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I've realized that the reason I wibble about doing book reviews is that I never learned a template for them in school. I mean, I'm sure I did the crappy grade-school kind of book review, but they weren't really done in high school, when my writing brain was actually active and engaged. Except maybe that one time that Mr. Horton made us each get up in front of the class and name three interesting things about the book we were reading, and rang a bell if we misused the word "like". >.>

So anyway. I am now reminding myself that devolving into squee about what I liked, or picking out what I didn't like and why, are perfectly valid reactions!

I really need to finish my commentary on Broken Angels and Woken Furies (aka WTF, me reading military hard SF??) and do my thoughts on Witch Eyes.

This is not a placeholder. :P

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