Jul. 31st, 2011

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How Google Dominates Us - long, but worth the read, especially for the summary of just how they revolutionized the search industry.

Lesbian Couple Saved ~40 from Norwegian Shooter

The Toronto Dreams Project Historical Ephemera Blog - I really enjoy Adam's writing style for his history of TO articles. Take, for example, this bit from this post:
The Governor General in charge of Lower Canada freaked the fuck out. He just up and quit.

And given how much writing he's done about the history of the city, I especially like this post of his about the most recent doings at city hall:
All the way back in the late-1700s, Toronto was founded by corrupt, incompetent conservatives who didn't believe in democracy. People like Ford are hardly new here; they've always had a particularly strong voice in our city. But one of the overarching stories of Toronto's 200 years is the story of how everyone else has built a great, caring, welcoming, liberal city anyway.

Finally: An intelligent articulation of the digital identity divide with regards to Google+ and the "pseudonym" policy.

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