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Why build a conventional media/entertainment centre when you can hack a Billy with a hole saw? We left the kickplate off the front to allow room for the power bar as well.

It will be symmetrical when we're done, with another narrow bookshelf on the left. Only one tall Billy fits in the WunderEcho at a time, though, so that's a separate trip. ^_~

And yes, yes, I did drill them holes (and the ones you can't see) all myself! ^___^ DVD player will hide the visible holes soon enough.

We may even get extravagant and put doors on to keep the cat out to keep the dust out. Or something. Mebe.

Accomplished. But deded now. G'night.


Feb. 10th, 2009 12:36 pm
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As previously mentioned, the kitchen window:

And, my lunch from yesterday:

Avocado maki, tofu sushi, avocado sushi (it was supposed to be egg, but hey, I'm not complaining), and tempura yam maki.
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We have conquered the kitchen! All boxes unpacked and everything made to fit!

That leaves... every other room in the condo. With the exception of the bathroom. :p

*sigh* One step at a time!
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and we need groceries. fsocks.

In happier news: new pics of condo, and sun-basking cat, in my Flickr gallery. These are still pre-move-in pics, except for the basking cat ones. We haven't taken full pics of current chaos. *eyes it*

There are also mini-videos taken on my cell phone. That's all the disclaimer you get.

Tomorrow morning, management has requested we turn the heat up to 30C/86F and leave it there until Friday at 5pm. For 'heat-balancing purposes'. ... Good thing we didn't actually store those summer clothe elsewhere, eh?
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*eyes 3 remaining boxes labelled "kitchen" *

*eyes kitchen*

cupboards: remain full

well. shit.

Obviously some reorg is in order, once we're not so freakin' exhausted. IT COULD WARM UP! THAT WOULD HELP!

mmm... we have slightly less than one cup of basmati rice. and that's it at the moment.


Also, have not yet found nice glasses (drinking glasses, that is) that were wedding gift. WTF.

Oh, oh! And the housewarming gift from the mother? A "white lily" oil diffuser scented ... thing. Um.

I must cook and stop spamming randomosity at you. :p
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The boys are home and eyeing the new place dubiously. Much *ears* from the cat. He's currently flaked in the doorway to the bedroom, watching me on the couch. o.o Bebe seems to be checking out the view, since we have the blinds open. Srsly need to clip his claws. He sounds "like a pinball machine or something" as Kiro put it. heh.

Our boys! yay!
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Hello intarnets! Did you miss us? ^_^

We are moved (erm. well, except for contents of fridge, betta fishes, and plants), and have phone and 'net again. There was a brief bout of "no cold water to be had!!!" in the condo this morning, but it seems to have resolved itself.

Last night we were crazy (moving-induced stupidity) and walked to Masa Sushi for dinner. Which is not that far on a good night, but last night it was something like, oh, I don't know, -12C, plus a wind chill? Yeah, see, being without internet, we forgot to check the weather. Taking transit back proved that subways are awesome but the farking Wellesley bus had better not be that stupid all the time!! (I need to teach LJ that Wellesley is a legit word. :p )

Anyway. Today? Moar unpacking. I have a job interview this afternoon. With a bank, but it would be at Yonge/Finch, which... kinda isn't so much downtown! But it shall be practice anyway.

So yesterday also included fun with elevators -- the Thyssen-Krupp guy at the old building tried to bitch at us for having the doors propped open to move, because it was fsocking the elevators. >.> Whatever, dude. The Supers told us to go this way. Also there was fun with Ikea, to the tune of over a grand of new furniture: bed, bed frame, pillow topper/mattress pad, dresser, bookcase. Plus delivery. And delivery guys called to say "we will be there at 5:05pm," then proceeded to get stuck in traffic and not arrive until nearly 6. :p The concierge and I amused ourselves with jokes about pizza delivery vs. Ikea delivery for a while. (All of our concierges are nice guys so far -- about 50/50 white and POC, which pretty much reflects Toronto.)

And I must post this before my battery runs out. (Yes, I am overtired and babbly still. >.<)

Here. Have a floorplan. It's upsie-down -- the balcony is on the south side. But there you go. ^_^
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Get your hot, fresh condo pics here! *g*

cut to spare the uninterested )


Jan. 11th, 2009 09:04 pm
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We've been selling furniture on Craigslist, which is going well, despite the amount of stupid inherent in dealing with people. Some of the emails. *facepalm* The abuse of language, it slays.

Anyway. Tonight we sold: Magiker bookcase, my double bed frame (Loen), and Poang chair + footstool. Net income: ~$200.

All well and good, right? So as we're helping pregnant lady take the Poang set out to her SUV, we happen to notice a suspiciously familiar silver object leaning up against the dumpster beside the building. On closer inspection, yes, it is in fact the headboard from my (all metal) bed frame, except.. it's just the upper part. The legs and the part of the frame that is necessary to connect it to the rest of the frame had been cut off. Very neatly and cleanly.

Dude. You carry metal cutting tools in your truck? o.O;

I invite your speculation!


Jan. 8th, 2009 01:49 pm
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Lease has arrived.

This... is actually real.


Dec. 21st, 2008 12:46 pm
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It would be nice if we weren't having Weather. But what I was thinking? It is January December after all. (... part of my brain is on fast-forward)

We need to make a used bookstore run -- to sell two (possibly three) boxes worth of books -- but the roads are ... well. A trio of snowplows just went down Don Mills, spraying liquid anti-icing as they went. The sidewalks on the other hand, are a disaster, and won't get better any time soon, since we're due MORE SNOW today.

Why do motivation and Outside conditions so rarely line up? ~_~

Speaking of, the parental units left on Saturday (in between storms) to drive to "Colonial Williamsburg" (timeshare) for the week. Mom notified us of this at quarter after ten PM on Friday. ... RLY. Calling at that time of night is generally reserved for familial emergencies. Way to induce unnecessary panic thar, mom.

OTOH - she did not wish us a merry xmas (yay). She wished us a "special holiday" instead. Some days, she's not so bad (when the evangelism is kept in a box).

Festival of Light is looking a bit iffy, as they're still calling for snow with 50km/h winds. And while Kensington Market is reasonably sheltered, there is the getting there and back issue. Still debating, as the apartment is a disaster of boxes.

yare yare

Dec. 6th, 2008 10:25 am
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ghod it's early. woe. I mean, we've been up since NINE. On a Saturday. It's cruel.

Anyway. Today we go look at more condos and hope that the dog doesn't eat any prospective tenants here in our old apartment while we're out.

There will be fic-bit for yesterday's prompt, and today's, but probably not til later after the second-hand stoned has worn off.

In the meantime:

OH MY DOG WTFBBQ!!!!!11!! eleventy-one! JOUSTING! FUCK!

*cough* This has been your Twilight Princess update for today. Yar.
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Gave our notice on Friday (nov 28th).

Moving out on or before January 31, 2009.

Today? A notice arrives from supers that they want to do an apartment inspection. Tomorrow. December 1st.

*headdesk* Oh well. Get it over with.


At the opposite end of the time spectrum:

CANADA POST! KINDLY fork over the FOUR packages I am expecting!!!

2 from HK, 1 from the UK (sent surface in October. >.>), and 1 from the States.

I yam not impressed.


Just for the record? The weather sucks. Moving on.


Nov. 27th, 2008 11:44 am
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General note to anyone wanting to send holiday cards, etc:

We are moving sometime in the month of January, so to avoid lost mail (eurgh), please hang on to any such tidings until we announce our new address. ^_^

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I has one of these: Bamboo Sister interchangeable circular needle set (scroll down to the very last item). Bought used, with caveat of "wiggly join" on one cable. Wiggly join wiggled itself free the first time I tried to use it. So! I have emailed Plymouth, and within an hour received a reply saying they will quite happily replace the cord for me for free. Joy.

Now if only the set had end caps and cord-to-cord joiners, it would be a Thing of True Beauty. I adore the bamboo needles; they are silky smooth and warm.

I has finished a hat commission! Still need to take pics, though. Also, have finished two top Sekrit Gifts, bwahahaha. Did I mention I love knitting in the round? Yeah. I do. And 5" dpns are on my list of best. things. evah. ^_^


Apparently the "restrict" label on condos when it comes to pets is this: you must be able to carry your pet through the common areas. Let's see. Theoretically, you could carry a 40lb dog, yes? yes. The vet tech does it. Not, though, if you a) have a back problem or b) have a dog that squirms like a mad squirming thing. Which means, oh hay, you are discriminating against people with disabilities. Bet you don't wanna fight that one, do you, condo Corp?

So. There's this black hole of information where condo "laws" intersect with the Landlord and Tenant Act. The Act says any "no pets" clause in a lease is automatically void. But condos have things like boards of directors and make their own little enclave rules like... gee, have a sleeve dog or no dog at all.

And let's not get into the argument about small dogs = messier and more energetic than larger, sedate dogs, either. >.>


Weather. fsocking weather. I haets it.


Oh, Japan. Never change. "Bandai has created the tuttuki bako (poking box)"


It's taken more than a century, but Einstein's celebrated formula e=mc2 has finally been corroborated, thanks to a heroic computational effort by French, German and Hungarian physicists.


boss is on vacation. i don't wanna werk. woe.


ETA: OH OH! I forgot an important bit! from Very Short List: Beatles mystery sound solved with the user of a Fourier Transform!. Yes, yes, I am a geek. BUT! I HAVE DONE FOURIER TRANSFORMS! (years ago, now, in college) THEY ARE BRAIN BREAKY! but also cool. Digital signal processing was one of my favourite courses.


Nov. 13th, 2008 01:28 pm
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Two years ago (almost exactly, this weekend), we moved into the current apartment. Didn't say much about it but that was largely due to being exhausted by the jackhammers and constant construction at the previous apartment.

We are moving again. Hopefully the end of January at the latest. Yes, winter moves suck like sucking things. However, so does our patio door. Or rather, it blows, a constant draft, because (we suspect, due to education by Mike Holmes) that there is absolutely NO caulking in the door and window frames.

Also, we want a dishwasher. And to BE downtown, instead of having to spend an hour getting there. Thus, we are headed "south of Eglinton" for lack of a more precise definition at the moment.

We're downsizing and upgrading. Going to try this "condo" living instead of apartment. (Ensuite washer and dryer... mmm... *pets*) With on site pool and gym also, hopefully.

So, if we get sparse or incoherent between now and February... oh... 15th or so. You'll know why. ^_~

Oh, and as for the subject line -- last night we participated in the great tradition of raiding the Food Basics (discount, byo bags or use a box, grocery store) for boxes, with more success than usual! 24 boxes, formerly of "macaroni products" (aka pasta o.o ) are now waiting to be filled and stacked.


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