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The third (almost) annual holiday ficlet request post!

This is an open invitation to request drabbles/ficlets for the holidays. I am self-imposing a max of 500 words (unless, of course, I get ridiculously inspired).

Fandoms )

  1. I don't do "Christmas" themed, unless it is something that fits in canon. For example, the Meine Liebe boys would celebrate a Germanic Christmas (and I'd have to re-research that. >.< ).
  2. If you don't see a fandom here, but would like to request it anyway... try me. There are some I could be talked into, and others that might kill me to try and write. ^_^
  3. It doesn't have to be pairing-centric. I can (and do!) write gen as well. I can do fluffy kitten fic.
  4. A prompt of some sort would be great, but is not required.
  5. I will post the drabbles sometime between now and Old Christmas Day (Jan 6th). ... at least, that's the plan.
  6. This will be a sticky post until Dec 21st, so it won't get lost on my journal.

Hit me! ^_^

...I think I didn't do this last year. Oh right, because we were packing and moving and insane. Aheh.
2007 ficlets.
2006 ficlets.

This year's requests fulfilled:
Tam & Ran (Wrap-verse), for [ profile] y_sanada
New!BNL, for [ profile] wordkink
On the Subject of Pegasus, for [ profile] reichsfreiherr
Skin (Node), for [ profile] y_sanada and [ profile] reichsfreiherr
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(Cribbed from [ profile] rachelmanija)

In light of how much everything sucks right now for so many people, [ profile] yhlee and [ profile] rachelmanija decided to cheer everyone up.

They created [ profile] springfluff, a no-deadline, no-stress fandom gift exchange! Rules in user info; go check it out.

Please be kind and tag your entries in this format: anime and manga: [name of show or manga], author: [last name first name], tv: [non-anime tv show], movie: [you get it], comic: [western comic], manhwa: [name of manhwa], etc.

Please announce this on your own LJ if you'd like to spread the joy (and increase the chances of someone creating something for you.)
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Once upon a time [ profile] tadity requested a fic. I'm afraid all that ever came of it was a 'bit' rather than a fic, but here it is nonetheless.

Brain-breaky fun with Iisou was the request.

When he drives his hand through Iisou's chest... )
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Right. >.> So I have Dean-voice in my head now. Likes to ramble while we're walking the dog. Captive audience or something. *sigh* End result? have random stream-of-consciousness type ficbit.

Spoilers for 1x11 - Scarecrow and 1x12 - Faith, in case anyone is as far behind as we are. ^_^;

Warnings for ramblings and implications. 777 words. *eyes it* Comments more than welcome. please

The real problem with this 'roadtrip with your kid brother' gig? )
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(and Rana, and Rune, and Karot, and a bunch of other cool people ^_^ )

Where? [ profile] wishkisses

What? request a kiss, then write or draw a kiss for someone else ^_^

When? from now until Dec 31st!

It's a low commitment ficathon, and you'll be fulfilling someone's holiday kiss wish. A kiss is only 250 words (300 if it's a "french" kiss), and for every kiss you write, you get to request one! The more the merrier!

Any fandom, any pairing. Bring your friends and represent your fandom!

Come pla~ay! Sign up post is here.


Oct. 22nd, 2006 09:04 pm
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Watching Orphen last night, I had the sudden strong urge to write fic.

Genderfuck fic, mind you, because of various spoilerific things below (ep 18)... )

... is there even any Orphen fandom out there? Do I want to know? o.O;

ETA: OH OH DUDE! Orphen's VA was Kadaj's VA. ^__^ Mwah!
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Title: Daylight and Darkness
Chapter: 17 ~ Revelations 1.1 (follows after Intermezzo)
Rating: Overall, probably an R. This gets a PG-13 type rating for ... innuendo and more blatant sexual references.
Fandom: Final Fantasy 7
General Warnings: Unbeta'd, raw, etc etc. Comments welcome.

Revelations 1.1 )
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Inspired by [ profile] harukami's "Not There," among other things...

Untitled, unfinished, but I'm tired of having it lurking on my hard drive. Comments welcome, if you feel so inclined.


In Some Other World... )
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At the end of the journey, there's a choice, but Mercy is still a bitch.
~1300 words


Dividing the world in two was one way to stop the minus wave... )


Mar. 7th, 2006 04:49 pm
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so, um, hi. *feeble wave*

Thanks to all who sent cards and wishes. *luvs you all*

ugh, my mouth tastes like cloves. seriously. Why? apparently I had a dry socket. :p So they stuck some stuff in... looked like the woody stuff you pull out of the middle of a rotted tree o.o and it stank to high heaven of cloves and it numbed my tongue, but hey, I'm feelin' better and I have a new 'srip for T3 with codeine. S'all good.

My teeth? Like to be difficult. Yah. Hence the "complicated extraction." Not that I cared. ^_^ They did a good job with the anaesthetic (after taking three attempts to find a vein they could put the IV in and OW but that hurt like fuck.) so I didn't feel/hear/smell anything of the surgery. Which leads me to believe that last time? when they took my five wisdom teeth out? I only got gas. >.< Never again, yo.

I still don't remember why the surgeon was asking who Roger Rabbit's wife was, although I did tell him it was Jessica. Before they put me under. I think. o.O

Lessee. Am coping, more or less.

I posted Ki-chan's birthday fic, finally! Go read it. ^_^

Also, I wrote a chunk of Wrap-verse on Friday ... before I went for surgery. :p It needs posting as soon as I find it and my brain again simultaneously.

It took me an hour and a half to get through two days worth of work email this morning. o.O;

FMA movie. By what crack? o.O I got nuthin'.
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Friday fic. ^_^ Has absolutely nothing to do with watching the Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics. o.O;

Saiyuki Reinc. Complete. ~2000 words.
PG for the inevitable "it wouldn't be Saiyuki without it" moments. ^_^;

Deception )
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Title: Betrayal
Series: Saiyuki
Wordcount: ~4500
Pairing: Chin Iisou/Cho Kanan
Spoilers: Saiyuki Vol. 4
Warnings: Non-explicit het sex. Dark, chara death (by necessity), disturbing imagery. Read at own risk?

Betrayal )


Feb. 5th, 2006 02:47 pm
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Iisou arc? Still kills me. I have far far too much attachment to Hakkai. ~_~

That said, I have finished my possibly blasphemous Iisou/Kanan fic. Yes, you read that right. No, I have not lost my mind. I needed to justify her (stupid, stupid) betrayal of Gonou. I think I've done it. You all can be the judges.

Also? Vol 4, pg 73 -- Kanan takes Gonou's knife. The one he's been killing youkai with, right? Why does it suddenly have a sheath? Because, you know, berserker. Soooo worried about putting his knife away nicely between stabbings. o.O

Vol 4, pg 112 -- Gonou turns to attack Iisou -- and suddenly they both have swords? WTF? He's not youkai yet, can't have manifested a weapon. Shows no sign of having been carrying anything else for pages and pages. Couldn't have reached the knife after Kanan took it. So, wtf?

Also? pg 115 -- Sanzo: "Do you understand spoken language?" still kills me. ^_^;

*flings fic at beta*
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Last night:

1 - if you saw a chapter of Raven & Jackal briefly, you didn't hallucinate it. ^_^; It was there, but I pulled it because it is missing a freakin' chunk. *cough* and as said chunk is necessary to the plot, I either need to find or rewrite it. >.<

2 - if you saw a new part of the YnM fic Partners, you didn't hallucinate that either. I pulled it when the lovely [ profile] trensaddiction provided me with the cluephone I was missing about why it wasn't working. It needs rewriting. ^_^;

3 - I do have a chapter of Wrap-verse ready to go, but it is getting final tweaks so I don't have to post, then pull it. ^_^;

Gomen nasai!

~Tav, the brainless cat-boi.
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Because, apparently, 15 - Sliding was incomplete. >.< My inner feedback whore (IFW! woo!) got the better of me and I posted it before I'd really "finished" the concept of the chapter.

So now you get a half chapter, wedged in-between 15 and 16, and without a proper title of its own. I should probably mush it into 15 when I post this else places (like EftW and Sunsets).


Existential Difficulties: 15.5 - Sliding, pt 2 )
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Once upon a time, back in the distant year of 1997... I began a Final Fantasy 7 fanfic. It sprawled and grew and defied all my ability to contain it and condense and ... beta it. >.< It's old, it's rough, it might even be cringeworthy. But it's unfinished. Closer to finished, now that I found two old chapters I never completed, and I found a bit of muse-Zack again... (muse-Seph still scares me... ~_~)

Title: Daylight and Darkness
Chapter: Intermezzo - Infusions (follows after Ch.16, which I highly recommend re-reading.) Why is it not Ch.17? Because, I had a habit of naming any chapter not from Zack's pov as "Interlude" except that doesn't fit here. Intermezzo does.
Rating: Overall, probably an R. This gets a PG-13 type rating for squickiness, including needles.
Fandom: Final Fantasy 7
General Warnings: Unbeta'd, raw, etc etc. Quantum weirdness inside Cloud's brain. Comments welcome. Oh, and this is from Cloud and Seph's povs, if you're curious.

Intermezzo - Infusions )
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Started this on a whim, and the results scare me. >.< Cut for the sake of our sanities.

what Tav wrote in 2005 )
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Randomly, has anyone on my flist been reading Daylight & Darkness (FF7)?

Would anyone be interested in the one and a half-ish "new" (aka forgotten) chapters being posted, even if they are rough?

Xmas smut!

Dec. 25th, 2005 06:13 pm
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I finished it, finallly!

Tam/Ran Xmas PWP (Wrap-verse, aka Saiyuki reinc.)


*bounces off to shower!*
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I don't know why this chapter took so long. >.< It seems unnecessary. The length of time, I mean, not the chapter. The chapter is necessary. Anyway. Have a chapter in which much conversation happens.

Previously: Ch.14 ~ Pieces
The index is here.

Ch.15 ~ Sliding )


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