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Has anyone acquired a kitten (at the Night Circus)? Care to explain how, if so?


Also, there was apparently a book giveaway in Toronto last Tuesday - at eight in the morning. >.> With popcorn! and stilt-walkers! ... at eight in the morning. Oi. I did not learn of it til Thursday, alas.

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As noted elsewhere on the flist:

For you Echo Bazaar people, Failbetter has a new game out, in support of a forthcoming book, called The Night Circus (#thenightcircus). You can sign up (Twitter or Facebook) if you want to play, but if you use an invite from me, I gain rank. :)

So if I'm on your Twitter list and you want an invite, holler. Or drop a note here, or email me. Or just have at, because it seems you do also gain ranks (levels) by just playing enough cards.

Do note, however, that it is a marketing campaign (a clever and enjoyable one, in my books). If that, and the proposition of needing to invite friends of your own to access certain content, offends you, then this is likely not the best "game" for you.

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tessercat, a fascinating and shrewd gentleman )

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Gerundives ftw!

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Toronto peeps! (Or those inclined to be in the area) Next Monday (21st), is the 20th Annual Festival of Lights in Kensington Market! Bring noise makers and light and drive back the dark!
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Many thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. ^_^ It was indeed a good one, and the weekend overall has been pretty awesome.

It began with all-you-can-eat-meat at Korean BBQ (our once a month or less ritual). Then we went home for gifts!

First gift!

^___^ Yes, a pumpkin. And look! We found our granite island countertop again! (It had been buried beneath accumulated Stuff for a while.)

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yare yare

Dec. 6th, 2008 10:25 am
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ghod it's early. woe. I mean, we've been up since NINE. On a Saturday. It's cruel.

Anyway. Today we go look at more condos and hope that the dog doesn't eat any prospective tenants here in our old apartment while we're out.

There will be fic-bit for yesterday's prompt, and today's, but probably not til later after the second-hand stoned has worn off.

In the meantime:

OH MY DOG WTFBBQ!!!!!11!! eleventy-one! JOUSTING! FUCK!

*cough* This has been your Twilight Princess update for today. Yar.
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It snowed last night. Great fat wet "flakes" of the sort that made the ground look like it had had a giant slushie spilled on it. Still cold today, but most of the snow is gone, and there is *sunshine*. This is not to be taken for granted. Looks like it should actually stay dry today, too.

Trying not to have existential living arrangement angst. Is a one-bedroom the right thing? Can we live that small? Debate it up one side and down the other; pros, cons; old worries and new hopes. In the end, just have to trust that we WILL find what's right for us. Time to pack a box.

Unrelatedly, I seem to totally suck at fighting as Link-okami. Srsly, this game. Herding cats and transforming into a wolf? This is not the Zelda I knew. Harumph.

Breakfast. Coffee. Maybe find pronouns and grammar again. I blame the meat.


Oct. 26th, 2008 12:37 pm
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Yes, I have finally started playing Dirge of Cerberus. My gaming habits still cycle about 2 to 3 years behind the Intarnets. (Given that it took me a full YEAR to finish FFXII, this shouldn't surprise anyone.)

I'm actually enjoying Dirge, despite it being a shooter, which I've never played before. ... Well, okay, I might have tried Wolfenstein on the parents computer back in the day when the brother was addicted to it, but it made me sea-sick. (So did Echo the Dolphin on Sega, although I managed to beat Sonic the Hedgehog in a fit of insanity one day.)

Anyway. Dirge. I like the long cut scenes. I like sniping things. Not so keen on this protecting people business, and I think I accidentally blew 2 WRO soldiers up when I took out 2 Deepground ones. ... Their fault for standing so close to the barrel or whatever it was that exploded.

No spoilers, pls! But I may end up asking for hints and tips for finding the "hidden targets" so I can get the rest of the plotline. ^_~

Oh Vincent, you are so beautiful and soo pouty. *g* And Reeve, you are crazy insane. Don't change.

This game needs more Zack Cloud. That is all.
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That is all.
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Why has no one mentioned THIS yet? Hmm? Hmm??

Are all you FF fans out there snubbing the DS or has Squeenix just snuck this one in under the radar? It looks like fun, and as it has a release date (11.20.07!) unlike Crisis Core for the PSP, I might just have to be tempted for the holidays.

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Please note: Spoilers for Heroes Season 2 (down to mentioning who's around and who isn't) will result in Dire Things That Shall Make the Universe Tremble.

Thoughts on Heroes 1x23: )

So this Hollywood union writer's guild strike thing... should look into how that's affecting shows and what I will be able to catch reruns of. ^_^;

Also, I finished FFXII finally, a couple nights ago. It was, as someone said, epic, but left me a little... meh. "It's not that I don't care, it's just that... I don't care...." Also, a game set up such that you can beat the final boss's third metamorph at level 45? Is not so cool, Squeenix. But! I have Okami, and Dirge of Cerebus, AND a new (wireless) controller. Bwah.
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Things wot I did today (in no particular order):

  1. Level 73 x6! (FFXII)
  2. Defeated Gilgamesh! woot! (FFXII) I hate "level" magic. >.> Level 72 is not good when the boss casts Lvl 2 and Lvl 4 stat magic.
  3. Changed the cat litter (ew)
  4. 5 loads of laundry washed and dried/hung up to dry (yay for double-loaders)
  5. Washed 3 sinkfulls of dishes
  6. Renewed 2 library books
  7. Unearthed my voter registration card for the election tomorrow
  8. DE tag
  9. Confirmed that a fax was received
  10. Made lunch
  11. Picked Kiro up from tai-chi class in the drizzle.

Things wot I did not do today (yet):

  1. Return overdue library book >.<

  2. Return unneeded and unopened kitten food
  3. Buy iron

  4. Thing the thing (aka walk the dog, who, like all dogs, instinctively knows the word 'walk').

woot! even more accomplished! and now! cake.


Oct. 8th, 2007 04:26 pm
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or, you know, FF12 by another name = argh. >.>

Four hours later, I has defeated the Hell Wyrm. ... Death by tedium! OMG!

This game lacks some form of light, aggravating entertainment: like Blitzball or the FF8 card game. For some reason (I blame the book), I am being a completionist. >.< I could go charging into the Bahamut at this point, but I still have like 3 hunts to wrap up. And I'm only at level 71. So. Y'know. >.>

*takes a break on the puter*

P.S.! Happy Thanksgiving! ^_^


Jul. 1st, 2007 01:40 pm
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So. Am trying to finish FFXII this weekend, so I can attempt to get my ass kicked start Dirge of Cerberus. I keep getting distracted by side quests (not the hunts, mind). ^_^ Since friday night I've acquired four more Espers, and offed Ba'Gamnan. Woot!

Totally glad we got add-on ninja'd for the guide book, though, or some of the side quests would be friggin' impossible. Not to mention stupid.

But yes. Level 55/56. Have gotten the Esper in Pharos (and then left to restock, because towers that go up forever give me flashbacks to other FF games >.> ) and should head back there soon. If you don't see me much this weekend, that'll be why. That and CANADA DAY! Woo! of course! ^__^

Food. Food would also be good. *wanders off*


Jul. 12th, 2006 09:29 pm
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... I have just wasted lost an entire evening to reading Hot Gimmick and playing Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. (I got a yellow card and lost my shortsword. *sob*) Err...

What? It's not like I had other things to write. Really. Not. *sigh*

tra la la

Jul. 8th, 2006 09:21 pm
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*pokes flist*

Roll call! How many people are not out seeing Pirates of the Caribbean II and/or are not planning to see it this weekend? ^_^;

In other news.... uh... We acquired a GameBoy Micro (half price!) and a couple games. For DE research purposes. Yeah. ... ^^ Y'know it's been three years since we bought a console? And that was the PS2 (back in the day when the bundle cost me nearly $300 *cries*) And the last GB I had was... the original. Black and white. Hehe.

But yes. I also splurged and put in a pre-order for FF XII (12) Collector's Edition. $5 down, and by October, it will be a pleasant surprise... other than the remaining $65. Heh. But I shall call it birthday gift to myself! For turning 30! Whee! And it will be cheaper than last year's b-day gift, which was a (necessary to prevent eye strain) LCD monitor.

Ho hum. Also, we got groceries. And walked the dog. OH WHAT AN EXCITING DOMESTIC LIFE! Har.

ETA: *is amused by all the people answering the "roll call" with "absent" ^_~ *


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