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Yesterday afternoon, the sun came out! Really for real! And we didn't need coats OR umbrellas.

Guys it has been so grey and damp -- not heavy rain so much as over-saturated air making it moist and drizzly all the time. Apparently, as of yesterday morning, we had had only 9 hours of sun in the week -- the average is 55. Boggle and weep, we did. But then! Sun!

And this morning it returns!

Unfortunately, this only makes the Friday before the long weekend harder to get through. I have to go be all agile and sprinting and shit (no scrums today at least), but damn. I just want to take the puppy for walks, and eat gelato, and enjoy the SUN!

ETA: Wrong Alan Frew. >.< ALSO! I discovered last night that Alan Frew apparently sneaked out an album in 2009 which I totally managed to miss! Finding a hard copy of this may prove difficult, but I still prefer to have tangible CDs, given DRM and failing hard drives and what not (no, I haven't had any recently, but one never knows).

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I am sadly sadly in need of new music. Current music. And since Matchbox Twenty have not yet made good on their promise of a new album this year (guys. seriously. pls?), I find myself listening to music from the 90s. A lot. And I think, surely there must be new bands who are of a similar vein who are worth listening to?

So. Whut I like (aka the overplayed playlists): )

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Nov. 17th, 2009 07:32 pm
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Finished my self-indulgent RPF today. ^_^ My guinea pigs those who have read it have enjoyed it, and so my inner feedback whore is quite happy (not content, though. never content. XD). For those who might be curious about said fic (I'm going to further indulge myself in the belief that someone is), it's Rob Thomas (points at icon) and the Barenaked Ladies. YAY!

1099 new words today. Yay for lazy work from home day. ^_~

And suddenly I am like way ahead on my mini-wrimo! w00t!

3831 / 5000 words. 77% done!
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Rob Thomas at Massey Hall

Rob Thomas at Massey Hall, November 4th, 2009
with Carolina Liar and One Republic

Concert photos - in all their weird, blurry, dark and strange glory.
(They do get better further in...)

Set List: )
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Rob Thomas + "What A Good Boy" (Barenaked Ladies cover) = ♥

you don't even know how good it was.

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Rain driving through the cold and dark
wind is howling fit to raise the rafters
foundation's shaking but I'm doing all right
my heart is set on waking up the morning after

Back in the 90's, when tape decks were still common and mix tapes were the way to express so many things, [ profile] kintail and I flung music back and forth at each other many times via lyrics scribbled on envelopes, and via snail mail delivery of tapes.

One of the bands that got flung at me was Rawlins Cross, and I swear I have composed this pimping post in my head at least a hundred times... without ever writing it. The weather is making me reminisce or something.

Taking chances is a part of the game
do what you can do, do what you haveta
even if you're never gonna be the same
picking up the pieces on the morning after.

Rawlins Cross is East Coast Celtic music. )
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Plans for yesterday included a roundup of random thoughts (not a randup, as I almost typed, but maybe that's appropriate) but got sidetracked by OW and 'hit by a bus' feeling. I'm fine, don't worry, it was just a reaction to bad food (of the 'should have known better than to eat those leftovers' kind).

In no particular order, some things I meant to say: )

And that, I think, is all. Expect not to see much of us for the next week. Pride, and then Canada Day! Tavacation! *runs away!*
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Anyone on Twitter who happens to also be a Rob Thomas (matchbox twenty) fan should really be following @ThisIsRobThomas.

Cuz if you are? You can get a sneak peek clip of the first single "Her Diamonds" off his new album "Cradle Song" which is due out on June 30th.

*waves hand* Go. Enjoy. Share. ^_^
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I am now the owner of a 20GB $20 white iPod, courtesy of craigslist posting.

On the back, it bears the inscription:
Mohammad is Jesus
is Buddha is Love.

No joke. ^_~

Oh, craigslist. Never change.
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That 20 first lines makes a poem music meme.

Right, so, I had to truncate these to make it poetic. >.> Long-winded lyricists dominate my playlist. And it really didn't gel. Maybe because I wasn't in a mood for it. *shrug*

This conversation's boring )
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I poked the reviews for David Usher's new album while debating where and when to buy it. There was only one, with one star, and it was in French. Fortunately, I can still parse basic written French, and realized it came down to a complaint that "Moist was good, your solo stuff is too pop." Or, in other words, go back to what you were when I liked it.

This is a thing that has cropped up in mb20 fandom, too (I was guilty of it for a while), that Rob's solo stuff met with a lot of fan resistance because it didn't sound like matchbox twenty.

Well, of course it doesn't. As Rob put it in some quote that I've lost the source of, he doesn't have to write for a 5 piece band (3 guitars, drum, keyboard) anymore. He can experiment with a wider range of sound and instrumentation.

Likewise, David isn't leaning on Jeff and Kevin's guitars any more. Jeff isn't even touring with him as of the last of the Strange Birds tour (which is a pity, we liked the way they interacted on stage). It gives him a whole different range and freedom.

Moist was much more... how to put it... angst and muted violence and desperation and weird weird lyrics. David Usher has become much more political. Matchbox 20 was raw and young and foolish enough to follow the "I'm a rock star, baby!" debauchery path for a while. Still waiting to see what Rob's second album will be like. (Should maybe check out Paul's solo thing, too, since I'm avoiding Kyle's. :p )

They can't go back to what they were. Enjoy what they are.


And in conclusion: dinosaurs.


Oct. 22nd, 2008 10:48 am
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I had somehow got it into my head that Philip K. Dick was a short-story writer, so every time I stumble across mention of one of his novels (other than "Bladerunner/Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?") I kind of ... boggle.

However! Having been enlightened by Making Light (mad, mad props to the Fluorosphere), I find that I may just need to read The Penultimate Truth, if only to play "spot the bits the Matrix 'borrowed'".


The Hedley concert at Massey Hall was hugely fun, but also boggling. The average age of the wanna-be groupies was about 13. No, rly.

Jacob has a hot bod, but he really needs to lose the facial hair. And get a lighter mic pack before it causes a real wardrobe malfunction (more than the two inches of butt crack he was already showing).

A~and, because the world is small now, have the YouTube clip of the moment I was about to rant about. The moment that pointed out the incomprehensible generation gap: Jacob, down on his knees, singing to a girl standing in front of the stage and she kept her camera stuck in his face until he batted it away and made her do that thing you're supposed to do at concerts: experience them. Seriously. This generation behind us is too busy recording everything to ENJOY it while it's happening. >.>


There was snow on the ground still up here in the Far North this morning (by which I mean, Richmond Hill). *shudder*
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Hedley tickets! concert on Saturday! YAAAAAY!!
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First: Medical marijuana user files human rights complaint over smoking laws.

Second -- from Rob's website:

Rob [Thomas] is featured in Pot Culture

Rob is featured in the new book Pot Culture, The A-Z Guide to Stoner Language & Life, written by former High Times editors Shirley Halperin and Steve Bloom (out 4/20 ETA: ahahah. nice.). Rob contributed an essay called "The Art of Scoring," detailing how to casually bring up -and score- weed when you're in dire need. He's also quoted on the back cover. Pick up a copy at your local bookstore or at Amazon.

ETA: Third -- there's a point in the Toronto concert, which I've only just been able to pick out what Rob's saying and it goes like this:

"Oh Toronto. We love you Toronto. And it's not just your health care. It's not just your governing bodies. We just love you.
Not your... it's not your decriminalization laws -- well, maybe a little."


May. 4th, 2008 08:56 pm
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Need to remember to listen to music at work more often, especially if I have a scrap of spare time and want to write. I usually forget what a creative stimulus it is, and how listening to even familiar songs can spark the urge to write new bits about certain worlds.

And then there's songs that just beg for ficcing, like this one:

Gin )

Which is somehow Aidan and Yugi, and also not.

And there are songs that are always Node-related (and not just Rob Thomas/mb20/Tabitha's Secret), and songs that remind of Carnival, and somehow Ever the Same still pushes a Saiyuki button and yet All That I Am is now Broken World AND Kaleb. *eyes it* And... yeah.

Moar. damnit i need icons
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Random and incomplete thoughts for a Heroes vid featuring David Usher's "So Far Down" which I shall never do because I don't have the time to invest in learning to vid. Nor a Mac. Yet. Oh Apple refurb store, you tempt me with your $999 Macbooks.

So Far Down )

new music!

Nov. 25th, 2007 03:05 pm
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W00t! New Billy Klippert and Hedley! Huzzah!'s been so long since we've bought CDs. ^_^;

I need a generic music icon!
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Set list from last night's concert:

Message Home
Some People Say
My Way Out
The Music
Love Will Save the Day (with interlude in which David joined the audience and stole a guy's seat (possibly the oldest man in the house!))
So Far Down
Black Black Heart (with pineapple! o.O)
Everything Is All Right By Me Now
(interlude in which David harassed the people who had just arrived -- "You're LATE! Why are you late?" -- and then forgot what he was doing)
Tomorrow Comes

Everyday Things (new, to be recorded in January)
Fast Car
St. Lawrence River

2nd Encore:
F Train

Random Quotes:

"This is the last show, so we're leaving it all on the stage."
"...naked, experimental dance or something."
"Are there any half-Asians in the house?"
"Normally by this point we'd be sweaty and shirtless."
"He's talking into his mic tonight. I don't like that." (about Kevin)
"You look like a mannequin." (to John) "You're not going to get me to start singing just by playing that... banjo of yours."
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Rob Thomas makes me incoherent with glee. Also he is witty and has a smexy voice. La.

Have a listen, courtesy of Mix 99.9.

"Wake up, have some coffee, make history, go to bed..."

*flails around* ^_^
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The Good -- while I wasn't looking, matchbox twenty were working on a new album. First single was on the radio tonight. Apparently the band is now sans Adam, but hey, four is better than none.

The Bad -- Sheppard subway is safe for now, but the TTC is "preparing to shut down the subway" and it will be presented to the board in September. >.< Fuck.

The Ugly -- CP24 reporting. So bad I don't even want to link them. *kicks them on the principle of the thing*

...I ... don't actually like this single. It sounds too much like U2's "Vertigo."

ETA: So apparently Adam left in 2005, and I just missed it. The new album -- Exile on Mainstream -- is actually a "hits retrospective" with maybe six new tracks. Rob's going to do a second solo album, and new mb20 in '09. He says.

But seriously, Rob. Oct 2nd? That's our birthday your wedding anniversary. >.>


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