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Dear Yuletide Writer:

This is my first Yuletide, so it is all very new and exciting to me! Thank you for offering to write for any of these fandoms! I hope you will have fun with them - there's little to no fic in any of them, so anything will be a welcome addition.

Two of my fandoms I haven't talked about much in my journal, so this letter contains some thoughts about what I love about them.

Darker Than Black

I have only seen the first season, so I would prefer nothing with spoilers for the second season and/or OVAs, and since I watched it on Netflix, it's the dubbed version characterization that I'm used to (for what that's worth - I don't know how different dub vs sub is in this case!). I have read the omnibus manga volume, though, so that's fair game if you want.

I know the tag says "Hei" but in my mind that includes Li, not just Hei as BK-201. If the story ends up being about Li being a giant, clueless dork, eating ALL the ramen while gathering info for a mission, that's fine by me!

I really love just about all the characters in DtB, including the minor ones (okay, I don't love the PANDORA crew, but I appreciate their part in complicating the story). I'd be happy to see any of them in the story you write. I picked Hei and Mao specifically because Hei is my favourite character, and I am a sucker for talking cats. It's okay if Mao only has a cameo or bit part, though! He is good for the commentary delivered on the fly.

Relationship-wise, I am not a fan of Hei/Yin being more than platonic. I really enjoyed the dynamic between Li and Misaki, but I don't think it could have developed into anything. I see Hei as too damaged and conflicted to just have a casual relationship - anything he got involved in would be a long-term, slow, cautious process of discovery. I am a fan of queering ALL the things, and would happily accept Hei as gay/bi/asexual/queer/questioning/etc, if you're so inclined.

I really love the world-building, and the bits of science that are crammed into the show, with the Messier codes and the Large Hadron Collider Wall around Hell's Gate, and such. Really, you could explore just about any aspect of the background/setup stuff and I'd be thrilled. Just have fun with it!

Takeshi Kovacs trilogy - Richard Morgan

I nominated this as the entire trilogy because each of the books has parts that are absolutely fascinating, and the world-building through the whole is probably my favourite in any SF novel/series. So the door's wide open here: if you want to riff off the cyberpunk feel of Altered Carbon, that would be just as awesome as exploring the implications of what they've learned about the Martian tech via the deCom teams by the end of Woken Furies. Or what about what happened with that Martian ship in Broken Angels? There's just so much potential!

Character-wise, the field is also wide open, except that Takeshi must be included in some way. He doesn't have to be the sole focus, though, and it doesn't have to be in his voice. I'd be happy to see other Envoys, the Little Blue Bugs, deCom teams, Methuselah, archaeologues, or just about anything except hard-core military types who can't critique the system the way Tak does.

One of the few things that disappointed me about the series was the treatment of queer characters, so if you're so inclined, I would love to find out, for example - how would Tak react if sleeved into a body whose previous/first owner was queer? Or how do transgendered people deal being born into the wrong gendered body in a world where - if you have the money - you can be transferred to another body?

(BTW: The summaries on Wikipedia seem to be fairly accurate, if you need a quick reminder of anything.)

Saiyuki Gaiden

Oh, Gaiden. What is not to love about you? ^_^

Some of my Gaiden fic is on AO3 (under nekonexus), and the rest is still in my LJ waiting to be archived. Check the tag and memories if you're curious.

A couple of general things that I absolutely love:
- meta: by which I mean, throw in (more) Chinese, Japanese, or Indian mythology, riff off other versions of Heaven in "Journey to the West", take the great big grab bag of awesome that Minekura-sensei wrote, give it a shake, and see what comes out
- the red threads of fate/destiny that tie them together
- Goujun being Dragon King of the West, and what that means to him and the others
- Goku being a dorky kid
- Kenren/Tenpou (Tenpou topping from the bottom - and yes porn or platonic are both ok)
- Kanzeon despairing of hir nephew ^_^;

Ok, that was more than a couple, but I hope it gives you some ideas. And if you already had ideas, don't feel you have to change them. Really, I'd be delighted to read just about anything.

Happy writing!

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