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There's a lot of things I want to say about Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. The problem is, the show renders me incoherent. It's in a good way, yes, in equal parts too many emotions to list. Despite the plot/timing hiccups caused by the Writer's Strike, the overall arc is just so damn fascinating, as all the threads are woven back and forth and even things that you anticipate with a kind of fascinated dread are still not tired and cliche (can't do accents on this keyboard, argh).

Which brings us to 2x19: The Last Voyage of the Jimmy Carter... (spoil me for anything beyond and I will do such things... )
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I poked the amazon.ca reviews for David Usher's new album while debating where and when to buy it. There was only one, with one star, and it was in French. Fortunately, I can still parse basic written French, and realized it came down to a complaint that "Moist was good, your solo stuff is too pop." Or, in other words, go back to what you were when I liked it.

This is a thing that has cropped up in mb20 fandom, too (I was guilty of it for a while), that Rob's solo stuff met with a lot of fan resistance because it didn't sound like matchbox twenty.

Well, of course it doesn't. As Rob put it in some quote that I've lost the source of, he doesn't have to write for a 5 piece band (3 guitars, drum, keyboard) anymore. He can experiment with a wider range of sound and instrumentation.

Likewise, David isn't leaning on Jeff and Kevin's guitars any more. Jeff isn't even touring with him as of the last of the Strange Birds tour (which is a pity, we liked the way they interacted on stage). It gives him a whole different range and freedom.

Moist was much more... how to put it... angst and muted violence and desperation and weird weird lyrics. David Usher has become much more political. Matchbox 20 was raw and young and foolish enough to follow the "I'm a rock star, baby!" debauchery path for a while. Still waiting to see what Rob's second album will be like. (Should maybe check out Paul's solo thing, too, since I'm avoiding Kyle's. :p )

They can't go back to what they were. Enjoy what they are.


And in conclusion: dinosaurs.
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Herein lie spoilers for Little Brother. Get ye hence and read it, at least as far as the end of ch.12, before venturing in.

Chapter 12 was the one Cory Doctorow read at the book launch.... )
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The title on my journal, and my default icon, have been (for the better part of two?) years now: Tessering toward the Id Vortex. And it's one of those LJ phenomenons that I haven't really seen discussed: that people don't ask about the meaning of people's journal title and subtitle. It seems to be assumed that such things are too personal, or at least have inexplicable personal meaning. And just asking about them at random in the comments of some post on some other subject would be (gasp!) off-topic.

Well. Having been reminded via another discussion of the origin of my borrowed phrase, I thought I'd post about it and spare you all the agonizing curiosity that I'm sure you must have felt at some point. ^_~

doing what towards the who now? )
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(or maybe just going out on a limb...)

[livejournal.com profile] flemmings had some interesting thoughts on creativity and obligation today, and while I wasn't feeling confident or coherent enough to reply, it did spark some thoughts. In the shower, of course, so this may get rambly and incoherent. ^_^

meta-myth and fandom )
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Right, the second half of my thoughts, then, on mythology and Yu-Gi-Oh. Although, in a sense, this gets spoilerific for certain ideas/theories I have for Desert Dreams. Hrmf.

Ramblings about Maat and mythology... )

and I am far too entertained by the icon I'm using, even if it is a Yu-Gi-Oh! in-joke. ^_~
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Rambling thoughts on Yu-Gi-Oh! King of Games and Ancient Egyptian history and mythology. This may take a while, as these thoughts have occupied most of my afternoon, including two hours spent writing a new scene for Desert Dreams and researching weird details, and sitting for a haircut, which of course just gave me too much time to think (and you know it's time to stop when you start drawing parallels between Horus and Ludwig). ^_^;;

On the topic of Earth-analog worlds, then, to begin with. Long rambling theories about YGO and Egyptian history... )

... and now supper is ready, and I haven't even started in on my theories about the mythological/religious aspects. aheh. ^_^;;

oh, and also, new icon.
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Been having a rather amusing discussion elsewhere on LJ about how Kiro and I could be considered BNFs for Meine Liebe, as certain elements of our fanon are being accepted as canon in the rather limited ML fanfic circle we move in (it's a circle of three! woo!), and more to the point, how this gives us license to pitch fits over nothing on occasion (although I'd rather not end up on fandom_wank, thanks).

Which in turn got me to thinking about my own universes and how, obviously, I am the one and only BNF in those, and this should give me license to have a hissy fit over nothing, but what I'm inclined to have a hissy fit over is the lack of feedback. Which is lame and shallow and I shouldn't bother, but now I've brought it up, so I might as well, because I'm implying it anyway, ne?

The thing is, I've posted chapters, and sidefics, and gotten nary a squeak from my loyal readers. Certain people are excluded from the requirement of c&c due to the fact that I've explicitly asked them not to read the later chapters, but there are other people I have friended for the express purpose of allowing them to read Node or Mother chapters, and they lurk. You know, sometimes something as simple as "wow, that was great" or "dude, don't leave me hangin'!" can really make a writer's day. The last thing I want to be is a feedback whore, which is why I usually don't say anything much at all, but this is seriously wearing on me, especially since I'm trying to get to the denoument of this story (Node) (well, stories, including Mother).

Did anyone find Urbania (Jaz sidefic) even remotely interesting? or was the het stuff too much of a turn off?

I can't work in a vacuum. This isn't a lame-ass whine for feedback, it's just me stating that. If I need feedback, I need to ask for it, which I haven't been doing, so I've only been contributing to the problem. Maybe it's just that getting random comments on the ML stuff is making me notice the dichotomy in my "fandoms."

Bloody hell. I miss the "good ol' days" of Crimson Ink.
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(continued from here)

The point I was trying to work around to (before being both interrupted and derailed) is that I agree with the author of the first post quoted in that fanfic seems to provide writers with a toolbox of skills with which to approach the writing of so-called "profic." I don't necessarily agree that the mass market is going to be changed irreparably within the next decade by the ranks of fanfic writers transitioning to profic (despite my own intentions to do so) because there are larger factors to combat, such as the current (frightening) trend in certain U.S. states to be rid of "inappropriate" material. This necessarily makes (some) authors even more squeamish about trying to publish books that fuck buck the current trend.

more long rambly thoughts )
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Warning: what follows is a long, rambly train of thought post on assorted writing issues and ideas. Cut to spare your flists. ^_^;

Background - this interesting post about "slash shock and shamelessness," this post of related thoughts, and this follow-up, as well as comment threads on all. (links will open in new windows)

Yaoi, slash, canon, and fanon... )
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I've been chewing on this for a while now, but I think I've finally got some coherent thoughts together. The One True Pairing thing (as an abbreviation) confused the hell out of me at first. ^_^; Guess I've fallen rather far out of fandom circles these days. But the thing is, it feels kind of subversive when I use it anyway, because I don't mean OTP in the sense of ohmyghod these guys are so hot together of course they must be screwing each other! ... which, I assume, is the generic lowest common denominator fangirl gushing.

I wouldn't want to read a Jack/Teal'c fic (or a Tyr/Harper one), in which they actually do have sex. It would just be so wrong, and I don't mean in a moral way. It comes down to the same problem I have with things like LotR slash -- particuarly Aragorn/Boromir -- the point of the relationship is a deep, deep friendship and trust that transcends the sexual. To throw them into bed together just demeans both the characters and the trust they have for each other.

What I love about Jack/Teal'c and what makes me declare it OTP is the subtext. It's the pyschological aspects, how they understand one another, trust each other completely, take each other for granted in a good way. And yes, partly it's the actors, their expressions and body language and how they bring the characters to life, but even in writing -- good writing -- you could get that across.

Maybe it's partly a military mentality thing -- you have to have someone you can trust to guard your back, someone who understands laying it all on the line to get the mission accomplished. To know that you don't have to find words to communicate with that someone, you can trust them to get it and do what needs doing, is one of those necessary for survival things, in a military setting. (On a sidenote, I think that's why I never cared for Jonas in season six -- he just didn't sync with the others, for whatever reason, AND he didn't do the whole questioning authority thing even half as well as Daniel.)

Sure in some scenes/episodes, it's the Unresolved Sexual Tension factor that makes the subplot interesting. But you know it's never going to be resolved, and that's not disappointing, that just makes the tension all the sweeter.


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