Jul. 18th, 2011

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Mm, k. Round-up of like a month's worth of news: go!
  • Started watching Game of Thrones. Have absolutely no desire to read the doorstoppers, but the show is entertaining enough, even if direly predictable in some regards, and painfully WTF in others (seasons that last for random numbers of years? SRSLY?)
  • Have seen X-men: First Class not once, but twice, actually. This resulted in fic, as you may have noticed a few days ago. It is the most cohesive and plausible of the X-men films, and quite enjoyable. Somehow younger Magneto even manages to look like elder Magneto once he dons the helmet. But don't get me started about that costume at the end there. So many things you retconned, Marvel, and yet you kept the tacky.
  • Have also seen Hugh Jackman's Naked Ass X-men Origins: Wolverine, courtesy of the library. Disappointing on all counts, including ass (not nearly as much as anticipated), and seriously how the fuck was that supposed to fit in any movie continuity? Being not an old skool Marvel fan, I shall adopt the FC continuity quite happily.
  • Our junk TV of the moment (having run out of Top Chef Masters and ... whatever else we were watching, oh Rupaul's Drag U, which is few and far between) is Platinum Hit. Oh the wannabe songwriters angst and drama! It's kinda hilarious. Some of the tunes might even work, given much polishing.
  • We are storing up SYTYCD Canada eps, since they are airing Mon/Tues and the US is airing Wed/Thurs. WHO THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA??? Feh. Anyway. Canadian auditions are better (and watchable without consequence, really). 
  • SYTYCD UK got Cat as host! How is that fair?! We want Cat!
Pupdate, knitting, and personal stuff to follow in separate posts.

My tags list is no longer updating! I have not maxed out my tags! WTF. Nothing obvious in settings.
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