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A Found Object, of unknown age and providence, placed in the incongruous location of an empty cardboard tray with plastic wrapping, in company of a Distressed and Non-functional Lamp of Equal Mystery.

Upon first glance, the Item in question appeared thusly: a spherical frame of some neglected and tarnished metal, bearing a strip of equally neglected and yellowed paper. Inside said frame, there appeared to be a ball, covered in such paper as to be a match for the band on the frame.


As this discovery followed promptly on the heels of a conversation in which we were lamenting "the difficulties of being a scavenger in Toronto" (due to the widespread pestilence of bedbugs) one can imagine our delight at being thus Corrected by the Universe.

Further investigation of the Ignoble Cardboard Box produced the remaining pieces of what was, most likely (Your Author does remain in Doubt on this matter), an Astrological Globe.

Evidence for your examination: )

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Feb. 10th, 2009 12:36 pm
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As previously mentioned, the kitchen window:

And, my lunch from yesterday:

Avocado maki, tofu sushi, avocado sushi (it was supposed to be egg, but hey, I'm not complaining), and tempura yam maki.
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Keep your nose warm! Do your yoga!

More goofy cat goodness here


Oct. 22nd, 2008 10:48 am
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I had somehow got it into my head that Philip K. Dick was a short-story writer, so every time I stumble across mention of one of his novels (other than "Bladerunner/Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?") I kind of ... boggle.

However! Having been enlightened by Making Light (mad, mad props to the Fluorosphere), I find that I may just need to read The Penultimate Truth, if only to play "spot the bits the Matrix 'borrowed'".


The Hedley concert at Massey Hall was hugely fun, but also boggling. The average age of the wanna-be groupies was about 13. No, rly.

Jacob has a hot bod, but he really needs to lose the facial hair. And get a lighter mic pack before it causes a real wardrobe malfunction (more than the two inches of butt crack he was already showing).

A~and, because the world is small now, have the YouTube clip of the moment I was about to rant about. The moment that pointed out the incomprehensible generation gap: Jacob, down on his knees, singing to a girl standing in front of the stage and she kept her camera stuck in his face until he batted it away and made her do that thing you're supposed to do at concerts: experience them. Seriously. This generation behind us is too busy recording everything to ENJOY it while it's happening. >.>


There was snow on the ground still up here in the Far North this morning (by which I mean, Richmond Hill). *shudder*
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Voice in Hallway: *mumbles* paper
Kiro (in apartment): ... paper?
Tav (also in apartment): ...baker?
ViH (coming closer): paper!
Kiro: Paper?
ViH (suddenly sounding three decades younger): Paper. Paper. ... Paper.
Tav: ... scissors!
ViH (right outside our door): Rock! rock. rock. ... rock.
(sound of door to outside, very near our apartment door, opening)
ViH: paper!
(exit voice)
Tav & Kiro: *mad giggles*


Sep. 2nd, 2008 11:49 am
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I won tickets to Spamalot! from the radio station I don't actually listen to!

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14 stitches on 3 dpns. ok.
knit 3 rounds. ok.
decrease until 10 stitches left. ack! stop coming up! *scramblescramble*
ok. decreases done.
*stuff knitting in bag*

9 stitches. not ok.
ribbit. *sigh* ok.
14 stitches. redo decreases. 10 stitches. yay!
*stuff knitting in bag at stop*

knit 3 rounds. ok. 1. 2. 3-- hay wait a minute!

... tiny knitted tube is now INSIDE OUT, and has been for the last... two and a half rounds.


At which point I gave up, since I'd have to have ripped it back for the third or fourth time. I had at least two false starts getting the 14 stitches onto 3 dpns going. Not to mention dropping my 4th dpn in the subway car umpteen times. Feh.
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Originally uploaded by Nekonexus

A trip for groceries turned into a serendipitous purchasing adventure that resulted in the acquisition of a small army of Avatar: The Last Air Bender action figures. (We may have devious plans for them. Mebe. h'Only mebe.) Momo came to work with me.

Boo on Mattel/Fisher Price for not making any of the girls into action figures. Boo also on for labelling the figures "boy's toys". Bah.

But Momo is cute, ne?

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not enough time.

met cory doctorow. his brain is shiny. sat at the front of the room - he read ch.12. dude. wow. (sidebar: now i know what aidan's brain is like in action. just different topics.)

the world needs more free wifi.

there is no Google in the Node. use of capitals is arbitrary.

"Gin" needs a fic. kaleb and jeb need keyboard time. so does the carnival owner. why does my brain make with the shiny when i have no time at work?

cory doctorow was dumpster diving in markham last night. he drove past my office building (a couple times, it's on the side of the highway), but didn't stop there.

scars dishes are piling high, like fashion magazines. read between the lines - no time for housework. still need to decorate pixie wings for the GMM on saturday. there may be go-go boots.

i should be in bed. O.o
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Ganked from [ profile] musesfool and [ profile] daegaer, up to and including the ETA!

If you had me under your command and could make me write anything, regardless of whether or not I know the fandom or if anybody even writes fic in that fandom and no matter how crack-addled it might be, what would you love to see me write?

[ETA] I'm not actually going to write any of these (unless something strikes me), but I am curious. [/ETA]


Jul. 2nd, 2007 07:40 pm
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I have Sam and Dean ghosting my head. *glares* The last thing I need is new walk-ins, especially walk-ins from somebody else's fanfic. Yeah. Cuz I've watched all of one and a bit episodes of Supernatural.

I blame it on this fic and its sequel, because they're good -- that pushing the id vortex kind of good.

Which makes me realize that my writing hasn't been doing that lately, which... explains a few things. Having realized it, that id vortexian tendancy will now probably creep into the Carnival fic, as it's the only thing I'm actively working on. And hey, I've never actually written a trans character before. Too close to home or something.

...the House icon is apropos of nothing. Yay.

ETA: fner. Oh alright. If you know of any really good Supernatural fic, rec me. It's probably easier than going looking for torrents. :p


May. 1st, 2007 11:56 am
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To all those on my flist suffering various stresses and freak-outs: hang in there. It's a full moon tonight, and Beltaine. Things are bound to change. ~_~
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Thing the 1st -- I have an iPod! ^___^ Kiro bought me a wee shuffle (refurb) and I have dubbed it shoggoth.

Thing the 2nd -- Shooter is a pretty good movie. Better yet, it was free. (Unfortunately, I seem to have a Swagger ghosting my head now. >.> WTF. I do not need to write about a sniper.)

Thing the 3rd -- It is very very amusing to be in a theatre with only co-workers and have a half dozen of them exclaim simultaneously: "That's a (insert our brand here) pen!!!" as said pen appears in said movie from Thing the 2nd. No, I'm not kidding you.

Thing the 4th -- ... repairs to Teak's fender (I cut a corner in the underground parking too tight one morning >.< ) are estimated at $600. Not cool.

Thing the... oh bugger it. -- Lessee. There were probably other things, but I can't be arsed.

eeee! shufffle! shoggoth shuffle!! ^___^

oh oh. Thing the 4th -- I interviewed a decent potential minion this morning. I think my manger will like her. (I just need to keep Aidan from calling her Kathy. >.< )

and OMG the Idol top 8 are sucking tonight.

*dashes off to write things*
nekonexus: (DE)'s horoscope's for Libra are generally crap. I've been reading them (when bored, via google) for a couple weeks now, and just... nothing applies. Maybe that's not really surprising.

But I though to check Aidan's ([ profile] aidan_mutou) today (because I was bored), and ... it actually fits. ^_^;

The intensity is settling down, but your mind is still buzzing with leftover energy from the past month. You may be angry or upset with the way circumstances are unfolding, but there is little you can do about it today. Your best strategy is to keep all communication channels as open as possible. Be practical and honest when talking on the phone or writing emails. Be clear, thoughtful and direct.

... am still bored. Also, GIP.
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1 - Happy Solstice!

2 - Happy Canadian National Aboriginal Day!

3 - Happy Birthday to [ profile] bardicsidhe! ^_^

4 - I bought a boxset, 6-dvd collection, Dark Angel, season 1, for $17.50!

5 - There has been much anime watching!
- All of Sukisho!
- Half of Loveless!
- All of Meine Liebe
- many eps of X/1999
- 2 eps of Trigun (I think I like it better in English)
- half an ep of His and Her Circumstance
- 2 eps of Yu-gi-oh! (dub)

phew. And now I am being distracted by fan service in SG-1: Jack touches Teal'C's face! with deep and meaningful look that says "It's okay! You don't have to say anything, I understand joo!" ^___^

That is all.
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I am a dork. >.<

The general consensus from the Samurai Champloo poll was that the ending didn't suck. HOWEVER. I realized after it had been up for like a day that I'd flocked it and the people who'd initially said they didn't like the ending... aren't on my flist.

Dork, dork.

(I need a dork dork icon. In which the Puddle Jumper is stuck in the Stargate and the text simply says: Dork, dork.)

Ugh is because I just got back from the dentist (yes again!) from having a filling that the previous dentist fucked up fixed. I... can't feel my lip. But at least the bump on my tooth is gone so it shouldn't break the floss anymore. >.< There's nothing worse than broken floss strings stuck between your teeth!

Speaking of dork dorks: anonymous commenting has been turned off, kthxbye to the person who felt the need to tell me about the evils of mice and how I should praise my cat for killing them. (Which he doesn't, btw. He just catches them and then freaks out because he doesn't know what to do with them.)

Uh. I need to get my thoughts together about the ending of Champloo and "seeing through the Saiyuki filter" because I think they're interesting, and I'd like other people to think so, too. ^_^;

In the meantime, I'm trying not to let NWN own my soul. (Why the fuck did I sell that mage's staff anyway? shit.) I've been working on ED 16 (*threatens to thump Kenren and Goujun both*) and um... yeah. Oh, cosplay stuff. ^_^

Soon. Soon I will be able to feel my lip again. And then there will be eating.

(no, they didn't actually drug me at the dentist's.... really.)

And one more thing! YAY!!!11!! Ace got voted off the island stage last night! Woot!
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Damn you iTunes and your ability to purchase music on a whim!

... but hey, this cover of 1979 by Rob is pretty damn cool. ^__^

Damn you RCA Lyra for not being compatible with iTunes!

... but hey, musicmatch jukebox is kinda nifty.

Damn you snow for falling!

... no... no but on that one.

In slightly more useful news - voting closes on the Scarlet Seduction - Seeing Red contest tonight at midnight GMT. And, y'know, my WK fic Soy Sauce and Rain is up for voting, if you're so inclined. ^_^
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I got a package! *eyes slip* It wants me to pay customs. *scratches head* I'm not expecting package... at least not any from across the border.

Also, my non-spoilerific summaries of FMA episodes 19 and 20:

19 - Full Metal Alchemist and the Laboratory of Doom! (such an Indy rip-off)

20 - Full Metal Alchemist and the Quest for the Holy Grail! (it's only a flesh wound, really!)

Right. What was I doing again?


why is it that I can spend longer picking an icon than writing a post sometimes? ^_^;;
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gaming geekery )

hardware geekery )

memery )

excessive cut tags, yo! )
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Point the first:
Y'know, it's bad when you haven't even finished writing the story and already you start plotting AUs just to give the charas the happy moments that circumstances won't allow. rrr....
And once... just once... it might be nice to experience this thing called a linear plot. *eyes [ profile] if_i_trace sidelong*

Point the second:
Gankutsuou? (aka The Count of Monte Cristo) -- is crack. Slashy, brainy-breaking animation, cracktastic crack.
... I think I like it.
but dude, he's a vampire? or something? orou.... o.O;

Point the third:
Metropolis -- I think I liked it for all the wrong reasons. Entertaining as hell, really. Maria, though? Wins a freaky freak award. I was afeared. And Freder? oh Teh Gei!
... My brain is so bad. Sees slash everywhere. I didn't use to be like this...

... no, wait, I lie. I just pretended not to be like this.

Point the fourth:
three weeks til my birthday! I think I shall be pretensious ... whatever, and issue a b-day fic challenge for my f-list. *^_^*

Point the fifth:
I only just (three weeks after my vacation...) remembered to reset the time on my Tungsten. *facepalm* Time management is apparently still not my strong point.


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