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How Google Dominates Us - long, but worth the read, especially for the summary of just how they revolutionized the search industry.

Lesbian Couple Saved ~40 from Norwegian Shooter

The Toronto Dreams Project Historical Ephemera Blog - I really enjoy Adam's writing style for his history of TO articles. Take, for example, this bit from this post:
The Governor General in charge of Lower Canada freaked the fuck out. He just up and quit.

And given how much writing he's done about the history of the city, I especially like this post of his about the most recent doings at city hall:
All the way back in the late-1700s, Toronto was founded by corrupt, incompetent conservatives who didn't believe in democracy. People like Ford are hardly new here; they've always had a particularly strong voice in our city. But one of the overarching stories of Toronto's 200 years is the story of how everyone else has built a great, caring, welcoming, liberal city anyway.

Finally: An intelligent articulation of the digital identity divide with regards to Google+ and the "pseudonym" policy.

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I was trying to avoid talking politics because you all know by now, I'm sure, that I am socialist and far-left-leaning but not a bike-riding pinko. But.

The Conservatives are seriously pissing me off. Not that they weren't already, mind, even before the being found in contempt thing.

Wait. Let's reiterate that, shall we?

Our government did not fall because of the budget. Our government fell on a vote of no-confidence because it was found in contempt of parliament, and the PM couldn't prorogue his way out of it.

Cut to spare the non-Canadians )

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From watching my twitter feed this past week, I had assumed that everyone on the Internet would have heard about the #Uterus issue.

Apparently I was wrong. So, for your edification, entertainment, or - you know - traumatizing those 12 to 14 year-olds out there who may not be aware they have one:


"You can't say that in the House!"

SuperUterus - made by Kay (of Crossed Genres). All profits donated to Planned Parenthood. :)

And the South Florida Raging Grannies bring you: The Uterus Song.

ETA: Meanwhile, teen pregnancy is down, but not just for the reasons mainstream media is reporting.

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There's a new *proposed* fare hike & service changes list for the TTC. The service changes are primarily (at this point) discontinuing service after 10pm and on Sundays and holidays for a chunk of bus routes (including the 94 Wellesley west of Wellesley station (i.e. between Wellesley and Ossington).

Proposed fare hike is another 10c per ride - cash fare to remain unchanged while all the rest of us (token and pass holders) pick up the slack. That means an adult metropass (if you're not already locked in on MDP) will soon cost $126.00/month (or $115.50 if you join MDP).

...That's another $60/year (or, you know, the amount car drivers were whining about), on top of the $120/year from the last fare hike. Yeah. Don't get me started.

Proposed start date is Feb 1st.

If you're curious about the city budget that's driving these (and other) changes: you can find it here.
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Gerundives ftw!

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Toronto peeps! (Or those inclined to be in the area) Next Monday (21st), is the 20th Annual Festival of Lights in Kensington Market! Bring noise makers and light and drive back the dark!
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Amazon is stripping the rankings for LGBT books. Because they're "adult". Plenty more here.

This includes YA fiction, and autobiographies of transfolk.

This recap post includes a petition. Tweet #amazonfail.

ETA: More here, from a publisher, and here from [ profile] copperbadge.
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Bill C-15 is an attempt to introduce mandatory minimum sentences, despite the fact that they have been proven ineffective.

Why Vote No on Bill C-15? - send a letter to Harper.

An excerpt from the letter:

Bill C-15 is a dangerous and radical change in Canadian drug policy that will further enrich gangsters, create more violence on our streets and assuredly fail to reduce either the demand for, or the availability of, drugs in our society.

This statement may seem bold. But it is backed by the preponderance of available science. Comprehensive studies published by the Senate of Canada, the Canadian Department of Justice, the European Commission, the US Congressional Research Service, the Fraser Institute, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives and the Rand Corporation all support the view that mandatory minimum sentencing for drug offences are useless at best. At worst, these policies will increase the dangers associated with the drug markets and, therefore, the chaos created on our streets.

The types of mandatory sentences contained in Bill C-15 have been utter failures in the United States. ... (read more)

Join Why Prohibition? on Facebook.

And most importantly: spread the word. Thanks.
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An update on the book destruction due to (potential) lead: the ALA is asking for your help.

Please ask your representative to Cosponsor H.R. 1692
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For anyone following the Blackout for New Zealand: Section 92A has been delayed to March 27th.

Story here at the New Zealand Herald.


Dec. 3rd, 2008 01:13 pm
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Kiro wants to know if he should lolprotest on Saturday. Go offer an opinion!

Also, for those interested in helping out the Kindred Cafe, see this post.

Canuks, if you haven't already, please read up about the proposed coalition gov't, the threat to prorogue, and what it means for politics. Making Light has interesting discussion here.

If you feel so motivated: Kiro's post has links to petitions you can sign, you can write to the GovGen at, and you can write to your local MP.

You know my stance: Let's Do This Thing! and get Mr. SweaterVest out of 24 Sussex Drive.
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The Liberals and New Democrats signed an agreement on Monday to form an unprecedented coalition government, with a written pledge of support from the Bloc Québécois, if they are successful in ousting the minority Conservative government in a coming confidence vote.

Political wrangling like whoa. I truly hope the Governor General will be able to support the coalition and not let Harper suspend parliament until January.

It's all so iffy but there's so much potential.

Change the government without an election? Yes, We Can!


Nov. 27th, 2008 08:47 pm
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The Conservatives are poised to eliminate the public subsidies that Canada's five major political parties receive, a move that would save $30 million a year but could cripple the opposition.

From the CBC article: Parties currently receive $1.95 for every vote they receive in a federal election, provided they win at least two per cent of the nationwide popular vote. The annual subsidy is used to pay for staff and expenses.

On the surface, it would appear Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservatives have the most to lose if subsidies were cut because they garnered the most votes in the October election. The Conservatives earned $10 million in subsidies, compared to $7.7 million for the Liberals, $4.9 million for the NDP, $2.6 million for the Bloc Québécois and $1.8 million for the Greens.

But because the Conservatives have such a strong fundraising base, their subsidy represents only 37 per cent of the party's total revenues.


And consequently: Opposition parties won't support Tory economic update

The update is a confidence vote on Stephen Harper's minority Conservative government and could be voted on as a ways and means motion as early as Monday evening.

nooooo shit. Stupid stupid move, Harper. Because we all really, really want to bring down the government and have ANOTHER FRIGGIN' ELECTION right now. Yeah. Right.
nekonexus: (civil liberties) answers the question: "Why would anyone want to stop you from voting?" with a cool video.

... except LJ fails at embedding stuff, so click here.
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If you're trying to figure out how to vote for the coming election (strategically or otherwise), check out this site:

Vote for Environment

It has really detailed and up to date polling information for all ridings, info on which ones are safe and where it could swing, historical data and more.

And if you're so inclined, pop over to the Avaaz site and sign the Stop Harper Pledge.

A Conservative government CAN be stopped. We just need to vote smart.


Sep. 29th, 2008 02:37 pm
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Sometimes I could really kick Harper:

A re-elected Conservative government would create a tax credit for children's artistic activities, Stephen Harper pledged on Monday, saying the measure will "help families breathe a little."

Up to $500 for every child under 16.

Oh, great, so when they still can't get a place in daycare, at least they can grow up to be overachievers stuffed into extra-curricular classes just so their parents can "breathe a little."

This is crap. The existing yearly pittance for day-care was a bad and unwanted replacement for the plans that the Liberals had set in place before they lost power. Every parent I've talked to has been unhappy with the Conservatives funding. Yet Harper insists these credits are "clear, affordable, practical, and believable" proposals.

Oh bite me. Except don't. Grrr. GRRRRR. Angry cat is angry.

ETA: At least there are sensible people like Jack around.

Standing outside a Toronto subway station, Layton said he would dedicate one cent a litre of the gas tax — about $400 million a year — to transit.



Sep. 10th, 2008 07:20 pm
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Harper and Layton have conceded. Green leader allowed into debates, networks confirm!

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The background (in brief): there is a televised leaders' debate before the election. Two of them, actually -- one in English, one in French -- and the Green Party has been fighting for YEARS to have their leader allowed to participate in these debates.

As it stands, it is a four-party debate: Conservatives, Liberals, NDP, and Bloc Quebecois (despite the fact that the Bloc only have candidates in Quebec).

Now, the Greens finally have a seat in Parliament, and, to quote the CBC:

Representation in the House of Commons is an "indisputable" criterion for inclusion in the national debate, said the CBC ombudsman in a 2006 report responding to Green party complaints.

Former Independent MP Blair Wilson, who was elected as a Liberal, joined the Greens last month as the party's first member of Parliament.

Yet the network consortium has decided May is not allowed, because: "It became clear that if the Green party were included, there would be no leaders' debate," the consortium said in a press release.

The Bloc don't really care. The Liberals support her. I don't know what's up with Jack (Layton, NDP). Harper is offended by "... a deal struck by May and Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion where they agreed not to run candidates against each other in their respective ridings"1.

Canadians, in general, support her.

If you've got a moment, please sign the petition: Demand Democratic Debates.

(Check out the Facts page while you're there, for more interesting background on inclusion and exclusion of parties.)


Sep. 2nd, 2008 11:08 am
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Apparently the right to peaceful protest is not so much a right in Minneapolis.

Via Making Light, of course.

I'll just be over here, being creeped out, then, yes.
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as the busking dude with dog said to us at the subway station (interrupting his rendition of "Comfortably Numb"). ^_^

Aside: the gov't is ARGH! -- "kill information" indeed. Can has election, pls? Oh wait, the Liberals still suck. gah.

...the sun is now out, after a day of on-off-POURING-off-on rain. Wet pot pixies were wet.

apparently still just stoned enough to keep losing my thought... and my capital letters. doh. magic 8 ball sez: "try again later"


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