May. 25th, 2011

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1 - I broke 30k on Carnival last night! Woohoo! Only 620 new words added, but it got me over a roadblock, so yay!

2 - Ember has decided that she will 'beg' by offering tail-biting spins with a play growl. IDEK. It's cute, but it's still begging. >.>

3 - We had one day of summer! Now it is Fall again. *sigh* With lilacs. I hate lilacs. (I am quite allergic to them, so don't bother trying to convince me how great they look/smell.)

4 - Do I have to work today? I don'wanna. :p

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Two feet that washed ashore on two separate B.C. islands in 2008 belonged to a 21-year-old Surrey resident who went missing four years earlier....

Seven feet belonging to five individuals were discovered between August 2007 and October 2009 along the South Coast of B.C., leading to speculation of foul play. So far, authorities have positively identified four as belonging to three individuals.

(See wtf-foot?? tag for previous findings.)


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