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Dear Fringe (spoilers for s4) )

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Oct. 5th, 2011 06:55 pm
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Sometimes, such as after watching this and also this (vid crack of the XMFC kind), I get random old country songs stuck in my head.

Clint Black - Back to Back
"Back to back / we face each other
still together / all alone
we'd be the last / to turn on one another
but I know we'll make it / together on our own"

Or this one that I can't remember title or artist of:
"So let's leave it alone
'cuz we can't see eye to eye
there ain't no good guy
there ain't no bad guy
there's only you and me and we just disagree"

AU Erik/Charles, amiright?

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Has anyone acquired a kitten (at the Night Circus)? Care to explain how, if so?


Also, there was apparently a book giveaway in Toronto last Tuesday - at eight in the morning. >.> With popcorn! and stilt-walkers! ... at eight in the morning. Oi. I did not learn of it til Thursday, alas.

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Layout fix

Sep. 17th, 2011 12:14 pm
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I think I have mostly fixed my layout. It's not perfect, but it's better than it has been.

If I've broken anything (made unreadable, etc) that makes you want to use style=mine, please let me know, and I will try to tweak it. :)
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As noted elsewhere on the flist:

For you Echo Bazaar people, Failbetter has a new game out, in support of a forthcoming book, called The Night Circus (#thenightcircus). You can sign up (Twitter or Facebook) if you want to play, but if you use an invite from me, I gain rank. :)

So if I'm on your Twitter list and you want an invite, holler. Or drop a note here, or email me. Or just have at, because it seems you do also gain ranks (levels) by just playing enough cards.

Do note, however, that it is a marketing campaign (a clever and enjoyable one, in my books). If that, and the proposition of needing to invite friends of your own to access certain content, offends you, then this is likely not the best "game" for you.

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Otter. Baaaaaby otter. And kittens.

Otter + kittens OTP!

No, rly!

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Several of you have spontaneously declared love for the Owner and the Bearded Lady. If I may be so bold, can you articulate what it is that inspires your love of them?

Curious author is curious. I'm always surprised by which of my characters end up being more reader favourites. ^_^
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Another foot found, in a sneaker, this time in a Vancouver inlet.

That makes 12 in total, and I think they've ID'd 2 pairs and a single now.

Seriously, though. WTF feet.
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*clears throat*

So. Way back in... uh... 2005... *wince* I was working on a Saiyuki AU Reinc and Redux thing called Broken World ([ profile] brokenworld01) that stemmed from the consequences of the four-part fic How Far Do You Bend? (if you have not read it, it is about the darkest thing you will find in this journal, in all ways possible. NSFW. Not even a little.).

Broken World is what happened after the Sanzo-ikkou's mission failed, Gyumaoh was resurrected, and things (for the humans at least) went to hell in a handbasket.

I think I also posted a disclaimer recently about how it was unfinished and likely to stay that way. That... has not changed. This is just a word dump that happens to fall in the story, and promises absolutely nothing more than what it is.

That said. If you want to read it, here's a quick refresher:

The Timeline - because things were written out of order.

The relevant bits:
Rajesh and Yaone
Yosh (Ch.7)
Yaone --> this is the new bit (Ch.8)

(As always, my inner feedback whore welcomes comments anywhere, anytime.)
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You need some Pom time, don't you?

... I thought so.

Let Ember show you all her tricks... )

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So hey. Haven't done a pupdate in a while, eh?

Ember is still growing, in fits and starts. Usually her body gets longer first and we tease her about being a weiner-pom. :) then we sing the grow your head and legs song to the tune of kiro's alarm. She's up to 7 and a quarter pounds.

As mentioned previously (not digging up link while on phone) we've put Ember on a raw food diet. So far, it has all the benefits advertised and is considerably cheaper than the kibbles she would turn her nose up at after a couple days. She gets bored with food that isn't interactive. Only downside is that our balcony is now greasy and all the dogs think Ember smells RLY interesting so she has to keep warning them to lay off the face sniffing.

I forget what else i was going to say.

Anyone who claims they've written a 60k novel on a bberry while commuting is either a liar or a masochist. Or both. :0

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By way of [personal profile] cofax7:

If I made Cinderella, the audience would immediately be looking for a body in the coach.
— Alfred Hitchcock

When I write a story, what do you immediately look for?

(Out of curiosity, not that I expect to get many (any?) answers. :P)

In other news, Ember continues to be adorable and frequently mistaken for a mini-mini-Collie pup. ^_^ Also, she is currently trying a raw food diet of chicken. Nom nom.

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Blame it on [personal profile] telophase ^_~

Bold the ones you've read, italicize the ones you fully intend to read someday. :) If it's a series and you've read one or more, but not all of the books, underline it.
This is NPR's top 100 SF/F books, btw. I am too lazy to dig up the link again.

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Is this not the face that launched a thousand ships?

I think it is. *nod*

That is Ember, freshly post bath. And if you have not seen it, this (video) is how Ember dries off after a bath. (Video is of previous to this one bath, not most recent.)

And why did she need a bath? Because we went to the beach on Simcoe Day! )

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How Google Dominates Us - long, but worth the read, especially for the summary of just how they revolutionized the search industry.

Lesbian Couple Saved ~40 from Norwegian Shooter

The Toronto Dreams Project Historical Ephemera Blog - I really enjoy Adam's writing style for his history of TO articles. Take, for example, this bit from this post:
The Governor General in charge of Lower Canada freaked the fuck out. He just up and quit.

And given how much writing he's done about the history of the city, I especially like this post of his about the most recent doings at city hall:
All the way back in the late-1700s, Toronto was founded by corrupt, incompetent conservatives who didn't believe in democracy. People like Ford are hardly new here; they've always had a particularly strong voice in our city. But one of the overarching stories of Toronto's 200 years is the story of how everyone else has built a great, caring, welcoming, liberal city anyway.

Finally: An intelligent articulation of the digital identity divide with regards to Google+ and the "pseudonym" policy.

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Blessedly cool weather! Hooray!

Unrelated: I need to fix my LJ layout. I am not happy with this OotB version anymore. WOE.

Related: Puttering away on the next scene of Carnival. Next up: The owner and the Lady. And more carousels. And spoilers and stuff. ^_^

Once more to the dentist this afternoon. This time for a crown.
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Mm, k. Round-up of like a month's worth of news: go!
  • Started watching Game of Thrones. Have absolutely no desire to read the doorstoppers, but the show is entertaining enough, even if direly predictable in some regards, and painfully WTF in others (seasons that last for random numbers of years? SRSLY?)
  • Have seen X-men: First Class not once, but twice, actually. This resulted in fic, as you may have noticed a few days ago. It is the most cohesive and plausible of the X-men films, and quite enjoyable. Somehow younger Magneto even manages to look like elder Magneto once he dons the helmet. But don't get me started about that costume at the end there. So many things you retconned, Marvel, and yet you kept the tacky.
  • Have also seen Hugh Jackman's Naked Ass X-men Origins: Wolverine, courtesy of the library. Disappointing on all counts, including ass (not nearly as much as anticipated), and seriously how the fuck was that supposed to fit in any movie continuity? Being not an old skool Marvel fan, I shall adopt the FC continuity quite happily.
  • Our junk TV of the moment (having run out of Top Chef Masters and ... whatever else we were watching, oh Rupaul's Drag U, which is few and far between) is Platinum Hit. Oh the wannabe songwriters angst and drama! It's kinda hilarious. Some of the tunes might even work, given much polishing.
  • We are storing up SYTYCD Canada eps, since they are airing Mon/Tues and the US is airing Wed/Thurs. WHO THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA??? Feh. Anyway. Canadian auditions are better (and watchable without consequence, really). 
  • SYTYCD UK got Cat as host! How is that fair?! We want Cat!
Pupdate, knitting, and personal stuff to follow in separate posts.

My tags list is no longer updating! I have not maxed out my tags! WTF. Nothing obvious in settings.
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Yes, and sometimes, on an hour-long subway ride back from the doctor, fic happens. >.>
Spoilers run rampant, as does an unreliable narrator (more so for this being entirely in his head). Introspection, interjection, and unattributed thoughts.

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It is incomplete as yet, but here is a sneak preview:

Moar )

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