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Leverage 2x07 - The Two Live Crew Job: Oh show, I love you! ♥ ♥ Never leave me.

Five thieves nab 23 Macbook Pros, 14 iPhones, and 9 iPod Touches in 31 seconds.

Srsly. Wow.
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In case anyone is waking up to the news of the propane facility explosion in North York, Toronto, it was about 8 miles away from us.

Kiro has a collection of links with video and articles.

We're watching the news, still kind of in shock ourselves.
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Warning: the eye witness account contained in the linked article is graphic and disturbing. Do not read further if random violence makes you squeamish.

From the CBC this morning.... )
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2 of 5 feet found on B.C. coast belong to same man: RCMP

'It appears that these feet have naturally disarticulated from the bodies through natural process.' — RCMP Const. Annie Linteau

Naturally. ^_^;
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It was bound to happen...

6th foot not human -- but even so!
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6th foot! (right, size 10, in shoe)

5th foot (left)

4th foot (right)

3rd foot (right)

1st and 2nd feet (both right, size 12)

Interactive Map: Found Feet (oh CBC. never change.)
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Fifth Foot Found on BC Coast!!

Not a hoax. Very creepy.

Who's in favour of sending Sam & Dean -- show of hands?

ETA: Also! it is Firefox 3 Download Day! Join the fun!


Apr. 2nd, 2006 04:44 pm
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Tim's Go Boom?! WTF. o.O;
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Bahamas Plays and Films Control Board Bans "Brokeback Mountain."

Just. Gah. They might have just lost my planned cruise there within the next year or so.
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2005: The year the US government undermined the internet.
By Kieren McCarthy
(article on The Register, via Slashdot)

From the article:
At that meeting, consciously and for the first time, ICANN used a US government-provided reason to turn over Kazakhstan's internet ownership to a government owned and run association without requiring consent from the existing owners. The previous owners, KazNIC, had been created from the country's Internet community.

ICANN then immediately used that "precedent" to hand ownership of Iraq's internet over to another government-run body, without accounting for any objections that the existing owners might have.


oh... just go read the whole article before I end up quoting it all. >.< *grinds teeth*
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Star Trek's 'Sulu' comes out

Congrats to him! ^___^

I need a gay pride icon.
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Klein drops fight against same-sex marriage
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Supreme Court OK's same-sex marriage
Last Updated Thu, 09 Dec 2004 17:17:47 EST

OTTAWA - The Supreme Court of Canada says the federal government can change the definition of marriage, giving gays and lesbians the legal right to marry. In a non-binding opinion released Thursday morning, the court reaffirmed religious freedoms under the Charter, saying religious officials opposed to same-sex marriages do not have to perform them.

Prime Minister Paul Martin said he would introduce the bill to Parliament in January. Martin has asked MPs to support the bill, but has also told them it will be a free vote.

"In Depth" background and full story.

Almost record time. Barely two months after hearing three days of arguments for and against legalizing same-sex marriage, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that Ottawa does have the exclusive jurisdiction to decide who has the right to get married in the country - but that religious groups are not obliged to perform unions against their beliefs.


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