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What happened to the importer/uploader for AO3? Do I *have* to copy and paste everything now? Was it a victim of the deploy?

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I need to cast on a project for the TTC Knitalong on Saturday, and I do not know what to knit.

I am adverse to socks, shawls, scarves, etc, and anything with a known tendency to black holes. I like hats, but do not wear them often. Argh!

Halp? Links to patterns and/or Ravelry pages would be awesome.

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help me LJ!

Jun. 2nd, 2010 10:38 am
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I need flashfic prompt(s)! Non-fandom, please.

If only for the practice, I need to draft something in the 100 - 500 word range.

*cough*no CG is not having a contest again *cough* why do you ask? ^_^;
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Thinking of retiring my Palm T|X and picking up a (used or refurb) iPod Touch with my tax return "play" money.

Opinions on said device? Would only be looking at the 8GB model, probably, and sponging off free wi-fi (as I've yet to figure out how to acquire a purely DATA data plan from a cell phone company in Canada).

Particularly interested in any experiences of the Touch as an eBook reader, as that's mostly what I use my Palm for at this point (with mobiPocket, so most of my ebooks are in .mobi format).
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I need inspirations. Either plot or characters - I lack both, although I have fun techie stuff I could throw into it. The Cool Bits Generator hasn't been helping either.

Suggestions welcome.


*this is the sound of a writer gnawing on a dead plot bunny bone.*
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Okay. You are all summarily requested to refrain from sending me pics of, or links to pics of, cute puppies, especially of the Pomeranian or Chihuahua variety.

My will is not as strong as yours, and the awesome breeder/trainer near us has pups for sale. And I am so wibbly over Mickey. No. Not linking. Bad fingers. Stop typing. Airfare to SD vs. buying puppy... woe!

... this is of course because I am missing my puppy, who felt more like my puppy than Rufus feels like my cat (and this in turn is largely because Kiro allows Rufus to be a chester while he's using his netbook, but I can't cope with cat in the way while trying to use Macbook, so Rufus does not snuggle me much and is thus not MY cat. Huff.).

It does not help that, because of the recent roll-out of the rest of the Me and My Nemesis quest at KoL, I now have a Mariachi Chihuahua familiar. >.> *impotent fist shake of fury*

...uh. Time for lunch.


Jan. 14th, 2010 05:51 pm
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I am (attempting) to write steampunk! with telescopes! and set in 1835-40ish North America. AND! my steampunk "voice" is wobbling all over the damn place and I cringe at some of my modern phrasing.

So! Halp? Recommend something I can read fairly quickly to get the right "period" tone and language? ^_^;


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