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Nov. 2nd, 2011 10:40 pm
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On the occasion of Ember's 1+1 day (1 year + 1 day old) today, she wishes to inform you that chicken is tasty, sardines are even better, and a little green salad is a nice treat.

She has survived a year of Apocapuppy duties, and will happily continue. -=^_^=-

Moar photos )
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Otter. Baaaaaby otter. And kittens.

Otter + kittens OTP!

No, rly!

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It is incomplete as yet, but here is a sneak preview:

Moar )

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(Not kidding! 1200 words~)

Well. Since last I wrote (March 19th? good grief this dog eats time), Ember has gone through all kinds of 'firsts', and is now well on her way to being a pubert (aka pubescent, and rebellious, at times).

Teeth - she has lost and regrown all her incisors, top and bottom, and a couple of pre-molars. We managed to find some (she likes to play with the teeth after they fall out) and now have a collection of tiny puppy teeth. Hee. She is currently a double-fanged monster, as her canines (eye teeth) are breaking through top and bottom, but the old ones haven't fallen out yet. She's also got one monster molar trying to come in at an angle. We're going to have the vet look at it and pull the baby tooth if necessary when she goes in for her pre-surgery* screening in the next week or so. We continue to try to brush her teeth at least once a week. At least. >.>

*Surgery is of course spaying. She'll be six months on May 1st. The pre-surgery screening is bloodwork and such like to make sure that she's healthy and mature enough. And the screening is 'free' (though we've been thinking of it as 'included in the cost of the spaying' because that's going to run $500).

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A photographic comparison:

Ember and Rufus - the first night )

Ember and Rufus - yesterday )

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...and only a test of the new Pissant Pom And Asscat recording device (47s long):

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Apr. 12th, 2011 04:39 pm
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I keep meaning to write a big long pupdate. It grows longer every day. And then I think... "nah... they don't really want to READ a pupdate, they're just here for the low-effort cute."

Thus I bring you: socute! in pics and vids. )

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New photos here.

Something new! OMG I puploaded to YouTube!

In other news: crate-training progresses!

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Put your thinking caps on: pet-owning friends, we have dilemma.

Ember, being only 4.5 months old, has a small tummy that will not wait 8 or more hours overnight for a meal. Discovered this by being woken up by the sound of her retching - dry heaves - in the early hours of the morning.

Before you say it, yes, the easiest solution would be to just leave food down for her overnight. We know.

However. Rufus is an asscat, and will eat the puppy food, despite the generally bandied about wisdom that "oh cats won't be interested in dog food." He's also been put on a weight loss diet, as vet says he "could stand to lose a pound or two" and thus cat thinks he's STARVING GUYS OMG. (Note: we have not been enforcing diet while puppy was introduced to household.)

Given their relative sizes (Ember at ~5.5lbs, Rufus at ~12lbs), and shapes, there isn't anywhere that puppy can reach that cat can't. (Unlike solving the problem of cat not wanting to share water bowl - we put one in the tub just for him, and he's happy jumping in and out, but puppy doesn't even try.)

Any kind of box with door flap the cat will try to get into because his litter pan has a hood with door flap, so he's used to that. Ember thinks being under the lower shelf on the coffee table is great fun, and likes to take her treats there, but the cat fits, too.

Any suggestions, besides doing dire things to the cat getting up in the middle of the night to give puppy an extra meal until she gets a another month or two of growth under her belt?
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Puppy Log: Fourth Night

So after I posted long post about how things were going reasonably well and all, Sunday night turned into a comedy of errors.

Err, warning, contains discussion of pet bodily functions. Read more... )

Monday )

Tuesday )

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I'm too lazy to make a filter, but I will put puppy babble behind a cut so you can skip if you want. That said...

Help us, Internets! You are our only hope!

We are still not sure what to call our new puppy. We are soliciting suggestions that meet the following criteria:
1 - Female, gender-neutral, or male names are okay.
2 - Two syllables at minimum (more may be okay)
3 - Must be a name that lends itself to elongation for hollering across a park (eg Ruuuuuufus!)
4 - We're not keen on cutesy type names.
5 - We're not against english words used as names, but we prefer quirky, off-beat types (like Tofu) to the ones that usually get used as pet names. (We're trying to improve on "Bunny", remember.)

Floor's open. Pass the hat.

For inspiration, sleeping puppy pics.

Yesterday we went to the vet... )

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Pom and Cat Play
Originally uploaded by Nekonexus

(Each vid is less than 15sec long.)

Toy in second video is loofah dog: certified Best Toy Ever! by both Bébé and puppy (Suki?). ^_^

Oh what this puppy does to me. Here I am, embedding video, and contemplating a YouTube channel for our pets. After the purchase of a proper video camera (uh, recs? >.<) IDEK! ♥

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Thanks to everyone who offered their sympathies on our loss of Bébé. I didn't have the ... thing and stuff ... to go through and thank you individually, but all your messages of support were appreciated.

It's been a week. I can mostly think about it without getting all teary-eyed again. (Mostly. Although typing this is trying to prove me wrong. :p ) We're resisting the urge to go buy a puppy, but maybe some day...
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Okay. You are all summarily requested to refrain from sending me pics of, or links to pics of, cute puppies, especially of the Pomeranian or Chihuahua variety.

My will is not as strong as yours, and the awesome breeder/trainer near us has pups for sale. And I am so wibbly over Mickey. No. Not linking. Bad fingers. Stop typing. Airfare to SD vs. buying puppy... woe!

... this is of course because I am missing my puppy, who felt more like my puppy than Rufus feels like my cat (and this in turn is largely because Kiro allows Rufus to be a chester while he's using his netbook, but I can't cope with cat in the way while trying to use Macbook, so Rufus does not snuggle me much and is thus not MY cat. Huff.).

It does not help that, because of the recent roll-out of the rest of the Me and My Nemesis quest at KoL, I now have a Mariachi Chihuahua familiar. >.> *impotent fist shake of fury*

...uh. Time for lunch.
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Back in February of (ack) last year (I am not used to this 2009 being last year thing yet. boo.), I took Kiro yarn shopping for his birthday. And I decided to knit a cat bed for Rufus, as all the ones for sale were overpriced and not knitted and he likes to nest on Kiro's wool sweaters, given half a chance.

So. I bought yarn, and started knitting. Then came summer, and I set it aside, because it was too big and floopy to be knitting when it was (supposed to be) hot. Given how our summer was, it probably wouldn't have been that bad. :p

Anyway. Now that the dog has retired to the country, with his bed that Rufus used to steal, I finally got off my ass and finished knitting Rufus's Kitty Pi (aka the Rufi Pi). We felted it a couple days ago, and finally decided it was dry last night, so set it out for Rufus to try.

Today! Success! He put himself in the Rufi Pi without encouragement! And so I give you photoblogging of the creation of a cat bed. *nod*

Picspam this way )
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Rufus got a catnip pillow for the holidays. -=^_^=-

This way to the kitty spam! )
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But the brain is fuzzy and early day is early. (Tomorrow will be earlier. Why the fsk does this four-day training session have to start at 8am EVERY day!?! Do they not understand some people don't have cars?? (No, they just don't care. They're providing food, of the white bread and doughy sort. With coffee. What more could I expect, rly?))


Right. Plans.

- gotta finish a story, which has (predictably), failed to show any sign of having a conclusion. AGH. *headdesk*

- update Aidan's backstory to include the past 3 years of DE

- WRITE app for new chara (it's in my head, it's all in my head)

- ERRANDS (x3?)

- post about Knitty Yarn Roundtable (WP)

- SUCCESSFULLY cast-on and CONTINUE K's subway mittens. (Have cast on, unsuccessfully, FIVE times now. I kid you not.)

- groom dog. >.>

- dye hair, so I am no longer grandpa-grey ~_~

ARGH. argh arg. *wanders off*


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