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I have produced words since the 15th, really I have. They just haven't been fiction. *sigh*

On the bright side, I think I know how I want to rework the opening to Carnival. I just haven't done it yet.

Word count remains:

5863 / 10000 words. 59% done!

My excuse is that I was at a con all weekend, see. Which wasn't as much fun this year as I hoped it would be, but I did get a bunch of knitting done instead of note-taking at panels on Saturday. So. *shrug* Trade-off.

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Several of you have spontaneously declared love for the Owner and the Bearded Lady. If I may be so bold, can you articulate what it is that inspires your love of them?

Curious author is curious. I'm always surprised by which of my characters end up being more reader favourites. ^_^
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Blessedly cool weather! Hooray!

Unrelated: I need to fix my LJ layout. I am not happy with this OotB version anymore. WOE.

Related: Puttering away on the next scene of Carnival. Next up: The owner and the Lady. And more carousels. And spoilers and stuff. ^_^

Once more to the dentist this afternoon. This time for a crown.
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1 - Carnival ~ Scene 24 - in which there is Nate and Cake.

2 - Carnival ~ Scene 25 - in which there is the owner, and the Lady.

3 - Nobody wants a holiday ficlet? *sad face*
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(I meant to post this before I put Scene 23 up, but obviously forgot. Placed here as a reminder to those who might have missed it or put off reading.)

Previously, in the Carnival:

Nate and Cake, having escaped from a pair of ghost hunters, have been forced to take the low road. Their journey takes them underground, but not below the Carnival.

The Carnival Owner thinks she's figured out who is beseiging her Carnival, and why. She's summoned the Hunt, but can they stop the coup before Dawn rises?

Despite his intentions, the Bearded Lady has turned to the Center. The Tea Witch's words caught up with him; perhaps he has mended the circle, as requested.

And Tif, having fallen out of a dream and into another unfamiliar corner of the Carnival, is still wandering alone.

And now, we bring you Scene 23, of the Carnival That Straddles Worlds.


Feb. 9th, 2010 08:26 pm
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Character X - I do not want your name to be Lester!

Character X's Accent - I do not want you to be so stereotypical Southern American.

Character Y - You cannot be Chester. You might be a Chaz.

*throws hands in air*

ETA: remember archetypes, Kiro reminds me, not stereotypes.

I wrote!

Jan. 25th, 2010 09:43 pm
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~500 words of Carnival fic! Nate meets the ghost hunter!


Unfortunately, the plot has run into a wall (or tripped over a guy-line) again. ARGH.

The logistics of multi-dimensional carnivals are kind of brain breaky.
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Have seen other people on the f-list doing this, and thought I might as well. It probably needs a fibre arts post to match, since I did as much (or more) knitting as writing this past year.

So. Breakdown by month, here we go: )


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