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Blessedly cool weather! Hooray!

Unrelated: I need to fix my LJ layout. I am not happy with this OotB version anymore. WOE.

Related: Puttering away on the next scene of Carnival. Next up: The owner and the Lady. And more carousels. And spoilers and stuff. ^_^

Once more to the dentist this afternoon. This time for a crown.
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An interactive map of the oil spill trajectory. As noted in the tweet I got this from, writers of future fic set along the Gulf Coast should take note.

Apparently, Happy Meals do not decompose.

The Aether Age (the blog is here)

The TTC has turned over 25D to the YRT - it is now 90B.

aaaand ... Wikipedia is Not Amused by XKCD. XD

Cross-posted from DW. Comment here or there. comment count unavailable comments at DW.
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There were a lot of things I was going to write about, now that the release is over (or at least, we've signed off all docs to QA and declared them final), but then the front door (heavy, solid, firesafe, weighted to close automatically but without a slow down arm thing) squashed my ring finger on my left hand, and now I am crippled! It is incredibly slowing to have to type without that finger!

It's all turning purple and blue up around the side and under my fingernail, too, despite the immediate application of ice. Bad bruise is bad. ~_~ And extremely pressure sensitive. :p

I used to have a dragon that would take dictation, but I never trained it particularly well, and hated the sound of my own voice talking to it. And that was ... ten years ago? guh >.<

Meantime, I am trying to plot, and may resort to pen and paper, and watching Yuletide progress with interest. Some year, maybe... ^^;

Also, I got a haircut, and eyebrows waxed, and today Kiro is going to dye my hair. I am civilized like again! Heh.

what a day

Nov. 14th, 2009 05:41 pm
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It is easier to type without my index finger than without my ring finger. Just sayin'.

Door + fingers == OW

we shopped! we saw 'Stare At Goats' (as the movie theatre advertised it).

my finner still hurts. woe.


Sep. 20th, 2008 03:07 pm
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Feeling better. Actually managed to get out of bed yesterday without having to spend two or three hours sitting in a heap of pillows and being feeble. ... Yeah. Wasn't fun.

Thanks to all for the good wishes, etc. I think I'm over it. Now the trick is to keep Kiro healthy until the wedding. He has a sniffle/congestion. It's not allowed to get any worse.

We've accomplished many house things this morning, though, in preparation for guest arriving and such. Now it's time to shower and head out to do Outside things.

Also, [ profile] tessercat_sales was updated with NES games and beads. More to come. (The GetBackers DVDs are sold, for those of you who were eyeing them. ^_~ )

And hey. There was fic in the past month. Be amazed and comment.
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woe i has flu. or something.

ow all over. curled up in bed. yay for mac and going postal audiobook and also knitting.

i hates being sick.

woeful kitty.
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Ontario to resume coverage of sex-change operations!

Official announcement to come in a couple of weeks. They expect "8 to 10" such operations a year, at an annual cost of $200,000. It's been 10 years since the gov't delisted it.

wtf body?

Nov. 10th, 2007 05:27 pm
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Breakfast this morning was at the Ikea. This is not a new thing. We do this periodically. "Premium breakfast" which is also not new.

What is new, is the allergic reaction I am having. Itchy/rashy feeling around the corners of my mouth and inside edges of my lips. Definitely started to develop after breakfast. So, oh wise LJ-land....

[Poll #1086419]
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which is mostly due to the eye drops of Dilation Doom that the optometrist forced upon me. Things up close (like the laptop i'm on hahaha) are still blurry. bleh.

verdict is i need reading/computer glasses. woe, for i must join the sexy ranks of bespectacled people. heh. i blame it on cosplaying tenpou. but really. woe for my entire yearly extended insurance allowance for eyeglasses is $100, and OHIP (provincial healthcare) no longer covers the exams.

i think i shall be prevailing upon me mommy. "mummy! mummy! i need glasses for christmas!" *snerk*

right. i need to do something not involving light. and screens. and damnit. i want to play ffxii!

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I am a dork. >.<

The general consensus from the Samurai Champloo poll was that the ending didn't suck. HOWEVER. I realized after it had been up for like a day that I'd flocked it and the people who'd initially said they didn't like the ending... aren't on my flist.

Dork, dork.

(I need a dork dork icon. In which the Puddle Jumper is stuck in the Stargate and the text simply says: Dork, dork.)

Ugh is because I just got back from the dentist (yes again!) from having a filling that the previous dentist fucked up fixed. I... can't feel my lip. But at least the bump on my tooth is gone so it shouldn't break the floss anymore. >.< There's nothing worse than broken floss strings stuck between your teeth!

Speaking of dork dorks: anonymous commenting has been turned off, kthxbye to the person who felt the need to tell me about the evils of mice and how I should praise my cat for killing them. (Which he doesn't, btw. He just catches them and then freaks out because he doesn't know what to do with them.)

Uh. I need to get my thoughts together about the ending of Champloo and "seeing through the Saiyuki filter" because I think they're interesting, and I'd like other people to think so, too. ^_^;

In the meantime, I'm trying not to let NWN own my soul. (Why the fuck did I sell that mage's staff anyway? shit.) I've been working on ED 16 (*threatens to thump Kenren and Goujun both*) and um... yeah. Oh, cosplay stuff. ^_^

Soon. Soon I will be able to feel my lip again. And then there will be eating.

(no, they didn't actually drug me at the dentist's.... really.)

And one more thing! YAY!!!11!! Ace got voted off the island stage last night! Woot!


Mar. 10th, 2006 06:01 pm
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I'm alive! *runs around chasing tail*

That is to say: today was the first day since last friday that I was not in pain! w00t!

\o/ \o/ \o/ (ascii dudes of joy)

This inspired me to work on Existential Difficulties. GAH. Awkard Conversations 'R Us, whot.

Also, I am in the mood to make up a musical post this weekend. We'll see how long that lasts. ^_~

ETA: OH HAY ALSO! *points* Gunstock! my song! (as in, the one I wrote lyrics for ^__^ )


Mar. 7th, 2006 04:49 pm
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so, um, hi. *feeble wave*

Thanks to all who sent cards and wishes. *luvs you all*

ugh, my mouth tastes like cloves. seriously. Why? apparently I had a dry socket. :p So they stuck some stuff in... looked like the woody stuff you pull out of the middle of a rotted tree o.o and it stank to high heaven of cloves and it numbed my tongue, but hey, I'm feelin' better and I have a new 'srip for T3 with codeine. S'all good.

My teeth? Like to be difficult. Yah. Hence the "complicated extraction." Not that I cared. ^_^ They did a good job with the anaesthetic (after taking three attempts to find a vein they could put the IV in and OW but that hurt like fuck.) so I didn't feel/hear/smell anything of the surgery. Which leads me to believe that last time? when they took my five wisdom teeth out? I only got gas. >.< Never again, yo.

I still don't remember why the surgeon was asking who Roger Rabbit's wife was, although I did tell him it was Jessica. Before they put me under. I think. o.O

Lessee. Am coping, more or less.

I posted Ki-chan's birthday fic, finally! Go read it. ^_^

Also, I wrote a chunk of Wrap-verse on Friday ... before I went for surgery. :p It needs posting as soon as I find it and my brain again simultaneously.

It took me an hour and a half to get through two days worth of work email this morning. o.O;

FMA movie. By what crack? o.O I got nuthin'.


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