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Day 11:
* 225 words on the next Carnival scene

Day 12:
* ~1200 words (hand-written) on Ride, which is Rob/Ed on a motorcycle, and which may never get posted because it devolved into SRS talk about open relationships and stuff and is not at all my silly fun !boyband. (Except it is, very, because they are both married, and I refuse to just get rid of wives, but I also very much want them *together* and that requires negotiation to not fail, and OMGWTFBBQ you'd think this was an origi-verse or something.) *facepalm*

ETA: Forgot the counter!

5217 / 10000 words. 52% done!


I think I might do Yuletide this year. >.> Am definitely nomm'ing Darker Than Black. Other than that, I've seen others nom several fandoms I could probably do, so I'm debating filling in something a) crazy (like Takeshi Kovacs trilogy) or b) for someone else (someone wanted "Barrett's Privateers" but ran out of nom slots).

Thirdly! As soon as the importer is functional again, I am backing up my LJ to nekonexus@DW, and I am going to stop allowing comments on LJ because I am sick and tired of this bullshit and the DDoS attacks (which are only likely to continue/get worse until/during/after the election), and my paid time expires in March 2012 anyway. But first I need to get Carnival and stuff over here.

That is all. Carry on with your Sunday. :P

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Day 7:
* 1125 words on the 'sequel' (which I hope to make standalone) to the still-as-yet-unpublished short story about the gunsmith's wife. Strangely enough, it's quasi-horror. o.O; I thought I confined that to Saiyuki. Hah. Anyway. Someday you'll all get to read it!

*shounen fist pump* Take that, MiniWriMo!

3460 / 10000 words. 35% done!
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Day 3:
* 700 words - Node (which you can find over here, if you're so inclined)

1448 / 10000 words. 14% done!
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Day 1:
* 68 words on Wyrm's Journey
* 300 words on steampunk!Toronto

Day 2:
* 380 words on steampunk!Toronto

Total: 748

Goal: 10k/30d = ~334w/d

Status: on track! :)

748 / 10000 words. 7% done!

ETA: By the way, Samuel Jarvis was a first class jerk (with special honours in asshattery). End of your Toronto !history lesson for today.

RETURN OF THE ETA: You can still leave requests on the Fic or Treat post. I will try to get to them all this weekend. :)
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Several of you have spontaneously declared love for the Owner and the Bearded Lady. If I may be so bold, can you articulate what it is that inspires your love of them?

Curious author is curious. I'm always surprised by which of my characters end up being more reader favourites. ^_^
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1 - Carnival ~ Scene 24 - in which there is Nate and Cake.

2 - Carnival ~ Scene 25 - in which there is the owner, and the Lady.

3 - Nobody wants a holiday ficlet? *sad face*
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(I meant to post this before I put Scene 23 up, but obviously forgot. Placed here as a reminder to those who might have missed it or put off reading.)

Previously, in the Carnival:

Nate and Cake, having escaped from a pair of ghost hunters, have been forced to take the low road. Their journey takes them underground, but not below the Carnival.

The Carnival Owner thinks she's figured out who is beseiging her Carnival, and why. She's summoned the Hunt, but can they stop the coup before Dawn rises?

Despite his intentions, the Bearded Lady has turned to the Center. The Tea Witch's words caught up with him; perhaps he has mended the circle, as requested.

And Tif, having fallen out of a dream and into another unfamiliar corner of the Carnival, is still wandering alone.

And now, we bring you Scene 23, of the Carnival That Straddles Worlds.
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~1500 words
Quasi-transcription of a dream.


The fireworks were a distraction. Bright bursts of colour sparkled across the sky and everyone watched, almost hypnotized. While we looked up, the landers touched down on the plain behind us. I don't know what made me turn, whether it was some sound barely heard or felt beneath the thunder of the fireworks, or some other instinct. My partner turned, too, and we watched a lander descend.

Read more... )
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[ Because people keep stumbling in and asking about this, have a collection of links. ... I really need to re-write the intro blurb. ]

The Node: In a world where money and corporate power make the rules, one young man finds himself tangled in a web of high-tech corporate intrigue where his ability to "work the wires" may save him, or damn him.

The Node, now on InsaneJournal. Start here.

Note that the chapters are friends-locked, so you will need either an IJ account or OpenID to read them.
Side-fics and what not )
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... that I am. I offer you a story, which recently almost made it into an Iris Print anthology. Originally published in the 2004 Yaoi-Con Fiction Anthology.

Title: Electrical Storm
Synopsis: Moth dreams other people's dreams. Waking and sleeping, he's haunted by visions from other minds, until one night he meets a man who claims the power to stop the dreams. But is the cure worth the price?
Warning: This is a work of homoerotic (slash, yaoi) fiction. NSFW.
© 2004-2007 Tavam. Do not archive or reprint without permission.

Electrical Storm )


May. 5th, 2006 08:24 am
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If I'd known what a relief it would be to declare those fics on hiatus I would have done so sooner. It's a huge weight of (self) expectation and guilt lifted. I will still work on Node, that goes without saying, but now I don't feel like I have to to make others (and myself) happy. Flist has also been trimmed to a more manageable (and recognizable) size.

I do want to say thank you to those who expressed an interest in the stories. It is good to know there is a market for what I write, at least.

I'm done being a drama-king now. ^_~

mmm Friday.

ETA: It's Free Comic Book Day on Saturday May 6th!
I may even brave Agincourt for this. ^_~
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Once upon a time, Lavender Onion held a yaoi contest, with challenge pics. I began several short stories a fic or two, with every intention of finishing them within the year that the challenge/contest was open. I failed miserably, although I did finish Let it Rain, at least.

One of the other fics I started was called: Raven & Jackal. It was meant to be light-hearted, humorous fantasy. Tongue-in-cheek, witty, cynical, and mildly yaoi. It failed on several accounts because it morphed, as fics will, and became something much larger and a wee bit darker. Still fantasy, still funny as hell at times (or at least, I like to think so), and still yaoi.

There are seven chapters existant, one of which I just finished last week. ^_^ go me! I'm going to make this the index post as well, and will link all the chapters from here when I get them posted.

Title: Raven & Jackal
Rating: M (mature audiences)
Genre: Fantasy, war
Status: WIP
Wordcount: ~22,000 / 8 chapters
Disclaimer: Original fiction © 2006 Tavam. Please do not archive or redistribute without permission. Link sharing is perfectly valid however. Feel free to pimp if you enjoy it.
The icon for this post is from the challenge pic, and is of Jackal.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8a


Map of the World as Jackal knows it. )


Jun. 1st, 2005 09:02 pm
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I finished a fic! I finished a fic!


We'll see if it still feels finished tomorrow. But it's Tidal which I started shortly after I finished Electrical Storm for the Y-con '04 anthy. And at approx. ~11k, it feels like an accomplishment.

... 11k in two years. Yeah. Go me. >.<

For now, have inspirational lyrics )
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I've created a new journal for my reinc fic that follows on from How Far Do You Bend? It's [ profile] brokenworld01 and anyone is welcome to friend if curious. I'll be posting fic bits and speculations and random thoughts on the reinc world I'm plagued by playing with.

And anyone who is inclined to do fanart? gmail me. I need some youkai images. ^_^;;


May. 8th, 2005 11:47 am
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Mother: (aka The Ream) Torn between shadow and light, one soul among many hangs in the balance. For there is always a price to pay for freedom; the question is, how high will it be?

Mother chapters up to 10 are now available here.

If you are looking for new Mother chapters, please leave a comment here and I will friend you/add you to the filter. Be warned it may take me a couple of days to do so. If, after a week or so, you haven't gotten a reply, email me at my LJ address.

ON (possibly indefinite) HIATUS.

Once you are added, all Mother posts are archived in my memories.

Any fiction friends-locked within this journal is not to be shared, reproduced, downloaded or archived without my express permission.


EDIT: to clear up misconceptions - if you are already on my friends list, you are already filtered to read these fics. You don't need to request again unless you prefer NOT to be included on the filter. Thx.

Anthro fic

Jan. 1st, 2005 03:13 pm
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Hah. Finally got the last short scene written to wrap up the first "half" of the plot.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
11,317 / 25,000

Again, 25k being an arbitrary (but reasonable) amount. Of course, the second half will be harder to write, I'm sure, given Michael's... issues with his choices, and the **** stuff that happens to Jack. (woo! not actually a spoiler!)

Now on to rewriting prologue and Keep the Faith for the Node. And then maybe back to Meine Liebe.


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