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Jan. 4th, 2009 09:37 pm
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omg ouran.

yes. ^____^
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We finally caught up on some anime!

Wolf's Rain -- heartbreaking and Shakespearian at the end. Not that we weren't expecting it by that point. Kiba and Tsume are also OTP. *nod*

XXXHolic -- interesting. Wish they'd spent more time on the myths and less on the high school dramas. Seems to have a lot of cultural context expectations that we were missing.

Mushishi -- as beautiful as the manga, and just as zen. Magnetic; makes me want to hold my breath while watching. Have only seen first 4 eps. Our ahem crapped out. Need to pick up the rest.

Antique Bakery -- need to watch the rest, as only got up to ep 2 before ahem crapped out. (Yes, we have all 12 now, thanks to the flist.)

Bus Gamer -- ep 1. WANT MOAR! Minekura-sama still 0wnz0rs a corner of my soul.

Ouran High School Host Club -- ohmydog Ouran. ^_^; We tried to watch this when it was fresh and new and everyone was talking about it, but our old TV would not handle the subtitles (anytime there were two lines of text, the bottom one was off the screen). Now we're finally catching up and ... unf. (incoherent and inarticulate) Luff. Hence the new mood theme. (ohtwins...)

Mirage of Blaze, Mononoke, Vampire Knight -- acquired, but not started yet.

Now to load up our shiny new 500GB external hard drive! ^_^


Jul. 25th, 2008 11:59 pm
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finale = accomplished.

Zuko = &hearts

overall verdict = pending an awake brain and moar werds

icon slots = sadly lacking!

...bed time.
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One of the (many) things I have failed to inform the residents of LJ/IJ-land of is the fact that, back on Boxing Day, we ventured out at stupid hours of the morning and bought a 20" Widescreen LCD TV. An LG. For 40% off regular price.



Today, we finally bought a 25' s-video cable and I convinced my PC to output to the TV, so now -- now! we can sit on the TV and watch the hoard of anime and *cough* movies we've acquired without having to reburn them to a dvd-player version.


*runs off to sit on the couch and watch Death Note*


Jan. 13th, 2007 11:27 pm
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Which means, yes, finally got the last disk of Orphen from the library. ^_^

I can't help it: he's an OTC. Even if the second half of ep24 (let's call it ep25, shall we?) is crap, and needs to be thrown out along with ep24 of Gankutsuou. And we'll not even get into the representation of women as dangerous and emotion-driven and suited only to baby-making. Huff. But yeah. Orphen. I... yeah.

be impressed that I have refrained from Orphen fic as of yet. though I still have bodyswitching plot stuck in my head. >.>


Oct. 22nd, 2006 09:04 pm
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Watching Orphen last night, I had the sudden strong urge to write fic.

Genderfuck fic, mind you, because of various spoilerific things below (ep 18)... )

... is there even any Orphen fandom out there? Do I want to know? o.O;

ETA: OH OH DUDE! Orphen's VA was Kadaj's VA. ^__^ Mwah!
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1 - Happy Solstice!

2 - Happy Canadian National Aboriginal Day!

3 - Happy Birthday to [livejournal.com profile] bardicsidhe! ^_^

4 - I bought a boxset, 6-dvd collection, Dark Angel, season 1, for $17.50!

5 - There has been much anime watching!
- All of Sukisho!
- Half of Loveless!
- All of Meine Liebe
- many eps of X/1999
- 2 eps of Trigun (I think I like it better in English)
- half an ep of His and Her Circumstance
- 2 eps of Yu-gi-oh! (dub)

phew. And now I am being distracted by fan service in SG-1: Jack touches Teal'C's face! with deep and meaningful look that says "It's okay! You don't have to say anything, I understand joo!" ^___^

That is all.


May. 13th, 2006 08:02 pm
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So, we're watching Record of Lodoss War, and after two episodes, the opinion runs thusly:

1 - OMG SLOW pacing.... o.O

2 - zOMG TOTAL TOLKIEN RIP-OFF! With the dwarf and the elf-snark, and the abandoned dwarven tunnel and the big bad and the orcs goblins, and.... Yeah.

3 - zOMG Teh Slashy! You don't even have to write it, it slashes itself! Ghim/Slayn OTP 4EVAH. Parn/Etoh OTP2 4EVAH. And token girl thrown in just to muddy the water.

Right. Dinner. Then we may suffer through watch another couple of eps. o.O
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I am a dork. >.<

The general consensus from the Samurai Champloo poll was that the ending didn't suck. HOWEVER. I realized after it had been up for like a day that I'd flocked it and the people who'd initially said they didn't like the ending... aren't on my flist.

Dork, dork.

(I need a dork dork icon. In which the Puddle Jumper is stuck in the Stargate and the text simply says: Dork, dork.)

Ugh is because I just got back from the dentist (yes again!) from having a filling that the previous dentist fucked up fixed. I... can't feel my lip. But at least the bump on my tooth is gone so it shouldn't break the floss anymore. >.< There's nothing worse than broken floss strings stuck between your teeth!

Speaking of dork dorks: anonymous commenting has been turned off, kthxbye to the person who felt the need to tell me about the evils of mice and how I should praise my cat for killing them. (Which he doesn't, btw. He just catches them and then freaks out because he doesn't know what to do with them.)

Uh. I need to get my thoughts together about the ending of Champloo and "seeing through the Saiyuki filter" because I think they're interesting, and I'd like other people to think so, too. ^_^;

In the meantime, I'm trying not to let NWN own my soul. (Why the fuck did I sell that mage's staff anyway? shit.) I've been working on ED 16 (*threatens to thump Kenren and Goujun both*) and um... yeah. Oh, cosplay stuff. ^_^

Soon. Soon I will be able to feel my lip again. And then there will be eating.

(no, they didn't actually drug me at the dentist's.... really.)

And one more thing! YAY!!!11!! Ace got voted off the island stage last night! Woot!
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So, why didn't I clue in to the fact that this is a really cool anime when various and assorted people on the flist were talking about it? Because we just watched the first two episodes, and given that Kiro and I were alternately giggling in delight, declaring ourselves twelve and twelver, and being rather awed by the artistic style of the animation (my ghod! animation that doesn't need a story to make it palatable. But it has a story, and that makes it just whoa), we realized we'd been depriving ourselves of the good crack.


also? GIP. Because my mou loves me. *^__^*
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So... I have this YnM fic I've been working on. It splatted a scene at me today. Which is not this scene, but this scene triggers that scene, which isn't finished, so I'm not posting it.

setting... possible spoilers? )
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Watched the end of Yami no Matsuei last night. I am left unsatisfied, as usual. I think, though, this is half of what spurs fanfic, because regardless of how good an anime or manga is, it's never satisfying enough. Or maybe that's just me.

Still, the fourth arc, while fascinating in a "this happened in some quantum universe" way, was still crack-tastic. spoilers ahoy )

FMA - Fin

Nov. 14th, 2005 07:14 pm
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So, I'm not entirely satisfied. I think I wanted something, you know, Shakespearian. This was entirely too neat and tidy. Not quite as bad as Gankutsuou's "five years later," but still.

Too neat. Too tidy. Too... easy.


spoiler )

Borrowing the icon I made for Narsus, except it's not as appropriate as it should be.



Okay, then.

ETA: Beware major spoilers in the comments.
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aka Gankutsuou 22 - 24.

spoilerific ahoy! )
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major spoilers for ep 34/35 )
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ARGH! Franz! Baka!!


(no we're not finished the series yet, but 20 - 24 will have to wait.)
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I got a package! *eyes slip* It wants me to pay customs. *scratches head* I'm not expecting package... at least not any from across the border.

Also, my non-spoilerific summaries of FMA episodes 19 and 20:

19 - Full Metal Alchemist and the Laboratory of Doom! (such an Indy rip-off)

20 - Full Metal Alchemist and the Quest for the Holy Grail! (it's only a flesh wound, really!)

Right. What was I doing again?


why is it that I can spend longer picking an icon than writing a post sometimes? ^_^;;

anime night

Jul. 1st, 2005 11:50 pm
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Damnit! We almost forgot it was anime night! Missed half of Gundam SEED. arrr.... and it was a good one, too!

spoilerific! )
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hey, I forgot to do anime night update last week...

spoilers? )
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For [livejournal.com profile] new_kate: Witch Hunter Robin - Robin and Amon.
from this meme.

With many many apologies for the lateness of this drabble. ^_^;;

Patience )


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