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I understand DDoS attacks == downtime that is not your fault, LJ. But fucking up my layout AGAIN for no apparent reason? That just pisses me off.

As usual, and as others on flist have offered, I also have DW invite codes if anyone wants one.

wtf, LJ?

Apr. 23rd, 2010 12:02 pm
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LJ has Done Something. *eyes NoScript*

I now have a blocked listing for "" on LJ, and none of the links on my friends page work. I can't comment, I can't do anything, unless I allow that new URL.

This is my suspicious face.


ETA: I have a DW account, and will probably start using that more, as many other people are doing. I have a stack of invite codes, too, if anyone is still wanting.
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Petty issue:
LJ just ripped me off for 10 days of paid time. My current time did not run out until Dec. 20th, but I renewed today so I wouldn't forget. My new end date? Dec. 11th. This is bad math, LJ.

Update, reply from LJ: Thank you very much for letting us know about this. You are absolutely right about your add-on's expiration date being wrong. We're in the middle of investigating this now and will be fixing it as soon as possible.

Very not petty issue:
Americans? This is why I fear crossing your border (and I fear for you when you do it, too):
Dr. Peter Watts, Canadian science fiction writer, beaten and arrested at US border. (via BoingBoing and Twitter)
Dr. Watts's version of the story


Dec. 8th, 2009 10:38 am
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My extra user pics runs out in 12 days. Is it worth renewing? *eyes them*
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I kind of hate these announcements, but since there are quite a few people who I friended just so they could read my fic, I am going to make it just this once.

I have trimmed the flist. In the process of doing so, I may have accidentally removed folks who were only here for certain fics (Node, Carnival, etc). If that's the case, please let me know and I will rebuild a filter. Comments to this post are screened.

Every time I have to do this, I really really wish LJ had the access/subscription model that DW has. One of these times, I'm going to up and move to DW so I can manage things better. I'm just lazy yet.

Anyway, yes. Fanfic, as always, is not locked. Original fic is locked, personal babble may or may not be depending on my mood at the time. :p
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People who choose to pay for LJ may want to extend their paid time (3 whole extra days) due to the downtime/slowness LJ has been experiencing lately.
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More commands for the LJ console: here, including ones that aren't documented in LJ's reference page.

Kiro called to say he saw a robin on the way to work today.
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1 - Reminder to those who don't read LJ News: tomorrow is move day. As of 11am EST/8am PST, LJ will be unreachable for "about four hours". Give or take.

I strongly suggest you back up your LJ. Just in case. LJ Archive is good for this. ... I know there's a Mac option out there, but can't remember off-hand.

2 - Icon meme!

I am bored, and have made new icons. Therefore, I invite you to meme at -- pick an icon you don't gr0k or whatever, and I will tell you all about it. La.
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I have been meaning, for a while now, to write up a post about perceived hypocrisy (my own), and why I'm still on LJ and slacking on IJ, and if it matters any more, etc etc ad nauseum.

I don't know that anyone actually cares, other than me. ^_^;

Cut for ramblings about A Place to Call One's Own, or less pompous thoughts on journalling. )
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vote here

round-up of platforms and fannish support info here.

voting closes on thursday, may 29th.

oh LJ >.>

Mar. 13th, 2008 04:20 pm
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Third things third: in case anyone else has missed what SUP/LJ have most recently flown under the radar (as I did until today):
there is no more Basic account creation option.

That's right. You can no longer create an ads-free account without paying for it.


*pets IJ*
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My LJ paid time expires on January 5th, at which point, this journal reverts to free status (6 icons, *sob*). I'm planning to move most of my stuff to InsaneJournal. Here's the lowdown:

My IJ: nekonexus
Broken World
If I Trace (aka Wrap-verse)
The Node (nothing's up yet, but will be archived here)

You can use Open ID to comment on IJ posts without having an IJ. Or there's the RSS feed option.

Photos are all moving to my Flickr gallery.

I will continue posting holiday ficlets here. ^_^ I will try to crosspost things for a few weeks, and make announcements of fic posting. I will still read my flist on LJ. I think that's everything... *scratches head* Poke me if you're confused or I have forgotten something.

Happy New Year, all! ^_^

btw, we finished painting on monday, and the apt is much more cheery now.


Dec. 6th, 2007 09:41 pm
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So, word from squeaky at IJ is:

"I have been in touch with the owner of Greatest Journal and their servers are overloaded. Due to this they are currently telling anyone who attempts to create a journal over there to come to Insane Journal. We are prepared to accept you and hope you enjoy your time here."

Heh. With a note that no, this is not a conspiracy, they're just trying to help people out. ^_~

Still amused.

ETA: links for reading up on later (I should be in bed >.< )

[ profile] insomnia's thoughts on the sale
LJ bans some interests by removing their searchability
LJ among those participating in Facebook's Beacon - wtf is this? need to read up on it, and re syndicating to facebook
poll about flagging
Russia Growls at LiveJournal Deal

... right. Bed.

s'up? sup

Dec. 3rd, 2007 05:38 pm
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So how's about that sale of LJ there, eh? Guess that proves that if you whine long enough and loud enough... you'll get sold off! I was very LOLZ last night when I saw the post. Can't help it.

Glad I bought my IJ already, but I can't say I won't lurk LJ for the possible entertainment value at this point.


In completely unrelated news, I give you: PC & Mac: The Romy & Aidan Edition! )
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Here's the thing: the Internet moves in phases. LJ has been a particularly long phase, yes, but it was not the first, nor will it be the last.

Skip this if you're sick of talking/reading about it. )

In other censorship news: if you haven't seen it via Himself's posting, here's the thing.

China tells living Buddhas to obtain permission before they reincarnate.

The Dalai Lama is in exile and "[a]nyone outside China is banned from taking part in the process of seeking and recognising a living Buddha..."

And: "The boy chosen by the Dalai Lama has disappeared. The abbot who worked with the Dalai Lama was jailed and has since vanished."

I wish I had coherent commentary on this, but mostly I'm going WTF China??!?!


Aug. 8th, 2007 09:48 am
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I remember when LJ said: "if you're not sure, put it behind an f-lock, and you'll be fine."

Apparently, that's not good enough any more.


IV. We will review private content for violations of this policy only if the report provides a reasonable basis for us to believe that there is a violation. We will not review private content in response to an unsubstantiated report that there is a violation “somewhere” in a private journal or community.

*Does content that is posted behind a friends lock, as private or under a custom friends filter have to conform to the same standards ofacceptability as content that is available publicly?

Yes, these are held to the same standards.


Ok, LJ. We get it. You are a corp (an about-to-IPO corp, perhaps?), you can do what you want while our content is on your servers. But I didn't pay for you to be thought-police. The contents of a private post are not for anyone's consumption but the author's and therefore not a threat to the community. If I need to work out issues in a private post to prevent me from taking action on thoughts or impulses in public, that's no one's business but my own, and is an action that should be supported, not condemned.

And meanwhile, pro-anorexia communities are okay by LJ because they are "support" groups.

Good on ya, LJ. I'll be taking my money elsewhere when my paid time runs out. Oh wait, I already have.
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For those considering jumping ship, or at least prepping your lifeboat, some useful links.

Backing up your LJ: a guide for Windows users

Semagic and posting to multiple journals

LJ Archive -- for making a backup of your LJ, with or without comments.

LJ Sec -- for uploading your backup to an LJ clone (IJ, GJ, DJ, etc.).

As mentioned before, I can also be found here, though I imagine I'm rather low on the potential deletions list.
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So in a fit of boredom and *cough* insanity >.> last night, after my internet had finally been restored but while LJ was having power difficulties, I... created an insane journal account. Same name. So if LJ ever goes down again like we so know it won't you might find me over there, with the 100 free icons and maybe even the permanent account for $40. ($30 before friday.)
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Right. On the subject of "sponsored communities" -- note that there is a FAQ that was last edited on Sept 8th. These have been around for a while, quietly.

Other than that, I'm of the opinion that as long as SA is not giving sponsors rights to censor the rest of LJ, nothing's really changed. There was never anything stopping a company from coming in and setting up a comm. Now they're just getting noticed (and paid for it? we don't know, LJ hasn't said.). But then, me and my paid account have immunity, so I guess the idea of ads aren't really bothering me anymore.

On the subject of tweaking LJ: I remind you of the Admin Console, and this handy-dandy list of commands. Most notably, there is one set latest_optout yes if you don't want to appear in the "Latest" posts list on LJ's front page. Ever.
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Having gotten the rant out of the way, I can approach this slightly more calmly.

What I find ironic is that, from a quick survey of my friend's list this evening, SixApart has managed to totally alienate their target demographic for Vox. *sarcastic thumbs up*

Which brings me back to the WHY I, and others, are getting so up in arms about this. To quote (again) the relevant text from the Vox info page:

LiveJournal has grown to be an amazing community of fiercely independent bloggers, primarily teenagers and twenty-somethings. Over the past seven years, that community has developed in both its scope and its need for powerful customization. We think that Vox will be a great choice for bloggers looking for a more turnkey environment that balances community and privacy.

Point the First:
That phrasing just seriously pissed off a large percentage of the population, myself included for the following simple reason: ageism. It's still discrimination, folks.

I'm 29, turning 30 this year. I learned to use a computer with dual-boot 5-1/4" floppies. I learned to program in QuickBasic. I know how to code. I know 'C' and Assembly (machine code) language. I know HTML, I've done javascript mouseovers, and I've dabbled in PHP and MySQL. I know how to set up a database. I work with one for a living. The last thing I want is to be told I want a turnkey operation because I can't handle -- or don't want to deal with -- customization. I like tweaking things, and if the S2 code weren't so damn incomprehensible, I'd code my own layouts.

ETA: Point the First, and a Half:
One other thing about that over-20 target demographic: one of the most important things to us in the workforce is the opportunity to keep learning. Self-advancement. Lifelong learning. Heard those buzzwords before? Yeah. "Turnkey operation" doesn't jive so much with that. Don't assume we want to be lazy.

Point the Second:
LJ, to me, is about the text. I'm here for the fic, and the RP, and the conversations that happen in threaded comments. Yes, it's convenient to have pic upload and storage capabilities, but I could live without it. There's enough alternatives out there that I wouldn't run away for the lack of it. But what I see happening, with blogging and particularly this damn MySpace phenomenon, is the focus shifting to multimedia and connecting with offline friends.

... I don't give a whooping funt about multimedia capabilities. Let me say it one more time: I am here for the text. Yes, it's nice to dress up my LJ, to use icons and mood themes and everything else. But if it was a choice between LJ functionality as it stands versus a "blogging" multimedia site -- I won't be budging.

This isn't a popularity contest. This isn't about collecting people with "like" interests (so you like the same band? Big f'ing deal. There's probably five other bands that we have to agree to disagree on), it's about the stories people tell -- personal or fictional or both. And the more our pages get scrunched down into godawful tiny fonts in order to fit the most multimedia content on the page, the more we're losing.

Places like MySpace already exist. Let's not reinvent the wheel here. LJ is popular for its own very valid, very powerful reasons.

And it's not because the twelve-teens like it best.


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