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(and are preferably in CO or want to move there :p)

Interweave is looking for a content editor for their knitwear books.
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My beloved Kiro has been winding, and detangling, and rewinding, and moebius trouble-shooting a hank of yarn FOR A WEEK. For me. ^_^; I bought a 1400m hank of lace weight, and did not get it wound at the store. NEVER AGAIN I SWARE GUYS.

Meanwhile, we have beaten the Fishy Tawashi pattern into shape, so if you ran afoul of my hasty - contains errors! do not knit! - warning, please feel free to try again. It should be trouble-free now.

I am waiting on a set of 15 bamboo circs to arrive: one in every size from 0 (zero) on up to 15. Bought for the smaller sizes, mostly, as trying to get them individually was pricy, and $30 for the whole lot on Etsy was a too good to resist deal.

T-5 days and counting at old job!

ETA: And Loud Twitter seems to have stopped shipping my tweets again. Hrmmm...
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Aug 28 - Return of Edit: Pattern now fixed. Knit away!

If anyone wants to try test knitting my improved "No Strings" Fishy Tawashi, you can access the pattern here.

Comments, questions, concerns, WTFs?, and sundry are all welcome. ^_^

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1 - We saw a praying mantis outside the door to our condo building last night. Apparently there is one native to Canada -- they're just not common. Very cool!

2 - The Mac is officially more fubared than I thought. Having bought a mini-DVI to VGA adapter from Hong Kong (as you do), and waited 15+ days for it to arrive (as you do), I plugged it in to find that either a) Macbook video card is no longer outputting red or b) the adapter is faulty.

I'm inclined to think a over b, but have no other Mac to test it with. So. New laptop or netbook it is to be.

3 - I am one lace repeat short of starting the heel on my second pair of socks! Woo!

and I have rewritten Fishy Tawashi pattern to use increases/decreases instead of drawstring to make tail and mouth. (The thick parts where the drawstring bunched it up were taking longer to dry than the rest of it. Not good for washcloths.)

and 4 - I am on vacation for the next two days. Woot. And I need to work on my story for CG's Characters of Colour year-end double-size issue. ^_^

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Behold! My very first hand-knit socks!

Cut for photo-heavy )
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Kiro may have found the funnest pattern ever (if you can work in cotton or acrylic):

Wishy Washy Fishy Tawashi*!

(Also available here on Ravelry.)

I've done two already. It's super-easy: only knits and purls, no increases or decreases or anything. Just some stripes colorwork which proves that using two colors alternating is not that hard, RLY!

Try it. You'll love it. ^_^

*Tawashi is the Japanese word for "scrubber". I use mine for my nightly face exfoliating, but Kiro wants one to scrub the pots with and make washing dishes more fun. ^_~

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I need to cast on a project for the TTC Knitalong on Saturday, and I do not know what to knit.

I am adverse to socks, shawls, scarves, etc, and anything with a known tendency to black holes. I like hats, but do not wear them often. Argh!

Halp? Links to patterns and/or Ravelry pages would be awesome.

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Knitters what are in Toronto (and reasonable environs)!

Save the date: Saturday July 10th, 2010, is TTC Knitalong Day!

Signups begin May 29th. Get the info on the blog or the Ravelry group.

I shall be aiming to get Kiro and myself on Team East this year.

ETA: wow, I fail at reading comprehension. Date changed, after I correctly parsed it this morning. July, not June. :p

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Back in February of (ack) last year (I am not used to this 2009 being last year thing yet. boo.), I took Kiro yarn shopping for his birthday. And I decided to knit a cat bed for Rufus, as all the ones for sale were overpriced and not knitted and he likes to nest on Kiro's wool sweaters, given half a chance.

So. I bought yarn, and started knitting. Then came summer, and I set it aside, because it was too big and floopy to be knitting when it was (supposed to be) hot. Given how our summer was, it probably wouldn't have been that bad. :p

Anyway. Now that the dog has retired to the country, with his bed that Rufus used to steal, I finally got off my ass and finished knitting Rufus's Kitty Pi (aka the Rufi Pi). We felted it a couple days ago, and finally decided it was dry last night, so set it out for Rufus to try.

Today! Success! He put himself in the Rufi Pi without encouragement! And so I give you photoblogging of the creation of a cat bed. *nod*

Picspam this way )


Dec. 31st, 2009 03:14 pm
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Dyed batch round 2. Formerly Dream in Color's Lipstick Lava - overdyed with green food colouring.
Didn't turn out like I hoped, but is a funky colour nontheless.

fibre pr0n this way )
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Yesterday, after coffee and presents and such-like, Kiro and I decided to dye yarn. Because we could, and we'd been meaning to for a while, but lacking days off.

So! I started with some odds and ends of this Dream in Color worsted: Beach Fog )

And ended up with this: Green! )
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But the brain is fuzzy and early day is early. (Tomorrow will be earlier. Why the fsk does this four-day training session have to start at 8am EVERY day!?! Do they not understand some people don't have cars?? (No, they just don't care. They're providing food, of the white bread and doughy sort. With coffee. What more could I expect, rly?))


Right. Plans.

- gotta finish a story, which has (predictably), failed to show any sign of having a conclusion. AGH. *headdesk*

- update Aidan's backstory to include the past 3 years of DE

- WRITE app for new chara (it's in my head, it's all in my head)

- ERRANDS (x3?)

- post about Knitty Yarn Roundtable (WP)

- SUCCESSFULLY cast-on and CONTINUE K's subway mittens. (Have cast on, unsuccessfully, FIVE times now. I kid you not.)

- groom dog. >.>

- dye hair, so I am no longer grandpa-grey ~_~

ARGH. argh arg. *wanders off*
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So You Think You Can KNIT? (Swedish, Google Translated)


I would so do this!
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Before I go through the effort of posting them on Etsy, I thought I'd make an announcement here.

I have the following Foxknit Hats in stock:

1 Fox hat - 100% acrylic base and ears, with black mohair ear tips. This one is a fairly bright rust colour (as compared to the wool). Medium size.

1 Fox hat - 100% wool base and ears, with black mohair ear tips. Duller, more natural rust colour. Medium size. SOLD

Each hat is $35 (US), payments accepted by Paypal only.


For a single hat within the Continental US: $7.50
For a single hat within Ontario: $7.50
For a single hat within Canada, excluding Ontario: $9

For multiple hats or overseas locations, please inquire with details in comments. Thanks!
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Plans for yesterday included a roundup of random thoughts (not a randup, as I almost typed, but maybe that's appropriate) but got sidetracked by OW and 'hit by a bus' feeling. I'm fine, don't worry, it was just a reaction to bad food (of the 'should have known better than to eat those leftovers' kind).

In no particular order, some things I meant to say: )

And that, I think, is all. Expect not to see much of us for the next week. Pride, and then Canada Day! Tavacation! *runs away!*
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After much schedule shuffling (unasked for, but necessitated by staff shortage), Kiro ended up with Friday and Saturday off. And Friday was a statutory holiday for me. Thus, weekend! Together! Two whole days! We haven't had one of those since he started working, as he's had Friday, Sunday, Monday as a quasi-regular schedule.

So Friday we slept in a whole hour! )
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Once upon a time, I knit a Brown Tabby Cat Hat.

knitting pics under the cut! )
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I has one of these: Bamboo Sister interchangeable circular needle set (scroll down to the very last item). Bought used, with caveat of "wiggly join" on one cable. Wiggly join wiggled itself free the first time I tried to use it. So! I have emailed Plymouth, and within an hour received a reply saying they will quite happily replace the cord for me for free. Joy.

Now if only the set had end caps and cord-to-cord joiners, it would be a Thing of True Beauty. I adore the bamboo needles; they are silky smooth and warm.

I has finished a hat commission! Still need to take pics, though. Also, have finished two top Sekrit Gifts, bwahahaha. Did I mention I love knitting in the round? Yeah. I do. And 5" dpns are on my list of best. things. evah. ^_^


Apparently the "restrict" label on condos when it comes to pets is this: you must be able to carry your pet through the common areas. Let's see. Theoretically, you could carry a 40lb dog, yes? yes. The vet tech does it. Not, though, if you a) have a back problem or b) have a dog that squirms like a mad squirming thing. Which means, oh hay, you are discriminating against people with disabilities. Bet you don't wanna fight that one, do you, condo Corp?

So. There's this black hole of information where condo "laws" intersect with the Landlord and Tenant Act. The Act says any "no pets" clause in a lease is automatically void. But condos have things like boards of directors and make their own little enclave rules like... gee, have a sleeve dog or no dog at all.

And let's not get into the argument about small dogs = messier and more energetic than larger, sedate dogs, either. >.>


Weather. fsocking weather. I haets it.


Oh, Japan. Never change. "Bandai has created the tuttuki bako (poking box)"


It's taken more than a century, but Einstein's celebrated formula e=mc2 has finally been corroborated, thanks to a heroic computational effort by French, German and Hungarian physicists.


boss is on vacation. i don't wanna werk. woe.


ETA: OH OH! I forgot an important bit! from Very Short List: Beatles mystery sound solved with the user of a Fourier Transform!. Yes, yes, I am a geek. BUT! I HAVE DONE FOURIER TRANSFORMS! (years ago, now, in college) THEY ARE BRAIN BREAKY! but also cool. Digital signal processing was one of my favourite courses.
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Thing the First! ... it sucks to have forgotten your RFID badge at home when the only available parking spaces are out back and the back door of the building is always locked and there are no smokers to swipe you in. >.> Long walk around building was long.

Thing the Second! ... "Winter is a-coming in, lude sing goddamn!" -- it's snaining today. Snow in Barrie and Kingston.

Thing the Third! ... I have an awesome new winter jacket made of some crazy stuff that I keep calling "plimafrost" but is actually "Primaloft" aka synthetic down. It reflects body heat back at you and keeps me toasty like climate control.

Thing the Fourth! ... I finished a cat hat! Behold!

That is all. *nodnod*

ETA: Cat hat details - knit in acrylic with Bernat Ombre Camouflage Outback yarn. Could also be done as a grey tabby, with Bernat Snow Ghost, or in a solid colour. ^_^
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14 stitches on 3 dpns. ok.
knit 3 rounds. ok.
decrease until 10 stitches left. ack! stop coming up! *scramblescramble*
ok. decreases done.
*stuff knitting in bag*

9 stitches. not ok.
ribbit. *sigh* ok.
14 stitches. redo decreases. 10 stitches. yay!
*stuff knitting in bag at stop*

knit 3 rounds. ok. 1. 2. 3-- hay wait a minute!

... tiny knitted tube is now INSIDE OUT, and has been for the last... two and a half rounds.


At which point I gave up, since I'd have to have ripped it back for the third or fourth time. I had at least two false starts getting the 14 stitches onto 3 dpns going. Not to mention dropping my 4th dpn in the subway car umpteen times. Feh.


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