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Day 3:
* 700 words - Node (which you can find over here, if you're so inclined)

1448 / 10000 words. 14% done!
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...that I almost succumbed to yesterday. :p Today, I am not so emo. Today I am Pragmatic.

That said, I am still going to post a mini-version of the long-winded disclaimer that I composed while emo yesterday. Which is: with regards to fanfic - I have not done it in a long time. I feel my characterizations may be shaky. I am writing, however, for fun, and to amuse friends, so I shall ignore the inner editor that keeps insisting it's all crap. It's not.

So. Holiday ficlets in progress (in no particular order): )

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1 - Cornucopia, the food printer - has Node-verse been waiting for this, using the "dispos" as placeholders? Why, yes. Yes, I think it has.

2 - Leverage. Dear Show, If you continue pulling this crap of people -- by which I mean especially Eliot -- going stupid in the middle of a caper, I'mma gonna quit you. Fer reals. You are not being nearly witty enough to carry the weight of Teh Dumb.
No Love,

3 - Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Dear show, thank you for a mostly satisfying and SANE conclusion. But OMGWTF, we saw what you did there, with Alphonse: Okay, so he's heading in the wrong direction, but he's got the boar, and the toad, and we know what you did with Ling Yao and the elixir of immortality and the eating and the window-sills et al, and seriously show. Is everything Journey to the West Redux?

3b - FMA:B spoiler above is aka Kiro's Theory, which makes a lot of sense to me. More sense than random Hitler anyway, and what was UP with that movie... o.O; ^_^

4 - So You Think You Can Dance S7. Dear show, please stop this streak of injuries. You're going to be 'last person standing' instead of 'favourite dancer' if you keep this up. Also? Will you let the Canadian season start soon, pls&thx?
Not much love for you either,

ETA: Pls do not spoil for last night's results show.

5 - Fringe S2 - Dear show, if you go down that route about triumphing over physical disability (dislocated hip ffs!) by the power of your mind and not, say, physiotherapy, we will quit you, too. Fair warning. You are not providing near enough Leonard Nimoy to compensate.

6 - Speaking of (Fringe, S2): Without spoilers, I have seen mention of "unaired eps from S1" -- peeps what have watched it, please to be providing advice on viewing order and whether show does in fact improve again? Have seen up to S2e03.

Non-media post (aka offline life) may be forthcoming. Maybe. :p
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In search of a beta reader for a short story with the following criteria:

1 - you can't have read any of The Node (novel or side-fic)

2 - you need to be able to return a beta within the next week (before the 29th)

Story is about 6000 words long.

Any takers? Compensation negotiable. ^_~
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Have seen other people on the f-list doing this, and thought I might as well. It probably needs a fibre arts post to match, since I did as much (or more) knitting as writing this past year.

So. Breakdown by month, here we go: )


Jun. 15th, 2009 10:03 pm
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There's a lot of things I want to say about Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. The problem is, the show renders me incoherent. It's in a good way, yes, in equal parts too many emotions to list. Despite the plot/timing hiccups caused by the Writer's Strike, the overall arc is just so damn fascinating, as all the threads are woven back and forth and even things that you anticipate with a kind of fascinated dread are still not tired and cliche (can't do accents on this keyboard, argh).

Which brings us to 2x19: The Last Voyage of the Jimmy Carter... (spoil me for anything beyond and I will do such things... )
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not enough time.

met cory doctorow. his brain is shiny. sat at the front of the room - he read ch.12. dude. wow. (sidebar: now i know what aidan's brain is like in action. just different topics.)

the world needs more free wifi.

there is no Google in the Node. use of capitals is arbitrary.

"Gin" needs a fic. kaleb and jeb need keyboard time. so does the carnival owner. why does my brain make with the shiny when i have no time at work?

cory doctorow was dumpster diving in markham last night. he drove past my office building (a couple times, it's on the side of the highway), but didn't stop there.

scars dishes are piling high, like fashion magazines. read between the lines - no time for housework. still need to decorate pixie wings for the GMM on saturday. there may be go-go boots.

i should be in bed. O.o
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[ Because people keep stumbling in and asking about this, have a collection of links. ... I really need to re-write the intro blurb. ]

The Node: In a world where money and corporate power make the rules, one young man finds himself tangled in a web of high-tech corporate intrigue where his ability to "work the wires" may save him, or damn him.

The Node, now on InsaneJournal. Start here.

Note that the chapters are friends-locked, so you will need either an IJ account or OpenID to read them.
Side-fics and what not )


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