May. 20th, 2011

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Yesterday afternoon, the sun came out! Really for real! And we didn't need coats OR umbrellas.

Guys it has been so grey and damp -- not heavy rain so much as over-saturated air making it moist and drizzly all the time. Apparently, as of yesterday morning, we had had only 9 hours of sun in the week -- the average is 55. Boggle and weep, we did. But then! Sun!

And this morning it returns!

Unfortunately, this only makes the Friday before the long weekend harder to get through. I have to go be all agile and sprinting and shit (no scrums today at least), but damn. I just want to take the puppy for walks, and eat gelato, and enjoy the SUN!

ETA: Wrong Alan Frew. >.< ALSO! I discovered last night that Alan Frew apparently sneaked out an album in 2009 which I totally managed to miss! Finding a hard copy of this may prove difficult, but I still prefer to have tangible CDs, given DRM and failing hard drives and what not (no, I haven't had any recently, but one never knows).

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