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Many thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. ^_^ It was indeed a good one, and the weekend overall has been pretty awesome.

It began with all-you-can-eat-meat at Korean BBQ (our once a month or less ritual). Then we went home for gifts!

First gift!

^___^ Yes, a pumpkin. And look! We found our granite island countertop again! (It had been buried beneath accumulated Stuff for a while.)

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Hedley tickets! concert on Saturday! YAAAAAY!!
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Hear ye, hear ye!

Gentle beings!

For one time and one time only! This Fall Equinox (September 20th-21st)! We shall Celebrate the International Day of Tavam!

This Special Event, sometimes known as a birthday is being relocated due to the Proximity of certain Other Events to my Usual Birthday (October 2nd).

Thank you for your attention.

We know return you to your regularly scheduled LJ postings.



Oct. 2nd, 2006 12:09 pm
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Happy Birthday [ profile] harukami!

Happy Canada Day long weekend, people!

I am taking a long, long weekend -- friday and monday. Nyeh.
Today - clean up the apt. >.<
Tomorrow - mahjongg and teppanyaki ^_^
Sunday - undecided stuff + DE meeting
Monday - sleep! um... and maybe stuff.

Also? My dog is a dork dork. He ate a bar of soap. *eyeroll* He's fine, really, but we have to keep an eye on him in case he gets the runs or the barfs. Joy.

Oh. I so need to work on my YCon fic. >.< Doh. It won't write itself! What's with that!?

And yay for Kiro joining me at [ profile] domino_effect_! ^___^

Oh, yeah. Also, must relocate web sites. And redesign one. At least Mac reformatting has been accomplished. Next trick is upgrading Kiro's PC to XP Pro, and then possibly borrowing the license to upgrade my W2K to XP Pro as well. Maybe. I rather like W2K, but it's getting obsolete. Which reminds me: fair warning to any 98/98SE and ME users out there? Your OS is now officially obsolete. Microsoft is no longer supporting them.

Coffee. Breakfast. Something something.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] tj_dragonblade!! ^__^ Hope it is/was a good one!
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Happy birthday [ profile] windiain!! Hope you got the snow you wanted. ^_^
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Happy birthday to [ profile] y_sanada and [ profile] poison_parlour!

There's sunshine on my cube wall. *boggles*
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Happy Birthday [ profile] imperial_artist!!!

And for you:

Engaged, Ch.8! with Orphe pr0n! Not worksafe. ^_~

Engaged, Ch.8 )
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It was a very tough choice, so everyone gets a prize! ^_^ (it is fun to give stuff away!)

[ profile] trensaddiction -- gets a deck of Saiyuki playing cards and a 2005 Hikaru No Go "pocket" calendar, featuring pretty Sai! (I will take pics later. >.< )
Treneka's fic: To leave no man on the field

[ profile] imperial_artist -- gets first pick of the Saiyuki posters!
Narsus's fic: untitled birthday thing.

[ profile] karose -- gets second pick of the Saiyuki posters!
KA's fic: I Would Bring You Yellow Flowers.

And [ profile] kintail, of course, gets my undying love and a new computer. ^_~
Kiro's fic: Turnabout.

Posters are 15"W x 20-1/2"H (38cm x 52.5cm) and high gloss, so colours may not be exactly as shown, due to glare and reflection from the camera. They're also not as badly out of focus as they appear -- the art is quite crisp and clean. Blame the camera and slightly shakey hands. >.< They will be mailed in sturdy poster tubes.

Reply or e-mail me and let me know which one you want. ^_^ And don't forget to send your snail mail addy!

There will be posters left over, so those who thought they might write fics but haven't had time -- I encourage you to do it anyway and I will send you a poster when you're done! ^__^
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(yes, the birthday challenge is still open, and no, I'm not holding anyone to a hard deadline. ^_^ keep writing! *is shameless*)

From [ profile] karose: I Would Bring You Yellow Flowers - theatre trailer. (can I call this Saiyuki, Bollywood-style? ^_~)

From [ profile] imperial_artist: untitled birthday thing - Meine Liebe incestuous crack! Gunter and Lui! *adores madly* (Narsus, you so need to make a post linking all your Gunter drabbles together!)

From [ profile] kintail: Turnabout - Saiyuki Gaiden, Gou/Ten/Ken (+tail!). *swoons* I can die happy now. ^__^

more to come? *cough* (pun intended)

ETA: From [ profile] trensaddiction: To leave no man on the field - an AU Saiyuki drabble. *bounce*
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omelette and coffee and Ki-chan. *loves*

and trick or treat! )
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So, as of yesterday, it was exactly three weeks until my birthday. ^_^ Therefore, I humbly request fic. And I offer a birthday challenge to inspire you! (idea shamelessly snitched from [ profile] karose and [ profile] wildelamassu)

Approximately At least one week before your birthday, issue a drabble/doodles challenge. The challenge can be anything related to your fandom, as long as responses can feasibly satisfy the challenge in 100 words or a quick sketch.

The Patient Plot/Art Bunny Challenge - We've all got one, the long-suffering, patient plot/art bunny who has been waiting in the wings forever, always giving up its place in line to the rabid bunnies, never complaining, just hoping that you will remember it and get to it someday. Well, someday has arrived. ^_^ Give the poor bunny a drabble, or a doodle, or even just a plot outline.

Or, if you have another idea, run with it. ^_^

Drop a note if you're thinking of participating so I can squee and encourage you. *g* I'll even try to come up with a prize or two of some sort... (to alleviate my guilt for shameless begging for gift fic/art? hehe... *sweatdrop*)


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