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Today (thus far (tis only 11am)) in brief:

cut for the uninterested )
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I lack a fandom, a show, an... ANYTHING to be passionate about (except Kiro, of course) so I lack direction / focus / attention / inspiration for LJ.

*flails around in circles*

i don't know what to *do* with my LJ. woe!
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My brain has been hyperactive with story ideas like it does when I have absolutely no time to write.

Before I woke up this morning I had a very interesting dream about a Tavam who was getting married -- but it wasn't me!

I told Kiro this, and added, "I thought I was the only one!"

Kiro: "silly, why would you think that?"

Me: "... 'cuz I'd never dreamt about one before?"

Anyway. ^_^; It was all medieval-futuristic (like the "castle" seemed to have a slow but steady rotational speed, making me suspect it was actually a space station, with lots of dancing and people cross-dressing, and a dragon and many cards, and stuff. Yeah.

Having a hard time being AWAKE right now. And I still have Node and Carnival scenes buzzing around the back of my head. Yargh!

Also I knit an alien on the weekend.
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happy unbirthday to me! ^_^

also, Making Light has declared today Dysfunctional Families Day.

and Happy Autumnal Equinox. ^_^ (okay, it's technically tomorrow, but I prefer it to be the 21st :p )


Sep. 20th, 2008 03:07 pm
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Feeling better. Actually managed to get out of bed yesterday without having to spend two or three hours sitting in a heap of pillows and being feeble. ... Yeah. Wasn't fun.

Thanks to all for the good wishes, etc. I think I'm over it. Now the trick is to keep Kiro healthy until the wedding. He has a sniffle/congestion. It's not allowed to get any worse.

We've accomplished many house things this morning, though, in preparation for guest arriving and such. Now it's time to shower and head out to do Outside things.

Also, [ profile] tessercat_sales was updated with NES games and beads. More to come. (The GetBackers DVDs are sold, for those of you who were eyeing them. ^_~ )

And hey. There was fic in the past month. Be amazed and comment.
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and I know that's just a sampling. There's forest fires elsewhere, and tornado watches for Manitoba.


Be safe people! Especially those of you in the Midwest and elsewhere!

ETA: O HAI THAR THUNDERSTORM with SHEETS OF RAIN! *eyes it* *goes around shutting things down* bai bai intarnets!
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I have been meaning, for a while now, to write up a post about perceived hypocrisy (my own), and why I'm still on LJ and slacking on IJ, and if it matters any more, etc etc ad nauseum.

I don't know that anyone actually cares, other than me. ^_^;

Cut for ramblings about A Place to Call One's Own, or less pompous thoughts on journalling. )
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First: Medical marijuana user files human rights complaint over smoking laws.

Second -- from Rob's website:

Rob [Thomas] is featured in Pot Culture

Rob is featured in the new book Pot Culture, The A-Z Guide to Stoner Language & Life, written by former High Times editors Shirley Halperin and Steve Bloom (out 4/20 ETA: ahahah. nice.). Rob contributed an essay called "The Art of Scoring," detailing how to casually bring up -and score- weed when you're in dire need. He's also quoted on the back cover. Pick up a copy at your local bookstore or at Amazon.

ETA: Third -- there's a point in the Toronto concert, which I've only just been able to pick out what Rob's saying and it goes like this:

"Oh Toronto. We love you Toronto. And it's not just your health care. It's not just your governing bodies. We just love you.
Not your... it's not your decriminalization laws -- well, maybe a little."
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A few days ago I was going to post about feeling stuck or blocked somehow, and how our dreams were reflecting that. We'd had a series of them in which "I" was trying to walk, or run or climb up a ladder, and it was like fighting through air thick as jello and everything was so damn tiring... but at the same time, just sitting down and giving up was Not An Option.

Herein lie zm0bies and explosions. )
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Two o'clock in the morning. Kiro wakes me up because the dog is being urgent and made a bad smell. The dog never asks to go out in the middle of the night unless he's not feeling well. I think the last time was when he got into the chocolate. >.>

Anyway. I shuffle out of bed, put on shoes and a jacket and grab my keys. Put a leash on the dog and check for poop bags before stumbling out the door.

Bébé leads me out the doors and down the stairs and lunges for the grass, where he has a hasty piss and then starts doing the hunting-in-a-circle thing he does when looking for a good pooping spot. Sure enough, he squaddles, and produces... doggy diarrhea. I don't think I need to describe how disgusting it was.

Eventually, he seems okay... )
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There are several things I want to post about but I have run out of motivation for today. >.<

Short list, then:

  1. LJ politics and shifting personal values
  2. Seeing the alleged father again after... 10+ years
  3. Roasting coffee beans in the oven here
  4. random Avatar figurines here
  5. ...and we'll come up with the rest as we think of them.
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as the busking dude with dog said to us at the subway station (interrupting his rendition of "Comfortably Numb"). ^_^

Aside: the gov't is ARGH! -- "kill information" indeed. Can has election, pls? Oh wait, the Liberals still suck. gah.

...the sun is now out, after a day of on-off-POURING-off-on rain. Wet pot pixies were wet.

apparently still just stoned enough to keep losing my thought... and my capital letters. doh. magic 8 ball sez: "try again later"
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not enough time.

met cory doctorow. his brain is shiny. sat at the front of the room - he read ch.12. dude. wow. (sidebar: now i know what aidan's brain is like in action. just different topics.)

the world needs more free wifi.

there is no Google in the Node. use of capitals is arbitrary.

"Gin" needs a fic. kaleb and jeb need keyboard time. so does the carnival owner. why does my brain make with the shiny when i have no time at work?

cory doctorow was dumpster diving in markham last night. he drove past my office building (a couple times, it's on the side of the highway), but didn't stop there.

scars dishes are piling high, like fashion magazines. read between the lines - no time for housework. still need to decorate pixie wings for the GMM on saturday. there may be go-go boots.

i should be in bed. O.o
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Well, that was exciting. ^^;

I was just about to post that I was surfing the 'net from Firefox, in Ubuntu, which I just installed 20min ago (after finally getting my F: drive formatted). And then the fire alarm went off.

I think someone burnt a sweet potato.

Anyway. All is well. Ubuntu is shiny and orange. There is a heron on my desktop. A hardy one.

And now! to bed. >.>
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... i don't know why i haven't posted about it. maybe because i'm still working on learning how to blow-dry (omg!) and style (zomg!) this new 'do. not that it has to be styled, but it looks better i guess...

anyway. yes. saturday i had my eyebrows done, and then a haircut, and then highlights! so now i has coppery/gold highlights in the front and stuff.

that is all. ^_^
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Yeah, I know. Lagged. >.>

Sunday and Monday are here.

Tuesday! the day of Tai-chi and snorkels! )

home again

Mar. 21st, 2008 12:14 pm
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we are home. pets are home. yay for long weekend. ^_^
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We're going to reclaim our island. (Or at least part of it.)

We're going to rewrite memories and impressions and celebrate what's worth remembering about it.

Beaches. oh my dog the beaches... Pirates. (Arr...) The Straw Market. Bay Street. The water. The blues and greens and so fucking clear...

Conch fritters. Snapper. Grouper. Peas 'n Rice.

...I may not want to come back.

Well, except for the disgustingly rampant homophobia. >.> Apparently there have been placard-waving pickets of gay cruises, and last year there was a police raid on a gay party at the Hard Rock Cafe. Nobody was arrested, because no crime had been committed (homosexuality is legal, at least), but still.

We can play the siblings card if we have to. And of course tourists singly or in small groups have more immunity. Small blessings of a tourism-based economy.

We've never done this "all-inclusive" thing before, let alone the last-minute run-away-run-away package.

It's going to be awesome. Why do things linearly? We'll honeymoon first. ^_~

T-3 days and counting.


Mar. 10th, 2008 10:44 am
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...I forgot my glasses. >.< More importantly, I forgot my flash drive. >.<

Fortunately, co-worker who lives nearby forgot her iPod as well, so we are going to carpool a run home at lunch.

It's the winter that just won't end. *cries*

I apologize to everyone for not buying snow tires back in November when the snow started. In my hubris, I was convinced that it couldn't be that bad... Toronto just doesn't get snow (or at least it hasn't gotten much in the four years we've been here). I was wrong. I'm sorry. ^_^;

It's getting harder and harder to remember that on 4/20 last year, we were out in shirt-sleeves and sunshine. That's only a month and a half away.

...I may have to cave to the "last minute" vacation trend before I seriously crack.
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First week of new job = ^__^

SPN = ~_~ or maybe x.x

Avatar = *^___^*

Neil Gaiman on the subject of Dumbledore = ...

Petsmart Grand Opening with freebies = (insert ASCII dog here) *^_^*!

Clothes shopping = _-_

Donating coats for kids and getting free movie passes = ^_^


Super-secret decoder ring says: each of these things has thinky thoughts attached to them, however, we still have to do groceries, and lunch, and maybe attempt to find trendy-jeans (as opposed to good old billy-blues) and ... uh. Oh right. Batteries at the Crappy Tire.

Note to Aidan: tags.
Note to Romy: upload the rest of the Node OST.
Note to Tav: deal with the Hallowe'en and Giant Broccoli of D00M! photos.



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