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I have produced words since the 15th, really I have. They just haven't been fiction. *sigh*

On the bright side, I think I know how I want to rework the opening to Carnival. I just haven't done it yet.

Word count remains:

5863 / 10000 words. 59% done!

My excuse is that I was at a con all weekend, see. Which wasn't as much fun this year as I hoped it would be, but I did get a bunch of knitting done instead of note-taking at panels on Saturday. So. *shrug* Trade-off.

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Day 15:
* 56 words on Carnival (most of which are being thrown out and rewritten *sigh*)

Day 16:
* 0! of fiction
* some (uncounted) words on my Dear Yuletide Writer letter, but that's not fiction :P

Speaking Of!

Glad I scanned the list of anime/manga nominated fandoms, because someones nommed Saiyuki Gaiden. And thas all I'mma gonna say about that. :)

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Day 13:
* 0!

Day 14:
* 590 words - Sight (Hallowe'en ficlet on LJ)

5807 / 10000 words. 58% done!

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Day 11:
* 225 words on the next Carnival scene

Day 12:
* ~1200 words (hand-written) on Ride, which is Rob/Ed on a motorcycle, and which may never get posted because it devolved into SRS talk about open relationships and stuff and is not at all my silly fun !boyband. (Except it is, very, because they are both married, and I refuse to just get rid of wives, but I also very much want them *together* and that requires negotiation to not fail, and OMGWTFBBQ you'd think this was an origi-verse or something.) *facepalm*

ETA: Forgot the counter!

5217 / 10000 words. 52% done!


I think I might do Yuletide this year. >.> Am definitely nomm'ing Darker Than Black. Other than that, I've seen others nom several fandoms I could probably do, so I'm debating filling in something a) crazy (like Takeshi Kovacs trilogy) or b) for someone else (someone wanted "Barrett's Privateers" but ran out of nom slots).

Thirdly! As soon as the importer is functional again, I am backing up my LJ to nekonexus@DW, and I am going to stop allowing comments on LJ because I am sick and tired of this bullshit and the DDoS attacks (which are only likely to continue/get worse until/during/after the election), and my paid time expires in March 2012 anyway. But first I need to get Carnival and stuff over here.

That is all. Carry on with your Sunday. :P

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Day 9:
* 0!

Day 10:
* 0!

Yeah. A winnar is me. x_X

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Day 8:
* 332 words - Saiyuki Gaiden ficlet (for Hallowe'en meme)

3792 / 10000 words. 38% done!
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Day 7:
* 1125 words on the 'sequel' (which I hope to make standalone) to the still-as-yet-unpublished short story about the gunsmith's wife. Strangely enough, it's quasi-horror. o.O; I thought I confined that to Saiyuki. Hah. Anyway. Someday you'll all get to read it!

*shounen fist pump* Take that, MiniWriMo!

3460 / 10000 words. 35% done!
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Day 5:
* 0!

Day 6:
* 0!

Complete and utter lack of werds - except the ones I wrote in my head, which don't count because I don't have a mental wordcount app. :P

Good thing I had some buffer.
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Day 4:
* 886 words on Carnival ~ Scene 29 (about half the words in that post were already written, so they don't count towards mini-wrimo total)

2334 / 10000 words. 23% done!
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Day 3:
* 700 words - Node (which you can find over here, if you're so inclined)

1448 / 10000 words. 14% done!


Nov. 2nd, 2010 10:27 am
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I typed 1600 words yesterday, on my flash drive, in NoteTab, at work, like I do.

File was corrupt when I tried to open it at home.

It's all gone.

I don't even.... ~_~
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So last night I finally typed up the hair dye ficlet that's been in my head for a while.

Which means, another 500 words for my mini-wrimo. Hurrah!

(What? November isn't over yet? oi. What a month. >.< )

5983 / 5000 words. 120% done!

Plus there's probably another 600ish that I wrote on transit this morning, but haven't typed up yet. Yay. ^_^

This is an attempt to cheer myself up from the DARK GREY AND WET that is going on outside the window. Woe. ~_~
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And also, I said I wasn't counting RP words, but when it's only rambling fic-bit about a single character, that's not RP. Thus!

I have blown my mini-wrimo word count out of the water!

5483 / 5000 words. 110% done!
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I should perhaps clarify my babble about RPF, because I realize it might make me sound like I was passing judgement on anyone who wrote it, and that's not the case. It's a personal double-standard thing. There are a bunch of people out there on my flist and elsewhere who write, oh, tennis RPF, and bandfic, and popslash, and oh even Merlin actor RPF (eta: and the Jensen/Jared crew! can't believe I forgot that!). I don't have a problem with any of that, and I don't think any less of them for writing it.

It just hadn't occurred to me that *I* would talk about writing it, let alone write it, which. Okay. I call it drawerfic because back in the day, when I was a wee wee kit, before there was an intarnets, I filled notebooks full of... uh... bandfic. ^_^; The worst kind of self-insertion, Mary Sue, NKOTB fic. *cough* I can't believe I just admitted that on the intarnets! ^_^;

So yeah. RPF had this... personal taint from my own juvenalia. And while it was, in my mind, perfectly okay for other people to write, and post, and enjoy RPF, I just... couldn't image going there.

So I went there. HAR. >.> And it's fun, and I have plot bunnies, and the words come easily, and I'm kinda lovin' it. Because it's not about me, it's just about... playing with paper-word dolls, maybe? (not that I ever had dolls, mind) I dunno. I don't want to examine it critically and take the joy out of it. It just IS. *nodnod*

I guess this is kind of a thank you shout-out to those on the flist who HAVE written and posted RPF or RPS. Thanks for showing me the door could be opened. ^_^

ETA: Oh, and also:

4716 / 5000 words. 94% done!


Nov. 17th, 2009 07:32 pm
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Finished my self-indulgent RPF today. ^_^ My guinea pigs those who have read it have enjoyed it, and so my inner feedback whore is quite happy (not content, though. never content. XD). For those who might be curious about said fic (I'm going to further indulge myself in the belief that someone is), it's Rob Thomas (points at icon) and the Barenaked Ladies. YAY!

1099 new words today. Yay for lazy work from home day. ^_~

And suddenly I am like way ahead on my mini-wrimo! w00t!

3831 / 5000 words. 77% done!
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Okay, so I fell behind on my mini-wrimo. Which, I will not beat myself up about. 'Cuz it's an experiment, and last week was hellishly busy at work, and then I couldn't type on the weekend, what with the squished finger and all.

But today. Oh glee. *dance* I wrote 1176 NEW words. And so what if it's AU bandfic RPF? So what if I still squirm at the thought of anybody reading it but still perversely want to post it locked anyway? It was FUN to write. And I wasn't all constrained by OH NOES MUST KEEP PEOPLE IN CHARACTER, because hey, AU, and I don't actually know these people! HAR!

So. Updated word count. Not quite caught up, but I still have another scene in mind. Oh, and I'm not counting song lyrics.

*tumbles off to bed*

2732 / 5000 words. 55% done!

ETA: after double checking word count, I AM all caught up! *double dance*
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I do not know why this stupid counter insists on hiding half-behind my icon.

Thus I must insert lines of blahblahblah in order to push it down.

800 words today so far.
Needed to catch up anyway. ^_^

1556 / 5000 words. 31% done!


Nov. 4th, 2009 01:47 pm
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My spouse is used to this by now: round-about November 3rd, I'm all "woe... I wish I could do Nano." And he gives me that look and says, "Are you having Nano angst again?"

...I suppose I am.

Logically, I know I have not time, interest, ability, or will to write 1666.666(etc) words per day. It's not going to happen. Focusing on word count kills my creativity. And I know that when I try to force a story, it backfires, and I end up with headaches on multiple levels.

And yet. I *want* to be doing something. Maybe it's wanting that sense of participation, of being in with the in crowd, so to speak. Maybe it's just wanting *some* challenge (just not *that* challenge).

I know a (couple? few?) year(s) ago, there was a drabble-wrimo sort of thing going on. I don't know if anyone organized one this year. But I have decided, for my personal goal, I am going to aim for 170 words/day, for a grand total of 5100 by the end of the month. A mini-wrimo. The plan is to just *write* -- bits of things already in progress, dribs and drabs, piecemeal. (Am not going to include RP words, though.) This works for me. ^_^

Thus you get a Carnival update to start. 262 words new, plus 171 that had been sitting there for a while, for a total of 433 so far. Which means only 247 to go to meet my catch-up word goal for today.

433 / 5000 words. 9% done!


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