


Oct. 22nd, 2008 10:48 am
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I had somehow got it into my head that Philip K. Dick was a short-story writer, so every time I stumble across mention of one of his novels (other than "Bladerunner/Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?") I kind of ... boggle.

However! Having been enlightened by Making Light (mad, mad props to the Fluorosphere), I find that I may just need to read The Penultimate Truth, if only to play "spot the bits the Matrix 'borrowed'".


The Hedley concert at Massey Hall was hugely fun, but also boggling. The average age of the wanna-be groupies was about 13. No, rly.

Jacob has a hot bod, but he really needs to lose the facial hair. And get a lighter mic pack before it causes a real wardrobe malfunction (more than the two inches of butt crack he was already showing).

A~and, because the world is small now, have the YouTube clip of the moment I was about to rant about. The moment that pointed out the incomprehensible generation gap: Jacob, down on his knees, singing to a girl standing in front of the stage and she kept her camera stuck in his face until he batted it away and made her do that thing you're supposed to do at concerts: experience them. Seriously. This generation behind us is too busy recording everything to ENJOY it while it's happening. >.>


There was snow on the ground still up here in the Far North this morning (by which I mean, Richmond Hill). *shudder*
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belated thought, re: Going Postal.

Oh. It's all meta. I see.
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So it looks like these are the results of my request for recs (sorted by number of votes):

Going Postal - IIII
Hogfather - II
Reaper Man - II
Night Watch - II
Small Gods - I
The Wee Free Men - I
The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents - I
Guards, Guards - I
Men At Arms - I
Strata - I
Sourcery - I

So! When I have time (aka after-the-wedding), I shall attempt Going Postal.

thanks for the recs!
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If one was to read one book and one book only by Terry Pratchett, what would you recommend?

We've always been leery of his ... sense of humour, I suppose, while not having much first hand experience with it.

So. Recs?
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Herein lie spoilers for Little Brother. Get ye hence and read it, at least as far as the end of ch.12, before venturing in.

Chapter 12 was the one Cory Doctorow read at the book launch.... )
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*blinks at the screen*

10:30? h'okay then. I've spent the last two hours reading absorbed in living... reading Little Brother by Cory Doctorow.

It's an amazingly easy read. It's like... reading someone's LJ, or sitting in a room of close friends while they trade stories. Like a really good movie, when your suspension of disbelief kicks in full force and for the space of 2 hours or so it is reality, and you walk out into the world afterwards blinking and confused and wondering why nothing has changed when obviously everything has.

I've never quite had a book do that to me before. Oh sure, there have been things I couldn't put down -- Snow Crash comes to mind, and even His Majesty's Dragon had a strong pull to it -- but it wasn't the same. It wasn't being absorbed in -- not just witness but somehow silent participant in -- a world that was mine but !mine.

Marcus could be the teenager in the apartment next door. He could be someone on a friend's f-list. Everything he relates could be happening right now and is, but isn't.

You need to read this book. Each and every one of you. And then make sure that everyone you know reads it. And I have never felt that strongly about a book before, let alone one that I haven't finished yet.

(Half-way through, but had to stop for meat necessity break. :p )
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Today, my luck of the draw ARC (advanced reading copy) of Little Brother by Cory Doctorow arrived. Which is great timing, since I'd given up on Red Seas Under Red Skies after the first 50-odd pages. The "cost" of this ARC? I must read it and spam tell you all about it and invite you to read it yourself by passing it on when I'm done (and after Kiro has read it).

Instead of reposting PNH's blurb about it, I'll point you to the post on Making Light from whence it came.
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Pretend this is backdated to January, when the statement below was actually true. >.>

So. I have spent six or so hours today just reading, and I have finally finished The Lies of Locke Lamora. Strangely enough, I find I have several things to say about it, mostly concerning fantasy tropes and gender issues and realism.

Fair warning, mad spoilerz ahead. Do not read if you plan to read the novel but have not yet.

Also, please don't read this as me bashing Scott Lynch or his writing. Rather, I'm trying to look at it from a learning perspective, to note the things that didn't work for me, so that I can avoid the same mistakes when I rewrite my own first novel. It's a difficult task, I acknowledge that, and kudos to Scott for getting published. *thumbs up*

That said: It claims to be a very clever book about very clever bastards. Or one at least. )

Fic Rec

Nov. 3rd, 2005 09:04 pm
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I strongly recommend everyone on my flist go read [ profile] trensaddiction's Assistant Fic.

It's Saiyuki reinc, but so well done that it could stand on its own. The characters are very much themselves and very vivid and real. so much so that I have to keep actively resisting them wandering into my head. or Scott at least. yeah sorry... but they're *that* real...

So, go, read, and then feed oodles of love and encouragement to Treneka so that she'll feed our addiction because she totally deserves it for this fic.



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