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You need some Pom time, don't you?

... I thought so.

Let Ember show you all her tricks... )

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So guess who managed to figure out how to origami her Cone of Shame out of the way by stretching out a rear foot and biting it, then pulling said foot in against her shoulder to crumple the cone, until she could get her chin over the edge of it to hold it out of the way?

Ah yup. >.<

Kiro improvised a stiffer cone out of an Ikea placemat (no, I'm not kidding XD he MacGuyers things regularly - our leash even has a separate loop for holding the poop-bag dispenser).

Moar photos of Houdini-dog )

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More here (use the "newer" button).

Ember was spayed today and is recovering well. She's not too keen on her turtleneck, though. (Use the "play" button from this link). And she has to wear it for 10 days! She doesn't know how much better it is than the Cone of Shame. :p

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A photographic comparison:

Ember and Rufus - the first night )

Ember and Rufus - yesterday )

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Apr. 12th, 2011 04:39 pm
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I keep meaning to write a big long pupdate. It grows longer every day. And then I think... "nah... they don't really want to READ a pupdate, they're just here for the low-effort cute."

Thus I bring you: socute! in pics and vids. )

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New photos here.

Something new! OMG I puploaded to YouTube!

In other news: crate-training progresses!

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A while ago (er, a couple months now?) Kiro and I were browsing the antique market at St. Lawrence Market (it was only semi-intentionally). Anyway. A lot (a... half dozen maybe?) of vendors were selling antique watches, in various states of repair, and we were intrigued but cautious. I do not entirely approve of stripping down watches that are either working or repairable simply to feed an aesthetic, so although the steampunk fascination with watches appeals to me, I tend to shy away from the doing of it.

That said, we eventually came upon a table where a guy had three shallow wooden boxes of odds and ends - $1 per piece. So we hunted through and started finding already broken watches that were missing most of their parts but still looked kind of interesting. So we dug out 10 bits, and gave him $10, and went happily home... where the watch bits have sat in a paper bag for ... however long it's been.

Today, I finally got around to making an icon, at least. *points*, and behind the cut is the source photo. Read more... )
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Seriously? Day 2? That's all. Eesh. It feels like I've been at this all week already.

So, lesse. This morning was three sessions long when I thought it was two. That wasn't fun, especially since the one right before lunch was the first half of a hands-on demo: Build Your Own Adobe Air Help. Which... turned out to be kind of a misnomer, but I get the gist of how to do it, and could (especially if I resort to DITA Open Toolkit) do it. So. Lesson learned.

(Tonight, DW is working properly. This pleases me to no end.)

Hmm. What else. After sessions were over, bumped into someone whose Twitter I had been following since the STC Summit last year, and we got to chatting. And we chatted so long that we ended up deciding to go ride the monorail to Seattle Center together. Then she went up the Space Needle while I took some more photos (start here and go to the right in the little Seattle set browse box). Then we went for dinner at Vietnamese place. Very tasty.

Now I am catching up on my internets. Soon I must go and repack my suitcase as I must check out tomorrow.

Also? I got a tshirt from a software vendor (although I missed out on the Doc2Help owl socks, darnit) - tshirt says "RTF H&M" (which is "Read the F-ing Help & Manual", not the clothing store).

euh. Brain gone. If I pack, maybe I can go soak in hot tub instead of just falling into bed like I did last night. :p
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I used [ profile] rushthatspeaks' Quiche Algorithm tonight to make my first ever quiche.

I used less than suggested amounts for body and crunch, and still ended up wailing "my cream runneth over!" by the time I got it all in the (deep-dish) crust. Also 2 cups of feta was a bit overpowering.

Still! A successful endeavour, but one I shall save for special occasions, due to prep time.

Om nom tasty quiche. ^_^

What? photos? Oh, all right. click this way )

In unrelated news, I dropped my glasses today, on a tiled floor, and now have one crescent shaped crack on each lens for my trouble. *sigh* Fortunately, they are along the edges, and so do not impair vision, but still. Argh.
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Rufus got a catnip pillow for the holidays. -=^_^=-

This way to the kitty spam! )
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I leave you with Found Art (FF7 on a subway platform, I Kid You Not), bus doodles (not mine), as close as I get to car porn, and ... I ran out. Hmf.

Tuesday to San Diego!
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Look, look, a rainbow ends on our street!

Third rainbow is small and faint (mostly just green and violet) under the bottom edge of the inner rainbow.

Click here for slideshow!

And here for video of the whole arc from side to side - because it didn't all fit in our camera as a still.

Pikturs totally unedited guyz i sware!

(All photos and vid taken by [ profile] kintail who has therefore dictated the contents of this post. ^_^ "hey!")


Feb. 10th, 2009 12:36 pm
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As previously mentioned, the kitchen window:

And, my lunch from yesterday:

Avocado maki, tofu sushi, avocado sushi (it was supposed to be egg, but hey, I'm not complaining), and tempura yam maki.
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Get your hot, fresh condo pics here! *g*

cut to spare the uninterested )
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I took pics of trees today! We are having a real Autumn! With properly changing colour leaves and everything!


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Con pics are here, in Kiro's gallery. We didn't cosplay this year, due to many factors (including "meh" about con) but having been, we now think we should next year. ^_^;

There was much Avatar this year! Well done ones, too, for the most part. Even Uncle Iroh and a Firelord! Boo on Nickelodeon for failing to show, though. The "special event" this year was just an airing of eps 3x12 - 3x15, with the interview with M. Night Shyamalan as well.

Lessee, what else... we didn't get to many panels, as AN ones are always of dubious quality, with the exception of Iris -- but she was presenting on things we either hadn't seen or hadn't finished and didn't want to get spoilered for, so... >.<

The nominoichi (fan flea market) was ridiculously fun this year. We got in early and spent just over $100. The Haul! )

Plus a Ryuk (Death Note) UFO plushie from the dealer's room for $5! He's currently hanging out in Teak, the WunderEcho.

oh, I can't brain. ded by con. Try me again tomorrow. ^_^;

ETA: LoudTwitter failed to ship some of my comments, so for moment-by-moment reactions from con, check out my Twitter feed. (Of coure, Twitter was also having issues on Saturday, so some of the comments may STILL be missing. Arr. >.< )
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Originally uploaded by Nekonexus

A trip for groceries turned into a serendipitous purchasing adventure that resulted in the acquisition of a small army of Avatar: The Last Air Bender action figures. (We may have devious plans for them. Mebe. h'Only mebe.) Momo came to work with me.

Boo on Mattel/Fisher Price for not making any of the girls into action figures. Boo also on for labelling the figures "boy's toys". Bah.

But Momo is cute, ne?

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Mmf, so, Saturday past, [ profile] kintail and I ventured down to Kensington Market in downtown Toronto at an hour such that shops and restaurants were still open! *gasp!* (Be amazed. It's usually after 5pm before we make it to the market.) And while we were there, we wandered, and shopped, and ate, and shopped, and browsed and ate, and took some crazy photos, whut!

cut for the pics! )

Purchases included:
- 2 pins (cat bun! japanese waves!)
- dashi konbu
- wakame
- rice crackers
- green tea cake with red bean filling!
- 2 leather cuffs ($15! one with chains, even)
- "tall" shoes ($8!)
- fancy scarf/shawl ($2.98! which came in handy as the temperature dropped)

Infinite photographers? priceless. *g*
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You post a topic, list, category, whatever, in my comments section. (Examples: "5 Things Mal Reynolds Wishes He Never Saw on Serenity", or "5 Times Sirius Black Escaped Detention." Except, you know. Nothing HP or Firefly, cuz I'm not well-versed in those fandoms...) Then, in a separate post, I'll post the answers to all your Top 5 ideas, according to me. Serious or fun! Then you post this offer in your own journal, if the mood takes you.

Also, have some random images....

Obscene chocolate-dipped banana. Really. The Press building at the CNE Friedrich, sitting IN his plant. Llama!
Obscene chocolate-dipped banana. Really.

The Press building at the CNE

Friedrich, sitting IN his plant.



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