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Kiro picked this one up on the recommendation of a friend of a friend, and because it was cheap (overstock, $2). We weren't expecting much, but hey, at that price...

Cover blurb:
He's the answer to her prayers and the beginning of her nightmares!
When Cree's bass player bails on her band, she finds herself in a bind. Through a twist of fate, she meets Izsak, bass player extraordinaire, and all her problems are solved! But when a pair of mysterious figures begins to stalk the band, her world quickly turns into one big bad dream. Between Izsak's dark past and shadowy future, can the light of Cree's promising romance with him survive?

Sounds like standard fare, but then cover blurbs do that. And to be fair, some of the plot does feel predictable. But the character designs and especially the facial expressions are amazing. There was none of that "oh, interchangeable blond girls" confusion of characters -- their personalities are so distinct and so ... they're all so very human. You don't have to guess at poorly explained motivations; everything is right there in the characters' words and faces and body language, without infodumps.

It's the characterization that carries this one, even when you think "ho hum, playing the vampire card," or "right, the mysterious quasi-military organization is tracking the vampire." The plot skews just enough off the beaten track to keep it interesting and fresh without being wildly unpredictable or crack-tastic.

And bonus points for a convincing cross-dressing/trans character treated as a sympathetic human being and not just played for laughs.

Overall: Worth picking up. Volume 2 is out now.

ETA: Okay, bias on my part. I love stories about bands, especially with angsty/broody types. Izsak is more often clueless than angsty, and Cree is fairly pragmatic, all things considered, but still. ^_~

Return of the Edit: Oh Hai! You can check it on the Tokyopop website here!


Jul. 12th, 2006 09:29 pm
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... I have just wasted lost an entire evening to reading Hot Gimmick and playing Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. (I got a yellow card and lost my shortsword. *sob*) Err...

What? It's not like I had other things to write. Really. Not. *sigh*
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Yes. I'm slow.

Nguh. I'm done for.

I mean.... Tachibana... and the thing and the stuff and then that thing and... eurgh. Yeah

And then? Ono -- and that Thing and stuff and that other thing and god damn but he's such a sweet gay of demonic charm and ... eurgh. Yeah.

Done for.

*wibbles off in search of icons, and drabble bunnies*
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Vol. 4

ARGH! I just.... argh! Noooo..... ARGH! and also ARGH!

I need volume 5. *wails*

ETA: Chapters fails me. ~_~ Woe. They had only vol 1 & 8.

But on the plus side, I finally got printer paper (even if the cashier did give me a funny look for turning down the on-sale paper on the principle of it being HP paper. C'mon. I have a Canon printer. Guaranteed to jam on HP paper. :p So I got the house brand instead. *snicker*)
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Volume 6 - Argh. Filler much? Sheesh.

Volume 7 - ...

Well, shit.

*wanders away pondering theories of shikigami and sakurazukamori and any relation to certain centipede princes is purely coincidental?*
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Or rather, more like a conversation between Seishiro-san and ... ? himself? ^_^;
Disclaimers: my knowledge of Tokyo Babylon is patchy and incomplete (vol.5 was making me drippy. So much death! Agh!) And then Sei-chan got talkative while I was in the shower. This is the end result. Make of it what you will.

untitled drabble )
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... I am sooo addicted. So what if it took three volumes to get to the beginnings of a real plot. Seishiro is just ... *purrs* *drools* And there's this full page shot of him in vol. 4, with his glasses off.... woah. Just woah. If cracking the backs of books weren't against my religion (not) I would so be scanning that page to make icons and layouts or something! with. *happy sigh*

And in X news... Sora is entirely too entertaining. ^_^ And Inuki as a puppy? *squee!* Teh Cute!
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...I did not mean to buy vols 2, 3, and 4 of X/1999. But they were on sale. $9.99 each!

so, yeah.

Also acquired Saiyuki 8.

And now I really really need to file that income tax return. >.< doh


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