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Since I've friended some new folks lately, it occurred to me that fair warning on what you might stumble into in my fic archives could be useful.

I have a bad habit of unfinished epics. I know. I'm sorry. I have every intention of finishing them when I start, but they tend to overwhelm me.

*clears throat* So. Fair warning, these fics are unfinished, and 95% likely to stay that way:

- Existential Difficulties
- [ profile] brokenworld01 (sequel to How Far Do You Bend?, which is actually finished, but please heed the angst warning. I'm not kidding.)

Meine Liebe
- Engaged

Final Fantasy VII
- Daylight & Darkness - most of which is archived elsewhere, but there are a couple chapters here, just to confuse you.

I think that's the main ones. ^_^; Anything else should be one-shots or no more than 3 or 4 parts.


Oct. 26th, 2008 12:37 pm
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Yes, I have finally started playing Dirge of Cerberus. My gaming habits still cycle about 2 to 3 years behind the Intarnets. (Given that it took me a full YEAR to finish FFXII, this shouldn't surprise anyone.)

I'm actually enjoying Dirge, despite it being a shooter, which I've never played before. ... Well, okay, I might have tried Wolfenstein on the parents computer back in the day when the brother was addicted to it, but it made me sea-sick. (So did Echo the Dolphin on Sega, although I managed to beat Sonic the Hedgehog in a fit of insanity one day.)

Anyway. Dirge. I like the long cut scenes. I like sniping things. Not so keen on this protecting people business, and I think I accidentally blew 2 WRO soldiers up when I took out 2 Deepground ones. ... Their fault for standing so close to the barrel or whatever it was that exploded.

No spoilers, pls! But I may end up asking for hints and tips for finding the "hidden targets" so I can get the rest of the plotline. ^_~

Oh Vincent, you are so beautiful and soo pouty. *g* And Reeve, you are crazy insane. Don't change.

This game needs more Zack Cloud. That is all.
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Title: Daylight and Darkness
Chapter: 17 ~ Revelations 1.1 (follows after Intermezzo)
Rating: Overall, probably an R. This gets a PG-13 type rating for ... innuendo and more blatant sexual references.
Fandom: Final Fantasy 7
General Warnings: Unbeta'd, raw, etc etc. Comments welcome.

Revelations 1.1 )


Feb. 19th, 2006 12:49 pm
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Random thing of interest (possibly) to FF7 writers: a site about the Wutai property of Shanxi province, China; including information about mineralization (iron and gold deposits).
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Once upon a time, back in the distant year of 1997... I began a Final Fantasy 7 fanfic. It sprawled and grew and defied all my ability to contain it and condense and ... beta it. >.< It's old, it's rough, it might even be cringeworthy. But it's unfinished. Closer to finished, now that I found two old chapters I never completed, and I found a bit of muse-Zack again... (muse-Seph still scares me... ~_~)

Title: Daylight and Darkness
Chapter: Intermezzo - Infusions (follows after Ch.16, which I highly recommend re-reading.) Why is it not Ch.17? Because, I had a habit of naming any chapter not from Zack's pov as "Interlude" except that doesn't fit here. Intermezzo does.
Rating: Overall, probably an R. This gets a PG-13 type rating for squickiness, including needles.
Fandom: Final Fantasy 7
General Warnings: Unbeta'd, raw, etc etc. Quantum weirdness inside Cloud's brain. Comments welcome. Oh, and this is from Cloud and Seph's povs, if you're curious.

Intermezzo - Infusions )
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Randomly, has anyone on my flist been reading Daylight & Darkness (FF7)?

Would anyone be interested in the one and a half-ish "new" (aka forgotten) chapters being posted, even if they are rough?
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goddamnit Squeenix! You're going to make me buy new game hardware AGAIN, aren't you?

Because this? Is Love.

...I need a Zack icon. desperately.


Sep. 19th, 2005 07:53 pm
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There are folks out there, inspired by AC, writing some fucking amazing FFVII fics. The vivid, the intensity, the beautiful, lyrical words...

I am in awe.

And envy.


*slinks back to writing Saiyuki*
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Set sometime post-game, pre-AC, I guess. Relies only on the canon assumption that after the Temple of Ancients encounter with Sephiroth, Tseng went missing and was presumed dead (at least he never turns up again in the game). Writing outside the box, as I've never attempted Reeve/anyone before, although I have written him in work mode. ^_^ (Reno and Zack were always my fave boy toys for the slashing.)

Rating: uh.... give it an M for mature, I guess. Not worksafe.
~1400 words

Ghosts )
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Turks!!! RENO!!! Advent Children info!!!

oh c'mon already Squeenix, stop teasing us!! *dances impatiently while drooling*
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Shelter )
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Five years and 8000 words later... I have finally finished "Shelter" which is my take on how Reeve and the Turks dealt with Meteor. Yesh, that's FF7. If by some strange freak of nature reason you are unfamiliar with FF7, have a look here.

Fitting weather for writing end o'the world doom fic, ne? *peers out at driveway that was bare around 1pm and is now under three inches of white stuff again.*

Will post as soon as it has settled, been double-checked, and what not. Also Food. Coffee would be good too. Hmm...


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