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How Google Dominates Us - long, but worth the read, especially for the summary of just how they revolutionized the search industry.

Lesbian Couple Saved ~40 from Norwegian Shooter

The Toronto Dreams Project Historical Ephemera Blog - I really enjoy Adam's writing style for his history of TO articles. Take, for example, this bit from this post:
The Governor General in charge of Lower Canada freaked the fuck out. He just up and quit.

And given how much writing he's done about the history of the city, I especially like this post of his about the most recent doings at city hall:
All the way back in the late-1700s, Toronto was founded by corrupt, incompetent conservatives who didn't believe in democracy. People like Ford are hardly new here; they've always had a particularly strong voice in our city. But one of the overarching stories of Toronto's 200 years is the story of how everyone else has built a great, caring, welcoming, liberal city anyway.

Finally: An intelligent articulation of the digital identity divide with regards to Google+ and the "pseudonym" policy.

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A Pom and A Cat, on YouTube. Open to subscriptions, since I keep forgetting to post updates. ^_^;

ETA: Ember Walks On High!

Also, Ember was SUCH a good girl this morning! We (me and her, that is) got up at 6am for a pee break, and when she was done - she put herself back in the crate voluntarily! I waited to make sure she wasn't just looking for a toy in the back, but no, she stayed, so I closed the door and we all went back to sleep.

Then, when I got up again later (8ish?) because she was pawing at the side of the crate, I let her out, and she pooped on the UGoDog without any assistance or redirection! Yay Ember! So we had a party, and then I went back to bed, and she and Rufus let me sleep in until the terribly late hour of 9:30 omg.

... proud parents, talkin' 'bout poops. ^_^;

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I mean, I don't think we really expected Tokyopop to ever cough up vol 10 of Saiyuki Reload, after all this time, but now they're shutting down their US office.

... So much for that. >.>

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From watching my twitter feed this past week, I had assumed that everyone on the Internet would have heard about the #Uterus issue.

Apparently I was wrong. So, for your edification, entertainment, or - you know - traumatizing those 12 to 14 year-olds out there who may not be aware they have one:


"You can't say that in the House!"

SuperUterus - made by Kay (of Crossed Genres). All profits donated to Planned Parenthood. :)

And the South Florida Raging Grannies bring you: The Uterus Song.

ETA: Meanwhile, teen pregnancy is down, but not just for the reasons mainstream media is reporting.

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1 - Fandom auctions for relief/aid for Japan:

[community profile] help_japan - on DW. Auction posts open as of today! Note also that their default currency is pounds sterling.

[ profile] help_japan - on LJ. Auction posts open to bidding on Monday, March 14.

Debating what to offer, but my track record for filling voluntary requests is horrid... so. :-/

2 - Writers: got two hundred words in you? AE is looking for Micro contest entries again.
AE Micro the second.

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[Copied from [ profile] kintail]

Google has set up a "person finder" app for the quake and tsunami in Japan, available here: Google Person Finder.

It has two parts, "I'm looking for someone" and "I have information about someone", and is also available in several other languages. At the time I'm posting this, it is "currently tracking about 7200 records."

"PLEASE NOTE: All data entered will be available to the public and viewable and usable by anyone. Google does not review or verify the accuracy of this data."

I see a lot of people on LJ worried about friends and family in the area. Please spread the word about this tool.
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Some things you may be interested in (and may or may not know about):

eBook giveaway - just share your Good News! here.

[ profile] con_or_bust is running.


Feb. 14th, 2011 11:39 am
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55 year-old woman saves husband from tiger attack with a (wooden) soup ladle.

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Seen on Twitter: RT @mforbeck: New blog post: The Leverage RPG is Live

Leverage table-top gaming. Ahyup.

But will it be as entertaining as Survival By Eliot?
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(and are preferably in CO or want to move there :p)

Interweave is looking for a content editor for their knitwear books.
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So, uh... if zombie erotica does it for you (ykinmk), there's this new anthology out that my Twitter list is buzzing about.

Rigor Amortis. Look it up on amazon, or wherever. ^_^;


Sep. 27th, 2010 11:03 am
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Two things, and please pimp them:

1 - Crossed Genres is still accepting submissions for their "Characters of Color" double-size issue until midnight on September 30th. Science fiction or Fantasy featuring a main character (at least one) of color. More details on the current genre page.

2 - Science In My Fiction is looking for short story subs (1k to 6k firm). Guidelines are here. Excerpt:

Science in My Fiction is accepting science fiction story submissions. We will be publishing one story per month on the website. Each year the stories will be collected in an anthology and published in print and digital formats. Stories must be inspired by a scientific discovery or innovation. A URL to an article about the relevant science must be provided. Accepted stories will be paid a flat rate of $25, plus a print copy of the anthology when it’s released.
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The Awesome and Ambitious [ profile] telophase says: I'm starting to create a database of characters to cosplay as, with a list of characteristics in stupidly fine detail, that I can use to feed into a quiz/form that people can fill out to get back a list of suggestions of character to cosplay as. Woo, aren't you excited?

You should be!

Please help her out, and add characters!

This link will get you a list of characters already entered.
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Due to some unexpected financial difficulties, Crossed Genres is currently having a 25% off everything sale.

That means you can get 25% off their already crazy cheap digital bundle versions, or if you prefer paper, those are on sale, too! (Including Issues 12 and 20, featuring yours truly. ^_~ )

Discount codes are here. Sale ends July 31st!

Indulge, and spread the word!

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I had only just gotten around to posting about my love of Alex Wong (the dancer), and now he is out of the competition due to injury! Nooooooo!!

*sob* No fair.

[Link removed due to GooTube Censorship] Watch how fecking brilliant this man is. A BALLET DANCER DOING HIP HOP WITH TWITCH. I MEAN RLY!

[Link removed due to GooTube Censorship] And this, where he does contemporary. I may not have much use for Yet Another Rendition of That Song but I can forgive its use for that. Srsly.

Boo. Here's to a healthy, full recovery for Alex, regardless of how long it takes.

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An interactive map of the oil spill trajectory. As noted in the tweet I got this from, writers of future fic set along the Gulf Coast should take note.

Apparently, Happy Meals do not decompose.

The Aether Age (the blog is here)

The TTC has turned over 25D to the YRT - it is now 90B.

aaaand ... Wikipedia is Not Amused by XKCD. XD

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Okay, I know I seem to do this a lot, but since SciInMyFi is very nearly almost safely funded, I'm going to give one last shout-out for another Kickstarter project.

AE - The Canadian Science Fiction Review is looking for $10k through Kickstarter to get off the ground. So far they've got nearly 5k, and only have five days left.

They are trying to create an SFWA-qualified market in Canada, and they want to publish under Creative Commons license.

If there's anyone you can put this in front of (they have posters!) in the next five days, please give it a try.

It's a long shot at this point, but it can't hurt. And feel free to link or repimp or otherwise spread the word. Remember, if they don't make their goal, none of the pledges get charged (in other words, they won't get any money).

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Signal boost for Crossed Genres': Science in My Fiction contest and Kickstarter pledge drive.

Pledges can start at $1, and you get something back for any pledge.
Or you could research and write some science in your fiction. ^_^
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Reminder - [ profile] helptheproject auctions end in one week!

I forgot to say that I am offering a custom knit animal-ear hat.


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