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Since I've friended some new folks lately, it occurred to me that fair warning on what you might stumble into in my fic archives could be useful.

I have a bad habit of unfinished epics. I know. I'm sorry. I have every intention of finishing them when I start, but they tend to overwhelm me.

*clears throat* So. Fair warning, these fics are unfinished, and 95% likely to stay that way:

- Existential Difficulties
- [ profile] brokenworld01 (sequel to How Far Do You Bend?, which is actually finished, but please heed the angst warning. I'm not kidding.)

Meine Liebe
- Engaged

Final Fantasy VII
- Daylight & Darkness - most of which is archived elsewhere, but there are a couple chapters here, just to confuse you.

I think that's the main ones. ^_^; Anything else should be one-shots or no more than 3 or 4 parts.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] imperial_artist!!!

And for you:

Engaged, Ch.8! with Orphe pr0n! Not worksafe. ^_~

Engaged, Ch.8 )
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Took Bébé to the pet boarders earlier. Wah! Am puppyless! It is for good reason, as tomorrow night, Ki-chan and I are treating ourselves to a night in a fancy suite, with gift certificates for dinner at a (fancy, or not) restaurant. ^_^ And the parents, of course, are in Vancouver, so boarding it is. Fortunately, Bébé is the world's most overgrown Chow puppy and Loves Everybody (well, except strange bearded men, but we can forgive him for that) and so boards well.

Finally watched Meine Liebe 7 -- oh the swishy! oh the sparkly! oh the boipretty! And it's nice to finally know what the Headmaster said, even if it is somewhat gibberish (how much wine did he have, anyway?) and makes one wonder why Strahl report to him first instead of the King...

Now we go in search of a food processor (mmm smoothies...). Should fold laundry at some point, too. :p
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So, we've been sitting on this one for rather too long, and it's not changing, so I am going to post it as is. *hides before Kiro gnaws on him*

Warnings: Angst and death (no, no, not one of our boys...). Worksafe.

Previously: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6

Engaged, Ch. 7 )
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Ed has something else to say about words, it seems....

Gone )
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completely random and gratuitous drabble! or something... I have no explanation for this, except a variety of thoughts that have been percolating in response to some things [ profile] imperial_artist has said.

Just Words... )
Disclaimer: Meine Liebe belongs to Konami, Kaori Yuki, and others. I'm just playing with the bishounen. ^_~
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So, this has been kicking around in my head since Pierced and Circles, and also Acceptance in a way, and the subsequent discussion of ficcing meaning for various personal artefacts of the characters. And yes, we do need a whole subsection of our still non-existent Meine Liebe website to host all our creating fanon backstories for things.

But to the point. Standard disclaimers apply: don't own, don't sue. About 2300 words. I thought I was going to have to claim A/U on this one, but turns out, it doesn't actually conflict with episode 2, or my own theories. And that's all the spoiler you're going to get.

Memento )
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oo, oo, look! Multi-fandom implications! >.< Read it how you like, and I'll tell you at the end what it was supposed to be.

Caged )


Feb. 26th, 2005 09:05 pm
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and you know, just today, while we were wandering the Pacific Mall, I voiced the thought -- "well, at least they wouldn't try turning Meine Liebe into a trading card game," -- as we walked past a tiny store where 8-12 year olds were busily haggling over the latest Yu-gi-oh cards.

I was wrong. >.<

Basing it on the dating sim is at least slightly more reasonable than basing it on the anime, but still.
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(aka, the "not as think as you drunk I am" chapter ^_~;)

Otherwise disclaimer free - no adult content for this chapter. Just a lot of conversation and a few important (painful) revelations. And as usual, still don't own, please don't sue. ~3500 words.

Missed the previous chapters? Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5

and now: Engaged ~ Chapter 6 )
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Been having a rather amusing discussion elsewhere on LJ about how Kiro and I could be considered BNFs for Meine Liebe, as certain elements of our fanon are being accepted as canon in the rather limited ML fanfic circle we move in (it's a circle of three! woo!), and more to the point, how this gives us license to pitch fits over nothing on occasion (although I'd rather not end up on fandom_wank, thanks).

Which in turn got me to thinking about my own universes and how, obviously, I am the one and only BNF in those, and this should give me license to have a hissy fit over nothing, but what I'm inclined to have a hissy fit over is the lack of feedback. Which is lame and shallow and I shouldn't bother, but now I've brought it up, so I might as well, because I'm implying it anyway, ne?

The thing is, I've posted chapters, and sidefics, and gotten nary a squeak from my loyal readers. Certain people are excluded from the requirement of c&c due to the fact that I've explicitly asked them not to read the later chapters, but there are other people I have friended for the express purpose of allowing them to read Node or Mother chapters, and they lurk. You know, sometimes something as simple as "wow, that was great" or "dude, don't leave me hangin'!" can really make a writer's day. The last thing I want to be is a feedback whore, which is why I usually don't say anything much at all, but this is seriously wearing on me, especially since I'm trying to get to the denoument of this story (Node) (well, stories, including Mother).

Did anyone find Urbania (Jaz sidefic) even remotely interesting? or was the het stuff too much of a turn off?

I can't work in a vacuum. This isn't a lame-ass whine for feedback, it's just me stating that. If I need feedback, I need to ask for it, which I haven't been doing, so I've only been contributing to the problem. Maybe it's just that getting random comments on the ML stuff is making me notice the dichotomy in my "fandoms."

Bloody hell. I miss the "good ol' days" of Crimson Ink.
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Just so as certain other Strahl candidates don't feel neglected... ^_^; And so I don't forget that this is the more or less final version (previously posted in [ profile] _meine_liebe). And I need a Naoji icon, and an Orphe one, or something. Ok. Done now. On to the fic!

Characters: Naoji/Ed
Setting: Fall 1935 (episode 8) No spoilers for the episode, other than that Naoji and Ed have left Kuchen on a student exchange trip.
Warnings: um... PG-13? Just shy of explicit.
Words: about 1100
Disclaimer: Meine Liebe and the characters belong to Konami, Yuki Kaori, and others.

Breathe )
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Engaged Chapter 5:

The latest installment of the Ed/Orphe fanfiction saga by [ profile] nekonexus and [ profile] kintail...
This chapter has no warnings except, yes, more angst.

An interlude included at the end of this chapter introduces another viewpoint....

Missed the previous chapters? Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4

and now Engaged ~ Chapter 5 )
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Disclaimer: Meine Liebe and all characters etc. belong to someone who is not me, alas. ~_~ But I shall play with them for no profit!

Warnings: R rated, not in the slightest bit work or school safe, but full of lemony goodness! ^_~ Approx. 3000 words.

Co-write creds to [ profile] kintail.

Previously: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, and Chapter 3.

And now... Engaged ~ Chapter 4 )
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The only warning this one gets is that we may end up changing the politics in future, depending on how eps 8-13 translate. >.< Other than that, nothing suggestive, just more angst. ~_~ Approx. 2200 words. Co-writing creds to [ profile] kintail. *huggles*

Chapter 1 is here, and Chapter 2 here. Enjoy!

Engaged, Chapter 3 )

must. not.

Jan. 26th, 2005 08:33 pm
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oh dear ghod (who does not exist) help! No! We must resist! We must not invent a Meine Liebe drinking game to tide us over until new subs appear. Must. Not. ~_~

... )


Jan. 20th, 2005 09:03 pm
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One of the things I don't get about the Meine Liebe community (in general) goes like this:

The girl in the ML manga, (strongly implied and assumed to be) Ed's sister, is named Erika.
She looks "just like" the girl you play as in the ML game, ergo, she gets called Erika as well.
In the ML game, you try to date any/all of the guys, including Ed.

... the concept that this means she's trying to date her older brother doesn't seem to bother anyone. I don't get it.

On the other hand, I firmly believe that the aphrodisiac sandwiches in the forest with Ed in the game are about the only way he would be able to *cough* perform with a FeMale, as I am quite convinced he is That Gay.

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Right, usual disclaimes apply. Don't own, don't sue. ^_^

Chapter 1 can be found here.

Yaoi warning. Not work safe. ^_^; (and you thought that wouldn't happen in this fic, didn't you?). ~3500 words.

With co-writing credit to [ profile] kintail.

Engaged, Chapter 2 )
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wandered over to the official ML site in search of news about upcoming eps...

Episode 11 - there's a gun. And there's Orphe getting shot at and falling in a swishy way! AAAAAAA!

no no no no no !!! ghods, I need a crash course in understanding Japanese (Kuchen style, of course)!

This could very well mean there's a scar that needs to be accounted for in "Engaged."

And besides that, FOO!


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