May. 21st, 2011

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I suppose now would be a good time to write the post I've been meaning to make all week, since I am - by necessity of puppy bathroom break - up already, and SHE - duty done - has gone back to bed in her crate. The cat is also sleeping. So is Kiro. I don't think I could, and anyway, the sun is shining. This is a rare thing lately.

So maybe I should just make coffee first.

Actually, I have a couple posts to write. I would put up a poll or something (bored? me?) but then I'd get fed up with not having replies before any of you had a chance to reply, so it wouldn't help.

*peers at DW/LJ* Are any of you awake?

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First, we went walking down along the lakeshore, and Ember trailblazed for us. No fear of dandelions twice her height!

Cut to spare your bandwidth - although these are all short (less than 2min) vids )

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